West Michigan Families are Energized by PT at Center for Physical Rehab

Physical Therapy Isn’t Just for People Recovering from Surgery

No matter your age, physical therapy keeps you moving and striving for healthiness.

Our babies are aiming to hit goals at their well child check ups. Our kids are becoming young athletes and want to perform at their best. Our parents are getting older and want to stay active.

The dedicated Physical Therapists at Center for Physical Rehab are helping young and old in the Grand Rapids area live their healthiest lives.

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Even Healthy Adults are Helped by CPR

Wondering if physical therapy can help you with your pain? Call the Center for Physical Rehab! I called them last year when my painful legs were keeping me from my daily walks. Turns out I didn’t have a leg problem, but a posture problem!

Tom at the downtown office showed me some exercises and how to be mindful of my posture. I’m back to walks and my leg pain is gone. I was astonished. I was sure that my legs were betraying me and might need surgery or something. But I was me who was the betrayer, by being too lazy to sit up properly!

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West Michigan’s Hub for All Things Physical Therapy

Michiganders are known for being active and adventurous. Center for Physical Rehab in Grand Rapids is helping us stay that way with a Physical Therapy Series. Below you’ll find info on pain and daily movement questions.

Learn about hormones in women, kids safely lifting weights, addressing text next with kids on screens, and even common sports mom questions.

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Ways the Center for Physical Rehab Helps Families

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Does Your Child Lift Weights? Here's What you Need to Know to Keep Them Safe

Does Your Child Lift Weights? Here’s What you Need to Know to Keep Them Safe

Preventing Sports Injuries - What Parents Can Do To Support Their Student Athletes The best way we can support our student athletes isn’t by going to every game, cheering at the top of our lungs, or buying the best equipment. It’s not even by clanging a cowbell like one of the moms from my high school. (Although that was pretty entertaining and even had our opponents smiling!) One of the best ways you can support your ...
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Text Neck is Real and it's Painful. Here's How Your Kids can Avoid It

Text Neck is Real and it’s Painful. Here’s How Your Kids can Avoid It

Phone, Tablet, or Device User? Adolescent “Text Neck” is a Real Thing “Shoulders back - chin up - engage your core. Repeat”. I had been repeating this to myself daily after learning from the The Center for Physical Rehab that I could be prone to “text neck.” It was even more on my mind when I realized that it can affect my kids. Afterall, I use devices for my job, and my kids use them for ...
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What Moms and Dads Need to Know About Concussions Right Now

What Moms and Dads Need to Know About Concussions Right Now

Concussions are Real, and Physical Therapy can Help Recovery It's scary to think about your child athlete getting a concussion. Thanks to The Center for Physical Rehabilitation a child's concussion doesn’t have to be on your worry list. Their skilled physical therapists and certified athletic trainers based in schools throughout West Michigan regularly help student athletes safely return to play.  High Contact Sports are NOT the Only Cause of Concussions Olivia Schultz, a Certified Athletic Trainer ...
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Center for Physical Rehab Helps Moms and Dads Move Better- and It's Easy to get an Appointment!

Center for Physical Rehab Helps Moms and Dads Move Better- and It’s Easy to get an Appointment!

Why Didn’t I Seek Physical Therapy in Grand Rapids Sooner? This past spring I was in a double car accident - rear-ended and pushed crashing into the car in front of me. Initially, I had no major injuries except for a seat belt burn. Skip ahead to fall. I’ve had massive pain in my shoulders and jaw for months, and have been going from resource to resource trying to pinpoint the problem, but with no ...
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You Actually Can Injure Yourself Parenting - Here are Hacks that'll Help You Keep up With the Kids

You Actually Can Injure Yourself Parenting – Here are Hacks that’ll Help You Keep up With the Kids

Parenting Injuries are More Common Than You Think It may sound ridiculous, but parenting is a common source of injury. That’s right - kids are bad for your health! Okay, joking aside, you actually can injure yourself performing average parenting tasks. Reaching into a crib, leaning in to nurse a baby, carrying a carseat… all of these motions are repeated thousands of times in parenting and contribute to postures that can put your body into ...
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Women's Health Center for Physical Rehab

The Secret Women’s Health Issues that Moms Don’t Talk About

Have you ever been laughing so hard with a group of friends that you hear someone say, “Stop making me laugh so hard or I’m going to pee my pants!”? Well, this is no joke! Incontinence, Pain During Intercourse, Diastasis Recti and other Taboo Subjects “Urinary Incontinence” is a real thing. As moms, we try to make even the darkest days seem like a picnic for our children. I think we also tend to do this ...
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