Hands-On Spring Fun for Kids at Koetsier’s!

Our family is a big fan of Koetsier’s Greenhouse–especially of their Fall Play Days. When we heard that Koetsier’s also had fun events for kids in the spring through their Saturday morning Koetsier’s Kid’s Club, we were very excited to check it out!

Our conclusion after visiting: Saturday mornings at Koetsier’s are mornings well spent!

Grow a Love for Blooms in Your Child’s Heart


Spring has come to Koetsier’s! One of West Michigan’s favorite greenhouses is decked with flowers and greens, flooded with sunshine, and ready for your family to come and have some spring-time fun!

Every Saturday from 10AM – 12PM, Koetsier’s FREE Kid’s Club offers kids the chance to explore the wonderful world of gardening. The Kid’s Club corner features a free craft of the day, which changes each week, as well as age-appropriate and exciting gardening projects that kids can create and treasure.

There’s also a fun play area where they can run around, complete with a chalkboard, a ball-and-tubes wall, a toy house to play in, and ample seating and tables.

We found the Kid’s Club to be fun for kids of all ages and a great way to introduce your little ones to working with the earth. Read on to learn more about our experience!

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A Spoon Tulip, A Fairy Garden, & Loads of Fun!

Koetsier's Kid's Club Tulip

The craft of the day on the Saturday we visited was to make an adorable tulip out of spoons. The kids scooped dirt into their cups, and made the flower from two spoons, pipe cleaners, and floral tape. Then, they got to water them (the really fun part!).

When this was finished, my six-year-old daughter wanted to make a fairy garden. While her little brother ran off to play in the kid’s play area with dad, she worked with Bonnie, one of Koetsier’s staff members, to create a magical garden of her very own.

Koetsier's Kid's Club fairy garden girl

“It’s like a little world!” she exclaimed, as she tucked moss into the pot, scattered stones to make a path, and dug a hole for her little plants. She chose a pink fairy that she instantly named Princess Pearl, and then Bonnie asked her to hide the fairy’s secret stash of fairy dust in a place that only my daughter would know. My daughter just loved this part! 

To complete her fairy garden, she sprinkled a generous helping of fairy dust all over and gave me a priceless grin.

Koetsier's Fairy Garden

Can you guess where Princess Pearl’s secret stash of fairy dust is hidden?

In addition to the weekly craft and the fairy garden project, the Kid’s Club corner also has other projects that kids can create. When we went, some of the other available projects were a tomato planter and a design-your-own succulent garden. My daughter has her heart set on trying the tomato planter one next time!

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You can check out their calendar for upcoming crafts and projects. Some upcoming projects to look forward to include creating stepping stones, wind chimes, and a pizza garden!

Meanwhile, my 2-year-old was having a blast in the play area with his dad. This play area is open all day and is great for letting kids burn off some energy while parents go shopping. I really appreciated having this space where he could run around without worrying about upsetting plants or making a mess. He especially loved playing with the ball-and-tubes wall.

Koetsier's Kid's Club play area garden wall

As we left (or tried very hard to), our son threw a tantrum because he didn’t want to leave, and our daughter asked, “Can we do this again next week?” I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that they both had a great time!

I could see Koetsier’s Kid’s Club being a really fun activity to do with a group of kids, such as for a birthday party. In fact, you can call 616.949.7299 to book a mini planting party, either during the week or on Saturday afternoons.

Whether you bring just one kid or ten, the Kid’s Club at Koetsier’s is worth checking out.  Your little ones will be inspired to love the earth, and everyone will leave with their thumbs a little greener.

What a perfect way to spend Saturday mornings this spring!


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