Unseasonally Warm Weather Draws Families to Water

With the weather feeling more like July than late September, families are looking for ways to stay cool.

Thankfully, there are still a few area splash pads open to offer a bit of relief.

Pinewood Park in Kentwood is one of those still open, as well as the splash play areas in Grand Haven, Sparta and Zeeland.

Do you know of any other splash pads that are still open? Please comment below.

One Last Trip to the Beach

If you’re hoping for one last trip to the beach, this weekend could be it.

Lake Michigan’s water at Holland State Park is reportedly swimmable, but as we all know, winds shifting can impact water temps quickly. Grand Haven is said to have nice swimming water temps right now, too.

One benefit of visiting late in the season is that some local parks, like Rosy Mound in Grand Haven, do not charge for parking at this time of year.

If you want to play it safe, consider visiting one of the many inland lake beaches around the area, like Gun Lake. (Note: Myers Lake, as well as others, are closed for the season. Check your destination’s status before you head out.)

Find a Favorite Park

We’ve spent the summer summarizing many of the local park gems in the area – many sporting water features. Take a minute to explore a new-to-you park and have fun!