Book Your Private Time on the Potter’s Wheel at The Mud Room for a Totally Unique Experience

The Mud Room girl using potters wheel

Get Your Hands Dirty at The Mud Room

Any parent understands the importance of giving children room to be creative and The Mud Room agrees! 

Most families think The Mud Room is just about painting pottery. But did you know that you can also throw your own pottery

Each piece of pottery is completely unique – and entirely made by you. 

The Mud Room ladies smiling at the potters wheel

How The Potter’s Wheel Works

You don’t have to be an artist to rock the potter’s wheel!

All you need to do is arrive with a positive attitude, and ready to get a little messy. The Mud Room will handle the rest.

When you arrive for your appointment with the potter’s wheel, an instructor will guide and assist you. They will make sure you leave with a completed project.

“They saved me from my terrible skills twice!” says The Mud Room visitor Jessica K. 

Each person gets their own wet lump of clay and wheel. After you put your clay in the center of the wheel, you use your fingers and thumbs to guide it as the wheel spins, slowly creating a divet and then pulling it up to become “walls” to create a pot or vessel. 

Don’t come with an idea of what kind of vessel you’re going to make – especially if you’re new to throwing pottery.

“When you’re first learning, the clay tells you what it’s going to do,” laughs owner Rachel Klobucher. 

 You may end up with a cup instead of a bowl, but it will still be uniquely gorgeous

“Just relax, have fun and enjoy the experience,” encourages Rachel. “Don’t get too hung up on making it perfect. It’s a learning experience, but so much fun!”

The Mud Room kid working on the potters wheel

You Get to Add Color the Same Day – Or Come Back Later

There are two ways to add color to your vessel from the potter’s wheel. 

Whether you booked a party for kids or made a private appointment for the potter’s wheel, you will add color the same day, while you’re throwing the pottery.

Artists will get a brush, dip it in color, and add it to their clay as it spins on the wheel using a technique called banding. “It’s just like a record player,” Rachel explains.

The Mud Room girl working at the pottery wheel

For non-party appointments, you can opt to have your pottery bisque-fired first and then come back and add the color later.

If you choose this option, you’ll go to the regular painting studio and add paint to your piece just as you would with any other pottery selection from The Mud Room. “Instead of painting one of the many preformed pottery pieces available on the studio’s shelves, you’ll paint the piece you made yourself,” Rachel says.

Mud Room Adult Potters Wheel 2

No Ghosts – Just Amazing Instructors on the Potter’s Wheel

Admit it – now that you’re thinking about a potter’s wheel, you’re picturing the classic scene from Ghost. “There’s no ghosting here,” laughs Rachel, owner of The Mud Room. “It’s a family-friendly setting!”

But there are amazing instructors, eager to help you make amazing creations. 

The potter’s wheel is available by appointment only, for ages seven and up, for groups of two or more. 

The potter’s wheel is not available for walk-ins, as it’s located in an entirely different studio from their main painting studio. This ensures your own private studio space during your lesson and focused attention from your instructor.

Mud Room Adult Potters Wheel

This is a fun girls night out, birthday party, date night and more — all in private. 

It’s a great option for people who want to get out and do something fun, but aren’t quite ready to be indoors with people they don’t know.

Visitors Love The Mud Room

Visits to The Mud Room are always fun and unique. “We have lots of repeat customers,” Rachel comments. “The experience is always different.” 

Here’s what some visitors have to say about their time at The Mud Room:

“The girls had a lot of fun and the girl who ran the party was very knowledgeable and patient.  She made sure that each of the girls’ pottery turned out.   My daughter and I love The Mud Room and once every couple of months, we like to go there for a mother-daughter day.”

Angie M.

“We just had my daughter’s 7th birthday party at The Mud Room… and we highly recommend it. Such a fun thing to do with the kids. Staff was friendly. Location is perfect. Loved every part of it.”

Quincy K.

The Mud Room colorful pottery

“What a great place and friendly staff!!! My daughter and I went to celebrate my birthday together! We give birthday experiences now because we have enough junk. This way we spend time together while creating art, and while creating another memory!!”

Sandy H.

“Okay…stop what you’re doing RIGHT now and book a session at this place! We had an amazing time and Allie added to the experience and made it so much fun. Highly recommend.”

Shea C.

There’s More to Do at The Mud Room

In addition to the potter’s wheel, The Mud Room also offers traditional pottery painting with a variety of options to paint plus other creative activities like glass fusing and DIY wood signs. Check their website for the latest class offerings, Camp Mud options and create-at-home art boxes.

The Mud Room family in masks with potters wheel creations

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