The Goddard School is Growing – Fast. Here’s Why Parents are Signing Up

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The Goddard School Meets All Your Private Preschool and Daycare Needs

It can be difficult to leave your kids in someone else’s care. I did not anticipate that I would be so bad at this!

Whether it’s just a date night babysitter, a sleepover at beloved grandparent’s house, or a daily drop-off at a daycare center–you just want to know your child is in the best hands whenever you’re not around.

The staff at The Goddard School understand this feeling, and they go above and beyond to give area kids the best experience possible.

Parents again and again rave about every staff member at The Goddard School, and are thrilled with the play-based learning curriculum. In fact, after reading their testimonials I was a little jealous that I don’t live near a Goddard School for my kids!

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One of the things I admire about The Goddard School is their longevity. This private preschool and educational daycare has been serving local families for 30 years. That’s the kind of experience that would put my mind at ease!

With care available for children ages 6 weeks through 6 years, The Goddard School is a place you can trust with your kids for many years, allowing them to build friendships with students and teachers over the long run. 

I also love that they’ve been able to expand to 3 locations. We all want to save more time, and having 3 options means there’s bound to be a center even closer to home or work. You can find The Goddard Schools in Cascade (1544 Macnider Road SE, Grand Rapids, MI), Southwest (5820 Bayberry Farms Drive SW, Grandville, MI), and Knapp’s Corner (2911 Knapp Street NE, Grand Rapids, MI).

The Top 3 Reasons Grand Rapids Area Parents Love The Goddard School

While there are a number of reasons parents are flocking to The Goddard School, these are the three biggest reasons that I think you will love about The Goddard School. 

1. Kids Engage with Play-Based Curriculum

The teachers at The Goddard School are highly trained to engage with children through play. Their curriculum offers playful, age-appropriate learning opportunities for all children.

Goddard School Toddler

I know my kids are more receptive to learning activities if I disguise it as play. Children are also given ample time throughout the day to explore and discover what interests them individually.

2. Peace of Mind with a Priority on Health and Safety

From the classroom to the playground–every detail at was designed with safety in mind at The Goddard School. They hold themselves to a high standard of cleanliness to make sure your child stays healthy while in their care.

Goddard School Drop off

The school is secure. Parents are required to sign their children in and out each day and must let the school know if an alternate caregiver will be picking up a child. As a parent, knowing your child is safe and secure is the best peace of mind you can ask for!

3. Age-Appropriate Technology Use Prepares Kids for the Real World

At The Goddard School, age-appropriate technology is incorporated in daily learning in a meaningful way. While they acknowledge the role that technology plays in our world, it does not replace time kids spend outdoors playing or exploring. And when they do engage with technology, they make sure it counts. 

The curriculum at The Goddard School includes structured STEAM (Science,Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) learning. STEAM teaches kids important skills that will help them excel in the future.

Goddard School STEAM

While it’s alarming that my 5 year-old can navigate an iPad better than me, it’s important that kids keep current with technology trends–but without sacrificing time they need to just be a kid. It’s all about balance, and it sounds like The Goddard School has it figured out!

Area Parents are Enthusiastic About The Goddard School

The best referral I can ever get is a parent referral. They’ll give me the real deal on a child care or preschool.

So if you’re still wondering whether you should check them out, these families will seal the deal:

“We love the curriculum, teachers, daily pictures, and our overall experience has been wonderful! We visited a handful of other places before visiting The Goddard School. After our tour, we knew right away this was the place we wanted our son to be!”

Oliver’s Mom (Grand Rapids-Southwest)

“Thank you for being an option for families who are searching for a truly play-based and child-centered environment for their children’s first school experience. Thank you for embracing our son and guiding him in his learning and helping him grow into himself with such care and graceful intent.”

Sullivan’s Mom (Grand Rapids-Southwest)

We trusted Goddard with both of our kids for over 3 years, and they exceeded our expectations. The care, curriculum & organization / cleanliness is the best around! Getting kids to and from daycare can be very stressful, but Goddard did a great job minimizing the stress – and I always felt great about where my children were spending their time.

– Jack Aylsworth (Grand Rapids – Cascade)

The Goddard School Cascade is truly the best preschool in the Grand Rapids area. We have been to a few preschools and this one tops the list. The staff has been nothing short of exceptional. We sincerely appreciate the security in this facility, the pristine cleanliness and the overall impeccable organization from the director and office staff to each of the classroom teachers.”

Meghan Bisonet (Grand Rapids – Cascade)

Ready to see if The Goddard School is a good fit for your family? Visit their website to learn more about everything they offer.

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Grand Rapids Locations in Grandville, Cascade, and Knapp’s Corner


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