Move Over Box Tops, There’s a New Label Program in Town

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Direct Your Labels: A Simple Way to Support Your Favorite Local Organizations

If you shop at Family Fare, D&W, Forest Hills Foods, or any other local SpartanNash store, you’ve probably already discovered the Our Family brand of foods.

The new Direct Your Label program is a simple extension of branded Our Family products that allows you to support your local school, church, or favorite non-profit.  The Direct Your Label program is available at any store that carries the Our Family line of grocery products and is similar to the Box Tops for Education program you may already be familiar with.

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Clip, Turn In, and Your Organization Gets Funding

Direct Your Labels takes labels you clip and send in and turns them into funds for your chosen school, school group or local non-profit. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Simply visit the Our Family website and have your chosen non-profit, school or faith-based group fill out the registration form and mail it in.

Once your organization is registered you can encourage your family and friends to clip the labels from their favorite Our Family products. After you’ve gathered 500 or more labels mail them in using the submission form on the Our Family Website and designate which organization the funds should go to. A check for $25 or more (every 500 labels = $25.00) will be sent to the organization directly.

This is a simple way to make a big difference in your community by not only supporting your local grocery retailer but raising additional funds to help your favorite local organizations with special projects, trips, events or capital so they can keep providing the needed services in your community.OF DYL DigitalAd 2 700X700 1

Click here to find a local Our Family retailer near you.

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