Preschoolers Play to get an A at Grand Rapids Christian School

Foundation of Faith and Fun

When we brought my daughter to Grand Rapids Christian’s preschool open house a few years ago, I wondered what she would think. Would she like going to a classroom with other kids and a teacher? Or would she be shy at first? 

As soon as we walked into the classroom my question was answered–that kid was all in! There were imaginative toys galore, learning stations, even live birds.  The entire room was brimming with things to explore.

At Grand Rapids Christian Preschool, play is the foundation of learning. Through play, preschoolers learn about the world around them and about who they are. As preschoolers explore and experiment, Grand Rapids Christian Preschool teachers foster a wonder-filled time of learning.

Both of my girls bloomed under the preschool programming at Grand Rapids Christian.

Grand Rapids Christian School

How Preschoolers Play and Learn

Grace Bakker, preschool teacher at Grand Rapids Christian Evergreen Campus, shared that play is how children’s brains develop and it is central to everything they do in GRCS preschool classrooms.

Knowing how preschoolers play, teachers design opportunities to actively engage the minds of children.

As they play, preschoolers are making meaning of the world around them.  Play brings social and cognitive skills together. It builds strong community as children work alongside one another.

GRCS boy with dolls4

An example of learning through play is role playing. Preschoolers act different roles that they see in their everyday life. As they role play, they revisit stories, experiences, problems, and fears.

Preschoolers love to explore being something that they are not such as a puppy, a mom, or a police officer. When I learned this I smiled – my four year old son is always turning into a puppy or kitty, and he requires me to address him as such. I guess he’s just learning, huh? 

Play Supports Future Academic Growth

Grace also explained how play builds skills for future academic growth.

Problem solving skills are strengthened during play as children learn to navigate issues with what they are playing with or disagreements with peers.  Seeing things from other perspectives grows communication and team work skills.

Grand Rapids Christian Preschool

Another important aspect of play is failure. Did you know that?

Preschoolers learn how to stay calm, try again, and ask for help through play. Letting preschoolers fail is a vital way for them to learn. Learning takes time and children need the space to make mistakes, get frustrated, to process, and to be unsure. Through play, children learn how to adapt and how to take and assess risks.

GRCS kids with hats5

Play, Fun, and Faith at GRCS Preschool

Grand Rapids Christian Preschool uses all this knowledge to craft their preschool programs.  Combining their love of Jesus and their philosophy on how to teach preschoolers, the teachers create an atmosphere of play, fun, and faith!

GRCS girls on playground1 1

You can Join GRCS Preschool, Too!

Grand Rapids Christian offers flexible preschool schedules at their Iroquois and Evergreen campuses. Iroquois Campus also offers Spanish Immersion Preschool. The Evergreen Campus is a balanced schedule.

To learn more about GRCS Preschool Programs or schedule a visit, please contact Lindsay Hart at 616.574-6017 or [email protected].  You can also learn more by visiting their website at

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Grand Rapids, MI 49506

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