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I Loved all Your Stroller Walks Input!

Last month we talked about the best places to ‘stroller’ in Grand Rapids and you gave me some great ideas including John Ball Zoo, Fredrick Meijer Gardens, the trail around Reeds Lake, and even through the Aquinas College campus. I love walking and really hope our daughter enjoys the stroller rides because I see much time spent on those trails this summer. Thank you for all your suggestions!

Now Baby is Coming Sooner than Planned

It turns out this baby is coming much sooner than we originally expected and we’re busy finishing up last minute to-dos before she arrives… in two days! After a series of odd blood clotting issues that popped up over the last couple of weeks our doctors have decided to induce labor on April 15 – a full three weeks early. But have no fear! The doctors have a game plan and we’re well on our way to having both a healthy baby and a healthy mom at the end of this.

Still on our list of things to-do: purchase a car seat, finish the nursery, wrap up things at my office, and of course… pack an overnight bag for the hospital. While I’m a little bummed to miss the experience of what it’s like to have my water break unexpectedly and determine when contractions are close enough together to drive to the hospital, the type-A, project manager in me really appreciates the heads up on when exactly she’ll be arriving.

Nichole Asks hospital bag

Hospital Packing List

So far on my list to pack is:

  • PJs – a pair of cute and comfy pajamas to wear after delivery for when visitors come. The shirt is a button down so breastfeeding will be easier.
  • Slippers – my favorite pair of slippers for walking the halls during the early labor process.
  • Snacks – I spent some time in the hospital last week and discovered the food is not all that great unfortunately so I think I’ll bring a few protein bars just in case.
  • Phone charger (and phone). We’ll use our phones to take photos as well.
  • Going home outfits – one for myself and one for baby.

But I’ve GOT to be missing some things. What did you pack in your overnight bag that I should, too? Or, what did you pack in your overnight bag that you never used and I should leave at home?


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