Life Skills Summer Camp! Kids Ages 5-18 Learn about Money, Cooking, Organizing & More – Free for June 13-17, 2022

life skills now summer camp

The Essential Life Skills Summer Camp for Kids

#LifeSkillsNow camp is June 13-17, 2022
It’s free for this week only!
It’s online.

One camp for all ages, something the whole family can benefit from — and it’s all FREE!

#LifeSkillsNow is part of the 2022 West Michigan Summer Camps Guide.

Do you want your kids to be prepared for life with:

  • Basic skills for communication and handling big emotions?
  • An understanding of money and business?
  • Skills for living like cooking, organizing, and screen wellness?

The #LifeSkillsNow summer camp will provide training for all that and more – so you can raise kids who won’t end up back in your basement, wink wink.

We are a Kids Cook Real Food affiliate.

life skills now free summer camp

Each day from June 13-17 about a dozen different workshops from successful entrepreneurs and educators will be totally free online, and your kids can choose those they’re most interested in (plus some for parents!).

Choose from camps like:

Julia Hubler - How to Start Seeds Indoors_ An intro to Gardening
Marketing Basics Summer camp
Choosing College Summer camp

There are several tracks to choose from with themes like-

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finances
  • Independent Basics
  • Career & Future
  • Parenting Professional Development
  • Preschool Parent
  • Neurologically Diverse Parent

Does this sound pretty good? Grab your spot here.

Can’t make it to #lifeskillsnow camp week?

Get camp on demand for the whole summer, and beyond.
Here’s how.

More About #LifeSkillsNow Free Summer Camp

Weeks Camp is Offered
- 2022

This Summer Camp At-A-Glance
AGES: Elementary, Middle School, High School Kids
CAMP CATEGORY: Academic, Cooking, STEM or STEAM

What to Expect at #LifeSkillsNow

"Kids Cook Real Food summer camp in 2020 drastically changed our lives. Our kids gained confidence!"

At the #LifeSkillsNow summer camp, your kids will:
~ Learn basic skills for communication and handling big emotions
~ Gain an understanding of money and business
~ Build skills for living like cooking, organizing, and screen wellness
~ Learn how to be heard and get what they want (when kids don’t have this skill, they sound whiny and repetitive and drive parents crazy!)

What you get from the #LifeSkillsNow Summer Camp:

~ FREE access to over 60 workshops for kids ages 5-18
~ 100% online June 13-17
~ Tracks include: Finances, Entrepreneurship, Home Management (cooking, gardening, chores and more), Independent Basics (regulating emotions, making a phone call, etc), Career & Future, and 3 tracks for parents (Parent Professional Development, Preschool Parents, Neurodiverse Families Parent track)

If you wish your kids would eat better, find their calm, and grow into the next generation of leaders - the parent tracks have what you need!

Prizes, freebies, and more!

Give our camp leaders 20 minutes a day to teach a skill, and we’ll give your kids a simple action step that will get them off screens and into their imaginations for the rest of the day!

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