MSU Federal Credit Union’s Hidden Perks for Growing Families

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This article is brought to you by MSU Federal Credit Union and is a collaboration between Lansing Family Fun, GRKIDS, and MSU Federal Credit Union.

There’s a Special Place in My Heart for My… Credit Union??

I love my credit union.

I know this sounds really strange if you don’t live in Lansing, but it’s pretty common to overhear people gushing about MSU Federal Credit Union around the capital city. And now, MSUFCU  has landed in Grand Rapids! Their Grand Rapids branch is located downtown on Monroe Center (86 Monroe Center St NW).

Are you ready to start writing love letters to your credit union??

MSU Federal Credit Union isn’t just a place to cash checks and hold your money. Here’s why we are all making a fuss over MSUFCU.

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For many years my husband and I just cashed checks and used MSUFCU cards.

But, as our family grew, our needs started changing. We soon realized that we needed helpful and practical money-wise tools and were delighted to learn that MSUFCU is loaded with resources for us beyond writing checks.

We didn’t realize what these benefits were and didn’t start taking advantage of them – until now.

Cool Fact

Michigan State University Federal Credit Union (MSUFCU) has grown into the largest university-based credit union in the world.

They're Big!

With 19 branches, $4.5 billion in assets, and a membership of over 280,000, MSUFCU offers a wide assortment of benefits to its growing membership.

5 Hidden Perks of Banking with MSU Federal Credit Union

Learning about MSUFCU’s many perks and benefits was pretty eye-opening.

We’re taking advantage of what they offer now – and I am thrilled to share them with you!

Perk #1: Get Deals at MooseJaw, Culvers, Hungry Howies & More – with Your MSUFCU Card

We love the Local Loyalty Program offering exclusive discounts at local businesses when you use your MSUFCU Visa Debit and/or Credit Card.

Members get discounts to places like Davenport University, Launch, Moosejaw, Michigan Science Center, Hungry Howies, Culvers, Marcos, Massage & Wellness, The Grid, and Quality Dairy.

Here’s the full list of over 25 businesses throughout Michigan.

Culvers kids eat free friends eating together

Perk #2: The App, and Games

This MSUFCU resource is, incidentally, one of the biggest reasons MSUFCU has the key to my banking heart.

I appreciate that the MSUFCU app gives members easy access to handle whatever our financial needs in any given day or hour – and makes it enjoyable.

Plus, youth presentations are made fun with interactive budgeting games and activities. MSUFCU also offers free youth apps through the App Store or Google Play to give children a jump-start on financial literacy, equipping them with the skills to make good future financial decisions.

There’s an app for all ages, between four financial games, each specializing in different age groups.


Our family’s two favorites are- 

Dream Racer, where you can “purchase” cars, learn how to make monthly payments for the vehicles you “purchase,”  race, and play in tournaments, and…

Saving Dragon, where you can change outfits, skin and hair color, clean your room, and sort the money in your piggy bank

We’re never too old to learn and studies show that learning is done best while having fun. These games more than just apps; they’re teaching our kids financial smarts.


Perk #3: MSUFCU is Huge on Community Engagement, Free Events and Seminars

The Credit Union partners with outside organizations to bring special educational opportunities for members such as Income Tax Prep, Alzheimer’s Legal & Financial Planning, and Mind-Body Health Connections.

These free classes, among others, help to ensure you are not only financially aware but physically and mentally healthy as well.

Find their monthly seminars, classes, and events on their calendar.

Cool Fact

When You Join MSUFCU, You’re Joining a Huge Community Dedicated to Your Financial Well-Being

They Support You - And the Community

Members are routinely invited to free community events, as well as charitable events. MSUFCU has put over $2.2 million in support toward local organizations and charities.

Through many community outreach initiatives supporting local charities, members are invited to attend an array of free events. At MSUFCU’s headquarters in East Lansing, Michigan, MSUFCU hosts free jazz nightsart displays, and more!

The Credit Union financially supports over $2.2 million in local organizations and charities.


The Credit Union’s donations have helped to plant trees for a greener community, open an outdoor ice-skating rink to bring families together for fun and free entertainment, provide therapy for child victims of abuse, build homes for those in need, support families with life-threatening illnesses, and so much more.

