Grand Rapids Kids Ear Piercing Places

Grand Rapids Ear Piercing

Kids Ear Piercing Options for West Michigan

If you’ve ever asked for recommendations on where to get your child’s ears pierced in Grand Rapids, chances are that a mall venue, such as Claire’s or Icing was mentioned. But did you know that there are more options available?

First we will cover the two main procedures for piercing ears and then we will list local places where your child can get a little glam.

Ears Pierced with Auntie

The Lowdown on the Piercing Gun System

These locations offer a walk-in, simple and quick process with a ‘free’ piercing. I used these venues the two times I had my daughter’s ears pierced. Neither time did we have problems, and I’ve recommended their services many times.

These locations use a piercing gun system. The front of the gun holds the stud earring and the back holds a clasp. The ear lobe is placed in between the two areas and the piercer pulls the trigger, firing the earring into the ear and securing it in the clasp instantly. Often piercers will team up and do both ears at once to minimize the trauma.

While this system may seem cut and dry, there are many warnings against this kind of piercing method. The biggest risk is of infection and disease. Although guns have improved over time, and disposable cartridges are now available, there is still the potential (typically because of inexperienced piercers) for the bacteria deposited on the gun from one customer to be transferred to the next customer.

Piercing guns also use a standard post that doesn’t fit all ear lobes and also hides part of the ear when placed on the ear, making it hard to accurately pierce in the right location. In addition, most guns force the studs through the tissue, causing more damage than necessary.

Going Pro for Ear Piercing

Professional piercers’ prices are often higher than retail, but with the price comes some advantages. The first is experience. Unlike the limited training and experience that a retail piercer often has, a professional piercer goes through extensive training and can easily be found with years of experience.

Another advantage is the piercing instrument of choice. The piercer holds the earlobe with forceps, while directing an extremely sharp hypodermic needle into the lobe, making a very clean hole that heals quickly. Scary sounding…yes…but with this process, accuracy is much easier to obtain than with the gun, and the tools are made from materials that allow them to be thoroughly sterilized in an autoclave.

Taking the professional route can be a little more intimidating for both the child and parent. After all, you’re entering a studio that may be clad with rainbows and butterflies, but not the kind you’re used to seeing at Claire’s.

You can also check with your pediatrician or dermatologist to see if they pierce ears, or ask for recommendations.

Or you can just use this great list of places that readers recommend in and around GR.

Retail Locations for Ear Piercing in Grand Rapids

Claire’s | FREE piercing with the purchase of an ear piercing kit, which includes cleaner and jewelry ($19.50 and up).

Icing | FREE piercing with the purchase of an ear piercing kit, which includes cleaner and jewelry ($19.50 and up).

Piercing Pagoda (owned by Zales) – Woodland Mall | FREE piercing with the purchase of jewelry ($18.99 and up).

Walmart (at the jewelry counter) | Child is required to have had their first shots (typically done at 3 months of age). FREE with purchase of earrings ($10 and up).

Area Salons That Offer Piercings

Cindy’s Hair Care – Jenison | Must be at least two years old. $25, which includes earrings and cleaning solution.

Hair – Greenville | Toddler age and up (child should be able to sit still). $20

The Hair Studio – Grand Rapids | There is no age restriction, but kids under 18 must be accompanied by a parent. FREE with the purchase of earrings ($14.99 and up).

Shear Attitudes – Middleville | No age restriction, but kids under 17 must have parental consent. $20 for both ears. (Only one gun, so they pierce one ear at a time.)

Piercing and Tattoo Parlors Around West Michigan

Kitten Flower Boutique – Grand Rapids | Will pierce when a child is old enough to understand what they are doing and aftercare, which tends to start around 4 years old. $35 piercing fee (covers both ears with two piercers), plus the cost of jewelry ($10 and up). Under 8 years old requires an appointment, parent present, and parent ID and child’s birth certificate.

Mos Eisley’s Tattoos – Grand Rapids | 8 years old and up, with birth certificate and photo ID for the child (school ID), in addition to parent’s state issued ID. $10 each ear, plus the cost of each piece of jewelry ($15-$300).

Screaming Needle – Wyoming, Grand Rapids and Allendale locations | Birth certificate and photo ID required for the child (school ID, passport, child safe card), in addition to parent’s state issued ID. $25 each ear.

