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Discover new worlds this summer with hands-on, interactive STEM camps for grades 2-12. Kids will learn to think and act like scientists. Register today!


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VAEI Camp Session Details

Grades 2-3:

Can You Dig It?
June 10-14
Explore the amazing world of fossils. Learn how fossils are formed, discovered and used to understand Earth’s past. Think and act like a paleontologist as you explore, ask questions, and find answers to the mystery of prehistoric life. Learn more.

Van Andel Education Institute 2019 Summer STEM Camps

Sense-ational Animals
August 5-9
Explore the amazing world of animal senses. Observe and handle creatures with extraordinary eyes, fantastic feelers, and sense-ational senses. Learn how animals use their senses to survive using LEGO® Education WeDo robots. Learn more.

Grades 4-5:

Animal Survivor: Pill Bugs, Newts & Geckos, Oh My!
June 24-28
Study animal behavior, observe structural traits, and discover how animals survive in the wild. Learn about a variety of species including invertebrates, amphibians, and reptiles. Learn more.

Life In Space: A Journey Through The Extremes
July 22-26
Explore the opportunities and dangers with space travel. Investigate Earth and space science, physics, biology, and engineering. Use LEGO® Mindstorm robots to explore hazardous places. Learn more.

Grades 6-8:

Crime Scene Forensics: Catching a Criminal
July 8-12
Learn what it takes to be a crime scene forensic scientist. Study techniques used to analyze a crime scene, determine a culprit, conduct fingerprinting, DNA analysis, and more! Learn more.

Hogwarts in Grand Rapids: The Science Behind the Magic
August 12–16
Immerse yourself in the world of Harry Potter™! Get sorted into houses, make a magic wand, and learn Potions, Caring for Magical Creatures, Herbology, History of Magic, and Broomstick Flying! Learn more.

Power Up: Energizing the Future
July 22–26
Discover how alternative energies can power the future. Use wind energy to power a generator, capture solar energy to heat water, and harness electricity to drive a car.  Learn more.

Grades 9-12:

Biotech Explorer
June 17–21
Investigate the field of biotechnology and learn lab techniques used in research facilities around the world including DNA extraction, PCR amplification, gel electrophoresis, gene regulation, and protein purification. Learn more.

Mission to Mars
July 29–August 2
Explore the science, engineering, and technology to complete a Mission to Mars. Build and test a rocket that will travel into space! Use LEGO® Mindstorm robots to investigate the surface of Mars. Learn more.

Van Andel Education Institute 2019 Summer STEM Camps

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