Experienced Doctors, Extended Hours, Germ-Free Waiting Rooms: Spectrum Health Pediatrics Knows Families

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If You’re Looking For A Pediatrician, This Office Offers Everything You Need – Even Car Seat Installation

“Being a mom plays a big role in my practice.” 

If this is music to your ears, you need to look up Dr. Sara McCune and the other pediatricians at Spectrum Health Medical Group

This is all parents really want from their pediatrician, isn’t it? We want a doctor with all the medical knowledge, coupled with parent knowledge. So when you come in with a concern, your pediatrician gets it. 

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Located conveniently just off the M-6 interchange on Kalamazoo Ave, there’s an office where soon-to-be and seasoned parents alike can find professional care suited directly to each child, an appointment when it’s really needed, and even extras like a certified car seat professional ready to help you install that scary car seat. 

Spectrum Health Medical Group Pediatricians is ready to work with your family from birth on up to give your child a healthy start.

Keeping the Germs Out of the Waiting Room

Cough. Cough, cough! The kid in the chair next to me in the waiting room kept openly coughing everywhere as I waited with my kids for their well-visit appointments. At first I wasn’t looking forward to the tears my kids would shed over their upcoming shots, but now what I was dreading the inevitable sickness we’d surely catch from this sick kid!  

Well, separate waiting rooms for well child appointments and sick child appointments are just one perk of the office of Spectrum Health Medical Group Pediatrics. 

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Get Your Baby All They Need With Their Car Seat Checked by a Professional

Looking for a pediatrician can be one of the most confusing and terrible things about being a parent! Will the office be friendly? What do they offer? 

When we were new parents we wanted somewhere close-by, with experienced doctors and a modern office

But something we didn’t find was help for installing those notoriously complicated car seats! But Spectrum Health Medical Group Pediatrics has an on-site Certified car seat specialist who helps with installation. That’s a relief for any new parent.

Need flexibility when it comes to doctor appointments? Schedule your child's annual wellness visit or sports physical with the pediatricians at Spectrum Health Medical Group Pediatrics – Grand Rapids. Evening, weekend and same-day appointments available to fit your busy schedule! Learn More: http://bit.ly/spectrumpediatrics

Posted by Grand Rapids Kids on Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Spectrum Health Medical Group Pediatrics Has Appointments that Fit Your Schedule

A few years ago, my son had this weird rash, and then he developed a fever. It was so early in the morning, but I knew he had to get checked out. We needed an appointment right away.

If you need to get your kid checked out THAT day, you can at Spectrum Pediatrics! With same day appointments and hours that go from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM most weekdays, and even include Saturday mornings, you can definitely find some time that works for you. 

Along with scheduled appointments for routine well visits and vaccinations, they also offer services like sports physicals and suturing.

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The Doctors There Get It – They’re Parents Too!

And most of the doctors at Spectrum Health Medical Group Pediatrics are parents too. They get what it’s like to talk to kids and make them comfortable. 

“My personal preference is to talk to the kids first so we know this is about them.” says Dr. Sara McCune. 

I do a lot of coaching and repeat and talk back. I have two kids of my own and I relate everything back to them. 

Covering Everything from Birth to Early Adulthood

Spectrum Health Medical Group Pediatrics covers newborns to age 17, with every step along the way. And best of all, every provider is currently accepting new patients.

If you’re looking for a new pediatrician – or one in a more convenient location – check out Spectrum Health Medical Group Pediatrics here

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1545 68th St SE, Suite 100,
Grand Rapids

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