momHive Review: This Network of Support for Professional Moms is More than just a Co-Working Space

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Working From Home – It’s the Dream, Right?

Several of my past jobs allowed me to work from home on occasion. Throw my hair in a messy bun and take care of business in my pj’s? I felt like I hit the professional jackpot

However, working from home was not all it was cracked up to be. There were distractions everywhere, from my DVR’ed tv shows to household tasks. Coffee shops work for some, but the noise and temptation to “people watch” can sabotage my productivity.

momHive Offers Work-From-Home Freedom, But Without the Distractions

momHive is a new coworking space for women, located in the heart of Eastown. momHive was developed by women who were struggling to balance momhood and working from home. 

I visited momHive recently to see what the buzz was all about and I was impressed. They thought of everything!

MomHive coffee station

While they do provide childcare, I didn’t have any kids in tow that day. (Though plenty of other moms did bring their kids, who played safely upstairs with caretakers.) 

The first thing I saw in the dining room was a yummy selection of snacks and OJ and champagne for mimosas – it was brunch time.  

A few women were gathered there, visiting and snacking. I wasn’t hungry and had a full coffee, but I certainly appreciate a place that understands the importance of snacks!

The Cool Things I Noticed About momHive

At momHive, there is a spot to satisfy everyone, which I loved. Their well-thought-out business model supports women at all stages of motherhood.

You can tuck yourself in the corner of a quiet upstairs room with the door closed, or plop yourself right in the center of the main floor for easy access to the complimentary refreshments and conversation with like-minded peers.

Are you a nursing mama? There is even a quiet and comfortable pumping space.

MomHive private chair

I chose an upstairs room occupied by one other person. Internet connection was great and distractions were low. I could hear noises from tinyHIVE down the hall, but it was less noise than my own kids would be making at home (and I didn’t have to entertain them!). Each room is tastefully decorated and has a low-key, calm vibe.

I was able to get a big chunk of work done that afternoon and engaged in pleasant conversation with several other members. Overall, a great visit!

TIP: Park on Giddings, the side street to the west, to avoid paying a meter on Wealthy.

MomHive room with tables

On-Site Child Care Means Even SAHM’s can Work

tinyHIVE, the onsite childcare, is available 9 AM-1 PM every weekday. They only had one room when I was there, but since then have added extra spots on Mondays and Wednesdays to accommodate more moms with kids in tow.

TIP: Check availability in advance – Members get first dibs, and spots fill up fast.

MomHive nursery

Membership Perks to Joining momHive

momHive’s unique concept of a coworking + community space satisfies the needs of WAHM’s (work-at-home moms), “Mom-trapreneurs” needing a home base to grow their business, and SAHM’s (stay-at-home moms) looking to connect with others at their many networking events or happy hours. 

They were very thoughtful when putting together their pricing system – so many options! 

  • Coworking access with childcare or without
  • Lite, part-time, and full-time membership
  • Drop-in rate
  • Social membership giving access to events. 

With customizable options, you aren’t paying for services you aren’t using. 

Need to Rent a Space for a Team Meeting or Party?

To top it off, the entire space or individual rooms are available for parties, events, or meeting space rental. There are many options available here as well – rent one small room for a client meeting, one whole floor for a team workshop, or the whole house for a party.

Bye Bye, Isolation – momHive is here to Provide your New Support Network

When I became a mom I was surprised at how easy it is to feel isolated. Living in a different town than my family, with a husband in the military, I have had several periods of time where I struggled and craved more adult connection. 

momHIVE is more than just a place to work – it is a place to grow. When you are surrounded my moms in similar life paths, you feel that connection. 

While traditional mommy groups tend to be all about the kids, momHIVE is all about THE MOMS. No offense to the little ones…but let’s face it, sometimes we need the focus to be on us!

At momHIVE, the kids will have a blast in tinyHIVE while you can focus on YOU.

Being a mother is one of the most amazing experiences in the world. Being a mom while simultaneously growing and improving yourself professionally? Priceless!

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