Spectrum Health Natural Birthing Suites Combines the Best of Both Worlds

Natural Birth Grand Rapids

Spectrum Health Knows that Every Mom is Different

“You can birth your own way.”

The motto for the new natural birthing suites at Spectrum’s Butterworth Hospital in downtown Grand Rapids is meant to include all family birth styles, including home birth.

Not only have they revamped two rooms to feel like you’re giving birth in your home, but they have trained nurses and staff to help you champion the natural birthing process.

“As healthcare providers we want to give patient-centered care. We want to partner with each patient so that she receives the care and birth she desires,” says Katie McNabbay, senior project specialist.

What to Expect at the Natural Birthing Suites

The rooms, modeled after a midwifery birth center, are cozy and completely free of medical equipment. You walk in and immediately spot the large queen bed complete with soft comforter that is a far better option than your average hospital bed.

There are birthing balls, a Jacuzzi tub and ample room to walk or waddle about. The amenities also include a flat screen TV, wifi and a comfortable pull out couch for your supportive birthing-partner. You are welcome to bring aromatherapy, massage oils and music to make the room feel more like yours.

natural birth Grand Rapids

Criteria for Natural Birthing Suites

There are some qualifications one must meet to use the natural birthing suites, which include: a low risk pregnancy, no pre-existing conditions, complete natural childbirth prep and an agreement to be transferred to a traditional labor and delivery room if the need for intervention arises.


Spectrum Health Natural Birthing Suite 3

About Spectrum’s Natural Birthing Suites

If this sounds like the perfect option for you, talk with your provider about using the suites. You need to be added to the list at 34-36 weeks gestation and complete the required birth education.

To learn more please visit their website or call 616.391.1580.

Butterworth Hospital Labor & Delivery | 100 Michigan St. NE | Grand Rapids, MI 49503  

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