The GIGANTIC Grand Rapids Spring Fun Guide – 2017

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Welcome to the Gigantic Grand Rapids Spring Fun Guide for 2017
Here you’ll find one gigantic roundup of spring break ideas, free spring activities, daily fun, where to take driver’s ed, where to play spring sports, biking and hiking trails, short-term travel ideas, consignment and garage sales and […]

Winter Outdoor Play Guide for Michigan Families

Embrace Fun in Michigan this Winter with Kids
You’ve got kids and you live in Michigan in the wintertime.

Chances are they love the snow and you, not so much. For me, snow means shoveling, cursing my hilly driveway and cleaning up snow-melt from the kids coming back in. But winter also means cozy family times by […]

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Top Voted Places for Swim Lessons in Grand Rapids

With family and outdoor community pools closing this time of year, now is the perfect time to enroll your kids in swim lessons so that they keep all of those new swim skills they learned over the summer.
Where are the Best Swim Classes for Kids?
Trying to find just the right spot to enroll them? No […]

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Sports Guide for Grand Rapids Kids

Little League, soccer, swimming, karate… when it comes to sports around Grand Rapids, there is no shortage of opportunities for your child to get involved. In fact, the number of possibilities make choosing a bit overwhelming, so we’re here to help. Below, you will find a big list of places […]

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Free Range Balls for Junior Golfers at Maple Hill and Other Amazing Summer Programming for Kids

Junior Golf Shines at Maple Hill Golf in Grandville
Golf is one of those games that spans the generations. My sister, brother and I started to learn how to play golf when we were kids and still play today with our dad. We grew up taking advantage of the junior golf program offered in Traverse City, […]

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Fall Sports Guide | Grand Rapids 2015

Fall Sports registrations are coming up and you know that your kids are more than ready to relieve all that pent up summer energy!

Take a look at what we found going on in the area. Make sure you download our FREE App for real time information on what’s going on close to home.
A Vaulting […]

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Junior Golf Programs Around Grand Rapids

Golf is a great activity for kids. It teaches patience, focus, respect and problem solving–all skills that will benefit them long after they’ve walked off the course. And it’s an activity that you can enjoy together, even after they’re grown.

If your child is into golf they live in the right place! We’ve found two dozen places that offer […]

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Are You Ready For Some Basketbaaaaaaall? Hurry for Your GR Drive Ticket Discount!

by Meredith Maczka
Baller, Shot Caller
As a mother to four boys, I am pretty close to having my own starting lineup for a basketball team. So, as soon as announced a ticket promotion with the Grand Rapids Drive, I purchased tickets for my family immediately.

In my typical don’t-tell-the-boys-about-fun-plans-for-fear-of-increased-excitement-resulting-in-no-nap approach, I kept our tickets a secret until just before tip off. Good […]

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