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Thursday, March 19: Exclusive Mom’s Night Out at the Xfinity Store – Get Your Invite

I’m going to be honest with you: I’m not incredibly tech-savvy.

My kids are getting older, and they’re starting to realize that technology runs the world. They see their friends getting cell phones, and they’ve started to wonder when they will join that elite group. 

In the rapidly changing world of technology, I’m not quite sure where to begin. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. Tech changes so quickly that even my gadget-trendy friends experience tech whiplash at times. 

When should my kids get a cell phone?

How can I keep them safe on the internet?

How do I monitor wi-fi usage?

I know there are other questions I am not even thinking to ask, so it begs the question – what do I need to know to keep my kids safe online and teach them proper technology use?

Ask Your Burning Tech Questions & Have Fun

You’re invited to bring your burning tech questions and join in the conversation on Thursday, March 19, 2020.

Kids sneaking wifi in the middle of the night? Want to filter what comes into your house? Just want to wine down with a few other moms?

We’ve got the perfect mom’s night planned for you…

A little tech Q+A, a little friendly Nailed It! cupcake contest, a cocktail sesh here or there…

Xfinity is Hosting our Group – Thank You!

Have you seen the new and sleek Xfinity store in Grandville? It’s really a lovely place.

Anyone is welcome to stop in, test products, talk to the experts, and generally enjoy the cool atmosphere.

Because I definitely shop with my eyes, I’m happy to report that the Xfinity Store by Comcast is reminiscent of an Apple Store and will be a great place for our mom’s night out.

How Can You Get in on Xfinity’s Tech + Cocktails Event?

So what can you expect at this Mom’s Night Out?

First, it’s free.

Hop from station to station as the night progresses. Some stations are designed to help you learn more about tech options that are out there. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask those burning tech questions – and there aren’t any silly questions!

Other themed stations will have cocktails (or mocktails) and cupcake decorating ala Nailed It! Plus, snacks you don’t have to share with a sticky-fingered child.

Bonus: All attendees will also get an awesome “swag bag” full of goodies to bring home.

Please know – if you choose to attend – you are not there to be sold to. This is strictly a parent education event. If you do decide you want more information or want to make a purchase, that’s up to you and something you would initiate. 

Will You Join Us?

Check your calendars and see if you’re free on the evening of Thursday, March 19!

*Due to space constraints we can only have a limited number of participants.

Grab your free ticket


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