Need to Make a Will or Save for College? Local Parents Recommend These Professionals

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GRKIDS Readers Share Their Favorite Lawyers and Financial Advisors

Parents know it’s important to make a will/trust to prepare for the future. It’s not fun to think about, but no day is guaranteed and it is important to make plans for whatever the future may hold. We also know it would be ideal to start college savings plans for our kids, but how many of us keep putting these things on the back burner?

We are right there with you! It can be hard to prioritize making a will and starting a savings plan when our days can feel clouded with shuttling kids to school and practice, working and trying to keep a handle on the endless piles of laundry.

Back in July, we invited our Facebook community to share their recommendations for Grand Rapids area lawyers and financial advisors to serve as a springboard for you as you consider professionals in these areas. At Grand Rapids Kids we care about every facet of your life and we often get questions from readers looking to know who to turn to for legal and financial counsel.

While we are sure the West Michigan community is full of many more outstanding lawyers and financial advisors, here below is a list of the professionals that were recommended by our readers on Facebook. If you are new to the area or simply looking for a lawyer or financial advisor, we suggest giving these professionals a try! Our GRKIDS parents tend to be “in the know” and we count them as a trusted resource.

Grand Rapids Parents Recommend These Local Lawyers:

*listing is not by rank, but by alphabetical order (based on comments shared on the GRKIDS facebook page)

Alles Law – Tim Alles and Jordan Bush

  • “Jordan’s style of explaining the process you are going through in an easy to understand way (is something) I have not experienced from another lawyer. He is approachable, funny, smart and I recommend him 100%.” – L.G.
  • “He (Jordan) did an amazing job explaining every detail of our will. He asked questions that we never thought about, but asked in a manner that made us comfortable. He is friendly, personable, and approachable. I would recommend him with 100% confidence.” M.M.
  • “We had a great experience with the attorneys at Alles Law” -M.K.
  • Great attorneys that I highly recommend” R.O.
  • “They were helpful, professional and super friendly!”-J.B.
  • “Excellent experience – Ask for Jordan Bush!” R.M.

Bolhouse, Baar & Hofstee – Michael G. Lichterman

  • “We used Mike Lichterman for our estate planning. It was reasonably priced & a very easy process. We came away with a huge binder of plan documents & an electronic copy.” A.K.

Cottrell & Jacobs, PLC (aka The West Michigan Estate Planning Center) – Charles Cottrell

  • “We had our wills and other legal documents done by Charles Cottrell of Cottrell & Jacobs in Ada. It was a great experience. Very knowledgeable and affordable. Since we’ve moved all over the country Charles ensured our new documents would work in all 50 states should we move again.” -C.S.

Edward Allen Law – David Szostek

  • “We had a construction issue and were very happy with David Szostek from Edward Allen Law. I appreciated his communication efforts, especially because we had no expertise in that area.” -K.P.

Geers Law – Brent Geers

Golden & Jernigan P.C.Jody Jernigan

Hoffer & Sheremet, PLC – Stephanie Hoffer

  • “I highly recommend Stephanie Hoffer of Hoffer & Sheremet, PLC!” -C.F.

Mika Meyers, PLC – Kimberly M. Large

  • “Kim Large at Mika Meyers helped us with our will and trust. She was wonderful to work with!” -A.C.

Plachta, Murphy & Associates – Jeffrey M. Black

  • “He specializes in estate planning & real estate law.” -K.B.

Willis Law – Meaghan J. Miracle

  • “She is the very best!”-C.A.

Local Parents Recommend These Local Financial Planners:

*listing is not by rank, but by alphabetical order (based on comments shared on the GRKIDS facebook page)

Ameriprise Financial – Ryan Weaver

Centennial Securities – Dominic Niewald

  • ”He is a financial advisor and does very well for his clients alongside his partner whose been in the business 30 years!!” -E.N.

Merrill Lynch – James Veldheer and Aaron Veldheer

O’Neill Asset Management, LLC – Andrew O’Neill

Prudential – Randal Oppenneer

  • “He takes time to listen and answer all your questions. He is caring and wants the best for his clients.”-D.O.

Waddell & Reed – Nick Bakker and John Shubert

  • “We work with Nick Bakker at Waddell & Reed for our financial planning. He is great! We’ve been working with him for quite a few years…he’s helped/helping us reach a lot of our goals!!!” -K.B.
  • “I know he (John Shubert) genuinely cares about each and every client.”-C.S.

Wealthcare – Scott Davison

  • “Personable, reasonable, genuinely cares about your long-term plans and helping you achieve your goals. We highly recommend him!” -K.D.

There you have it! The financial advisors and lawyers that were recommended to YOU by local parents.

Who are we missing? Leave a comment with your favorite Grand Rapids lawyers and financial advisors. We’d love to hear who you recommend!

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