9 Smart Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Trampoline

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Buying a Trampoline is a Great way to Get Your Backyard Ready For Summer

Last summer it was time to buy a trampoline for our kids, and it wasn’t a purchase we took lightly. My husband did lots of online research and chatted with neighbors and friends that have them. In the end we decided to buy a trampoline for our three boisterous kids.

I’m so glad we decided to buy a trampoline.

My kids spend hours jumping. I often send them out to jump while I make dinner. I get to cook in peace and quiet and they burn energy. It’s a win – win!

If you’re thinking this is the summer you are going to make your kids trampoline dreams come true Backyard Fun Zone is the place for you.

Backyard Fun Zone staff are experts in all things trampoline. They also sell playsets, basketball hoops, and outdoor furniture.

kids jumping on Springfree trampoline. buy a trampoline from Backyard Fun Zone in Grand Rapids.

You want to Buy a Trampoline, But You Have So Many Questions

If you’re like me, I’m sure you’ll have a lot of questions before making such an important purchase. Trampolines have so many more options now then they did when I was a kid; specifically safety features, but also fun accessories.

With so many choices, the purchase can feel a bit overwhelming.

Backyard Fun Zone staff will help navigate you through the process of deciding what trampoline and accessories are best for your family.

They even let you try it before you buy it! With a wide array of trampolines onsite they welcome you to take a few jumps and give it a try. You want to make sure the investment is right for your family.


9 Things to To Know About Choosing a Trampoline for Your Family

Lucky for you, Backyard Fun Zone has offered up a list of nine important questions to ask when you want to buy a trampoline.

Girl jumping on trampoline

1 – What size will fit in my yard?

Make sure that the trampoline you purchase will fit in your yard. Keep in mind that a springfree trampoline the enclosure/net will flex up to four feet.

2 – How big of a jumping surface do I want?

Know what you are paying for. A 14 foot surface area on a trampoline with springs will include the springs and pad as part of the surface area.

Make sure you know the actual mat size of the trampoline you are purchasing.

3 – Does the trampoline come with an enclosure/net?

For the safety of participants, please get a trampoline with a net.

Backyard Fun Zone Trampoline overhead shot

4 – Do I want a trampoline with springs or a springfree option?

A springfree trampoline uses flexible composite rods beneath

the jumping surface and out of harm’s way. The design eliminates all pinch points.

If you go with the spring option make sure that the springs are not exposed. They should be covered with a pad.

5 – Will I need to take it down in the winter?

Springfree trampolines have a higher weight limit and can be used all winter.

A trampoline with springs will be a bit easier on the pocketbook, but comes with a lower weight limit and may need to be taken down in the winter. If you think you’ll want to leave it up all winter make sure you look for one with rust proof springs.  

6 – How much help do I want with the install and service?

You may be handy and opt to install your equipment yourself. It’s that’s not something you’re up for Backyard Fun Zone offers delivery and install on any product they sell.

Should something need repair, Backyard Fun Zone will service any product they sell.

7- Do I need financing to buy a trampoline?

Trampolines and play equipment are expensive. The best and safest option may not be in your immediate budget. To help ease the burden Backyard Fun Zone offers what they call “Funancing” a.k.a financing. Backyard Fun Zone offers 6 months same as cash.

8- What kind of warranty does the trampoline offer?

Be sure to ask what’s covered in the warranty. Also ask if you’ll be able to order replacement parts should something not be covered under the warranty.

9 – Who will be using the trampoline?

Think about the weight limits you need now as well as into the future. Your kids may be small now, but you want the trampoline to last as they grow.

Don’t forget, trampolines are just for the kids. I can tell you first hand, it’s fun for adults too!

Click HERE to watch Backyard Fun Zone’s video and hear more details about how to make an informed trampoline purchase.

It’s Time to Mark Your Backyard a Fun Zone

Backyard Fun Zone can help you make your backyard into the place every child dreams of.  Are you imagining your kids spending their summer outside jumping, swinging, shooting hoops, and sliding! I know I am!

Head to Backyard Fun Zone and make your kids dreams come true!

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They are located at 5668 Alpine Ave. NW in Comstock Park. They are open Tuesday – Friday, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM and Saturday, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

Call 616-785-7383, they are happy to answer any questions.

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5668 Alpine Ave. NW, Comstock Park

FACEBOOK | WEBSITE | (616) 785-7383

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