Rockford Riddler is the Treasure Hunt/Escape Room Adventure Your Kids Have Been Begging For

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Rockford Riddler is an Adventure for the Whole Family

My 10-year-old has been begging to try out an escape room. But we never have the time or money to do that – and who even knows where to find one – especially one that’s kid-appropriate!

We’ve just found the fun of an escape room, the thrill of a treasure hunt, and the benefit of fresh air and getting to know local businesses, all in downtown Rockford.

We have Discovered the Rockford Riddler!

How Rockford Riddler Works

Players choose between a green packet [ages 6+] and a yellow packet [for ages 12+]. A red packet for older groups is coming soon.

We did the green packet and here’s how it broke down: my 10-year-old was quick to solve the clues, the 8-year-old could get them with a little occasional help, and the 4-year-old tagged along and helped count and look for things.

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Once you open your packet, the timer starts and you skedaddle to your first location. The clues are cleverly written to incorporate math, science, and language skills.

One even tripped me up – the 8-year-old was the key to solving that riddle! We used our ears, noses, and our spatial skills to solve all the clues.

Rockford Riddler hands clue

Inside each packet, there are 5 clue cards and a pen. The top of each clue will lead you to a location in downtown Rockford.

All locations are easily walkable in just a few minutes and everything is helpfully labeled on an included map. Even if you’ve never been to Rockford before, you won’t get lost!

The bottom of the clue card is a number clue. You need to be at the actual location to solve this part of the clue. Solving this part might require asking someone at the store for help or just finding a designated clue near the business and finishing the task.

Rockford Riddler

It’s a Challenge for the Whole Family

Katie DeBoer is the owner of Rockford Riddler. She gives this helpful advice for anyone taking on this family challenge:

“Be ready to exercise mentally and physically because you’re going to be walking around and mentally, you’re going to have a challenge with some of the puzzles and riddles.”

treasure hunt for kids

Keep your ears out too for a special song by Katie, featured in the Riddle hunt – that’s actually her singing!

Top scores go on the Winner’s Board on the website. We had to do the hunt pretty slowly to take pictures and video, but you better believe the next time we do the Rockford Riddler, my son’s going to make us go a lot faster so we can be on that board!

Rockford Riddler times board

“Come check us out!” says Katie.

“It’s very different than anything you’ve seen before.”

Visit the Rockford Riddler at 122 Courtland St. NE Suite 202 or get the details at

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122 Courtland St. NE Suite 202

FACEBOOK | WEBSITE | (616) 884-5090

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  1. Rockford Riddler is a beautiful escape room adventure that kids of all age can take part in. That is why I will take my kids to this escape room in a few weeks. We’ll have a great time together, and learn something valuable.

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