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Birthday Party Packages Include Painting, Potter’s Wheel, Wood Signs & More

If there’s one thing my kids always want to talk about, it’s their birthdays. This February my son mused over breakfast about which cake he’d like on the big day. His birthday is in July. And what’s a birthday (and cake) without a party?!

Kids who love birthdays also love to celebrate big, but I’m not the kind of parent who wants to spearhead such a project.

Thankfully I can book a birthday party at The Mud Room at Knapp’s Corner to create this memorable birthday experience for my kids and their friends.  

My kids are obsessed with creating, and as a result my house is often in crafty disarray. If I can divert this energy over to The Mud Room, where someone else will oversee the masterpieces and provide cleanup, I can get on board with my kid having a birthday party with friends.

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Parents Love The Mud Room’s Built-In Party Favors and No Mess to Clean

The Mud Room offers a variety of party packages for kids ages 3-16 and are currently welcoming up to 16 party guests. You will have access to a semi-private event room for 60 minutes. All your fees, materials, glazing, and firing are included–no guessing on costs! 

They also understand the importance of presents and give you extra time in their space to enjoy and celebrate the birthday kid without using your precious crafting time.

The Mud Room glazed creatures cute

Did I mention you won’t even have to clean your house?! Having a birthday party at The Mud Room is basically every parent and kid’s dream come true.

Choose From Six Party Options

So what type of party can you have at The Mud Room? Well, you’ve got options!

  • Pottery Painting: Your party guests can pick from a variety of items (mugs, plates, figurines, and such) to paint as they’d like. 
  • Potter’s Wheel: Use your hands to sculpt a ball of clay into your own bowl or vessel. You even get to add color to it the same day! 
  • Coloring Book: Each guest gets a salad plate with a design already outlined. All they need to do is paint it! This is a great option for younger kids.
  • Wood Signs: Make trendy wood projects and take them home the same day.
  • Party at Home: Choose individual pottery painting kits and create at home.
  • Story Time (coming soon!): Read a story together and then paint pottery.

Take-Home Kids are Great for Girl Scout Troops or At-Home Parties

If a small home party is more your style, you can order The Mud Room’s Party at Home package.

This even works for just kids wanting to have fun together, Scout troops, homeschool sessions and more. You can order individual pottery pieces for your guests, allowing you to customize the experience by a theme or by individual tastes.

I really like this idea for my family. My kids all work at different paces and I don’t need to be concerned that my very methodical 9 year old will close down The Mud Room before she’s finished with her piece!

Mud Room unfinished plates

There’s Always Something Fun Happening at The Mud Room

If you’re not a birthday party family (my kiddos only get parties on milestone birthdays) or you don’t want to wait a year to see what The Mud Room is all about, they have plenty of reasons to stop in just because.

In summer kids can sign-up for Camp Mud. These creative workshops allow kids to explore the potter’s wheel, glass fusing, and more. 

Whether it’s party planning or summer fun, The Mud Room knows how to tap into everyone’s creative spirit and allow them to make something that will be cherished for years. 

Mud Room painted bowls

The Mud Room

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