Take Home the Best Mom Trophy With These NFL Birthday Party Ideas

With the Super Bowl just around the corner, I thought I’d share some ideas for throwing a football-themed party. My son is obsessed with football. 

And not just watching football, but everything related to the NFL- the players, the stats, the drafts, the rankings (and especially the logos, of all things)! He has collections of NFL team pennants and mini helmets all around his bedroom.

So when it came to choosing the theme for his birthday over the summer, he was set on “NFL.” Not just football, mind you- but NFL. However, because he would be sharing this birthday party with his younger brother and cousin (who loves football in general), we got him to compromise with an NFL/Football theme.

(Because the three boys all have their birthdays within a week of each other, the last couple of years my sister and I have co-hosted a birthday party- and let me tell you, that is the way to do it! Splitting the cost, time and labor- and hanging out with my sister at the same time? Priceless.)


Birthday Cake for the Win!

When I begin planning a party, I start with the cake. I love the challenge of making creative cakes for my kids. In this case, though- since the request was very specifically NFL, I wasn’t sure I was up for creating 32 logos on my own!

Edible Cake Toppers

If I’m not decorating the cake myself I choose an edible cake topper and put it on top of a homemade (or storebought!) cake. It’s much cheaper than going to a bakery and you can find many neat options on Etsy, Amazon or eBay. Just google “edible cake topper” with the theme you are looking for.

When I searched for NFL, I came across this one. Because my son also loves maps and geography, I knew it was perfect.


Pre-Made Decorating Kits

There are more fun cake decorating options, though. A simple cake decorating kit like this is easy to put together.

Cupcakes are Great for Large Crowds

Cupcakes are another option. – I LOVE cupcakes! Since we invite our large extended family to birthday parties, cupcakes are great because we can serve a lot more people. Plus, there are so many cute ideas out there for cupcakes! And if you don’t want to bake them yourself, cupcakes are relatively inexpensive at the grocery store. Just add some theme-related cupcake wrappers and decorate with toppers. Get creative! I’ve topped cupcakes with everything from gumballs to princess hair clips to matchbox cars!

For these football cupcakes, I tried out a new “grass icing tip” and found some football icing decorations. Wilton makes a bunch of different icing decoration shapes and you can find them in a lot of stores (and online) so they are an easy way to decorate.

Another favorite fallback of mine when it comes to cupcake toppers is to find free printables online. Simply print them out, tape them to a toothpick and you’re done! I’ve also used stickers in the same way- just stick them to paper and cut them out. It’s an easy, inexpensive way to dress up cupcakes and tie in your theme.


Bringing Your A-Game to NFL Party Food

I also enjoy trying to incorporate the theme with the party food. You can get creative – or you can find inspiration on Pinterest. (That’s what I do!) Sometimes I simply label foods creatively.

For example, at this party we had Time Out Snacks, Linebacker Lemonade and Pigskins (hotdogs). And you can almost always find free themed printables online for making labels for your food.

Here are some of the football themed foods my sister and I came up with:

Linebacker Lemonade


Strawberry Footballs

NFL birthday party

Football Uprights courtesy of The Dollar Tree

football theme party

Just shape your snacks like a football and there you go!

Making veggies fun in a football platter

I love this. Good job, sis!

How cute is this? I reeeally wanted to do this watermelon football helmet, but unfortunately we ran out of time. Such a fun idea, though!

image courtesy watermelon.org

Simple, Clever Ideas for Football Party Decor

For the party decorations, I started out by raiding my son’s room for some footballs. My sister put together this awesome banner she found online and bought some NFL balloons and football tablecloths at Party City.

If you can hit up The Dollar Tree around this time of year, they have a bunch of football-related items including plates, cups and napkins. That’s also where I got the football shaped plastic platter and bowls.

For the Time Out snacks, I grabbed some plain green cups and decorated them with football stickers and NFL logos that I printed out (from Etsy for 75 cents!)


If you decide to throw a SuperBowl party this year, you probably won’t be able to turn it into a pool party (brrr!) but hopefully you can use at least some of these ideas for a fun get-together to enjoy with friends while you watch the Big Game.

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