3rd Coast Tattoo – Holland | Will pierce a child when they’ve reached the age where they can tell them they want the piercing and why (they do not pierce infants or toddlers). $30 captive bead, $35 for studs. Walk-ins are welcome, but it’s recommended to call in advance.

Honest to Goodness Tattoo & Piercing – Grandville | 6 years and up, with birth certificate and photo ID (school ID, passport, or a current year book with the child’s name corresponding to the picture) for the minor, and valid state ID for the parent/guardian (if guardian, they also require the state paperwork proving guardianship). $15 per ear, plus the cost of each piece of jewelry ($25 and up).

Tell us about your child’s ear piercing experience by leaving a comment below.

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10 thoughts on “Grand Rapids Kids Ear Piercing Places”

  1. Nice post and sincerely good knowledge to gather on this topic. My daughter turns 10 months old next month. Do you guys recommend Kay jewelers at Alpine for ear piercing infants at the age of my daughter?

  2. Thanks a lot for this post! It’s very helpfull. My kids recently ask for have their ears piercing and this help me so much. Now they are looking forward to save enough to pay for they earrings and the total cost of the piercer ♥

  3. I found a professional piercing place that will do it at 6 months with a needle, not a gun! Screaming Needle (listed above) is the only place I could find after asking around, calling everywhere, asking the pediatrician, etc. It worked out great for my daughter… got them done at 6 months. She’s 9 months now and has never pulled on them or anything, and they look great. We went to the 28th St Wyoming location and Chris B. (the manager) did the piercing. He was great and very fast. My daughter cried a bit as expected, but didnt freak out, and she was fine a few
    min later. Do not let an apprentice attempt the piercing… they tried to get away with that for me at first and he didn’t know what he was doing.

  4. I was hoping to get my daughters ears pierced at 6 months. Everyone has their own opinion/standards on this topic obviously. I understand the whole waiting until their little ones are old enough to consent, but what happen to parental consent? Different states like Maryland, Washington and California and other states that I cant recall, allow babies 6 months and older permit ear piercing. Some are in health facilities where the providers being licensed, held to a higher standard, and they wear gloves and overall are professional do pierce babies ears and they do not use a piercing gun. I am sure if we had places here in the Grand Rapids area the results/ satisfaction , this could be a more trustable option to consider opposed to the MALL. Come on tattoo parlors, by law are supposed to be held to higher standards also and with sterilization they practice and wearing of gloves, why do most places restrict baby ear piercing, but it is allowed at the MALL by a young preteen or 18 year old girl with no license or professional training? What is wrong with this picture? I would not want to get my daughters ears pierced at Claire’s or Icing as most or all the girls working there are young, not professional nor do they wear gloves. Why is it permissible in places like the mall but not at a Pediatrician facility? I think this is something that should change. I have my first daughter now and wish to get her ears pierced and most places in this city restrict it due to age. I’m not disqualifying the choice of small children consenting, but it should be mutual with parental decision also. This state law or who ever came up with this decision, should look at this controversy and CHANGE IT. If there are any places HERE in GRAND RAPIDS that are sterile, professional/ licensed and will pierce a 6 month olds ears. Please LET ME KNOW! Again, parental consent should also be a choice in this matter.

    1. Latasha, it doesn’t have to do with the law. By law, I believe that tattoo and piercing parlors COULD pierce young children’s/infant’s ears. It has everything to do with consent and body autonomy. They choose not to do it until the child understands and wants to get their ears pierced and can take care of them by themelves. I hope this clears it up a bit 🙂

  5. Hi Stephanie

    I had my ears pierced when I was 10 years old ~ 40 years ago! Last night I had them repierced at Kitten Flower Boutique. It was a fantastic experience! Zach, the owner, and the staff are so knowledgeable and really want your experience to be the best. I would highly recommend this boutique for all your piercing needs ~ including children.

  6. Stephanie, This is such helpful information. My 5 year old has just recently been asking to get her ears pierced. I knew I didn’t want to take her to the mall…but wasn’t sure where to start my search for a professional piercer in GR that worked with kids. This was the first article that popped up when I googled about the subject – it answered all of my questions AND provided great contacts. Thanks!

    1. Meegan, thanks so much for writing. I am so glad to hear that this article was of help to you! 😀 We’d love to hear about your experience and where you chose to go. Best of luck to you and your little lady! – Stephanie

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