MSUFCU employees giving to Grand Rapids Home for Veterans

MSUFCU is proud to be a part of and support the positive change that our community partners are making.

Perk #4: Equipping Your Family for this Journey Called Life

MSUFCU wants to see you and me succeed – not just hold our money.

Their Financial Education Department is devoted to teaching everyone from ages five to ninety-five in the local communities.

They guide you through evey stage of life with resources for budgeting, loans, fraud and identify theft, homebuying, kids and money (specific and special programs for youth), and retirement.

Find a full list of their class and equipping opportunities here.

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Cool Fact

MSUFCU Loves Engaging Kids, College Students, and Adults in Exciting Contests for Cash and More

They Will Engage You - And Your Kids

MSUFCU hosts countless contests and promotions throughout the year. Contests include the Financially Made program, where youth are encouraged to create savings goals, build a savings plan to meet those goals, and participate in savings periods throughout the year.

Talking money with kids is so important and often overlooked in families. I love that MSUFCU sees the value in this early education.

You can also take advantage of contests hosted throughout the year.

Contests are many and varied and include the Financially Made program, where youth are encouraged to create savings goals, build a savings plan to meet those goals, and participate in savings periods throughout the year.

Other popular contests include the Give Thanks Contest, MSU Grad Cap Decorating Contest, It Pays to Play Contest, Backyard Makeover Contest, and a plethora of youth contests that give your whole family a chance to get involved and be eligible to win cash, gift cards, and select opportunities.

Here’s a list of current contests.


Perk #5: Promotions and Competitive Rates

Every single member – no matter their bank account size – can participate in the unique promotions MSUFCU offers.

Some include a TurboTax discount, Visa discounts, Love My Credit Union Rewards, or $25 bonus each time you refer your friends and family to MSUFCU.

Members can also enjoy competitive rates on:

  • credit cards
  • vehicle loans
  • home loans
  • personal loans
  • certificates, and more.

If you want to refinance your home, MSUFCU should be on your list of stops.

Here’s where you’ll find current rates – or walk into one of their 19 branches and just ask.

Still want MORE perks??

MSU Federal Credit Union continuously offers different promotions throughout the year that give every member an opportunity to win.

Promotions include Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions, Graduation Specials, Grand Opening Specials, and more. New promotions ranging from 5-25% savings are available monthly and encourage savvy spending and exclusive savings opportunities for members.

msufcu refinancing

Cool Fact

Savvy Budgeters Love MSUFCU’s Monthly Promotions

MSUFCU offers many different promos throughout the year

Promotions include Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions, Graduation Specials, Grand Opening Specials, and more. New promotions are available monthly and encourage savvy spending and exclusive savings opportunities for members.

You Don’t Have to be enrolled at MSU or be an Alumnus to Bank with MSU Federal Credit Union

You can Become a Member at MSUFCU through your employer.

MSU Federal Credit Union offers membership accounts to the MSU & Oakland University communities, their families, and Select Employee Groups which includes a long list of businesses from A – Z located throughout the State of Michigan.

State of Michigan Employees are eligible for membership, too.

See if Your Employer is on the List

Or, You can become an MSUFCU member based on where you spend your time.

MSUFCU offers services to anyone who lives, works, worships, goes to school, or owns a business in Oakland, Genesee, Lapeer, Livingston, or Macomb Counties.

Here’s the full breakdown of entry options for potential members.

Call MSUFCU Your Credit Union And Start Loving Where You Bank

They make applying for an account easy through their online MSUFCU membership application. Apply for membership online at your convenience and complete the application within 10 minutes. You can also open your account at any MSUFCU branch and one of my personal favorites, receive your new Visa Debit Card and/or Credit Card on the spot.

You can access your account on your computer, mobile device, or visit MSUFCU at one of their branches in Grand Rapids, Greater Lansing, Auburn Hills, Berkley, Clarkston, and additional cities throughout the mid-Michigan region. The Credit Union has account services that help to make life easier such as bill payment, automatic check deposit, online statements, direct deposit, wire transfers, overdraft protection, and even free FICO® Scores.

Take advantage of these services today! When you open an account at MSU Federal Credit Union all of the perks, benefits, classes and more start the second you become a member.

This Way to Membership

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