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I cannot say enough about the Grand Rapids Symphony Lollipops Concerts…short but sweet and done in good taste, they’re the perfect entertainment for all! 

My family attended “Ferdinand the Bull” this past Saturday at Sunshine Community Church, and despite it being our third Lollipops concert, we left hungry for even more!     


The 45-minute performance began with Associate Conductor John Varineau entertaining and educating the audience in a pre-show chat. The musical groups were introduced and a quick description of each instrument was given. 

The musicians all wore a different colored shirt, labeled on the back with their musical family, making it easy to visualize how an orchestra is broken down. It’s a great way to introduce the musical ensemble to little children and learn a few fun musical facts!


Following the introduction, the symphony performed an interactive warm up piece relating to the show. In this case, it was Flight of the Bumblebee. Kids were encouraged to turn their finger into a bee and dance along to the beat. What fun it was to watch as the auditorium buzzed with smiling faces…and fingers!

The story of Ferdinand, the quiet bull who only wants to sit in the field and smell the flowers, is a family favorite.


The sounds of Spain played in the background, as Ferdinand and narrator Christopher Weaver kept everyone laughing.


Puppets in ‘funny hats’ played some parts, and a few select kids from the audience even paraded across the stage at one point in the story. Laughter was heard throughout, and more than once my daughter joined others dancing in the aisles.


Upon the completion of the show, the kids were given a lollipop, a simple token that only added to the fun already had.

Shows are aimed at children aged four to seven, but as the sign on the auditorium read, anyone 0-99 would enjoy. With tickets available at the door for $5 per person, it’s easy to bring everyone along! Keep your eye on the Symphony’s Lollipops page for next season’s line-up and come see what the buzz is all about!

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    I LOVE when music and kids get together!!

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