The Mud Room’s Camps and Classes Give Kids Creative License and a Sense of Pride

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Step Up Your Creative Game at The Mud Room @ Knapp’s Corner

I love when my kids find a task that captures their attention. For my 6-year old twins, coloring really puts them in “the zone.” Foreheads wrinkled in concentration, they work on masterpieces to display proudly on the fridge.

And while coloring is a great activity for my creative duo, it can lose its appeal once the fridge runs out of room for all their latest unicorn pictures.

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So when I heard about the fun kids can have at The Mud Room @ Knapp’s Corner, a DIY art studio, where they can paint their own pottery, I was thrilled!

I especially love that what kids create can be enjoyed as a keepsake, given as a gift (hint: Mother’s Day), or even used for eating cereal out of — no fridge space required!

If you’re looking for an activity that will capture your kids’ creative attention too, you’ll want to read on for all the ways children of any age can be creative at The Mud Room!

Kids of All Ages Create Adorable, High Impact Art Pieces and Gifts

Kids can push up their sleeves and have a blast painting their very own piece of pottery. You can find projects for almost any budget (many under $20!) and it includes everything: your choice of pottery, supplies, use of the art studio, and the glazing and firing.

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I also like that you can spend as little or as much time as you want — with most projects taking about 60-90 minutes. Worried about helping your little one get started? The Mud Room studio artists are there to give you a hand! They can suggest ideas and show you how to create certain designs.

And when you’re done painting, they take care of the rest! Come back one week later and you’ll have a glazed and fired piece of pottery, ready to take home.

Another fun option for young kids (ages 3-6)? Story Time! This monthly event gives little ones a chance to listen to a story and paint a themed project. Head to The Mud Room event page for dates and to snag your spot for this popular activity.

The Mud Room handprint keepsake

If you’re looking for a special keepsake or unique gift, handprints are perfect! There are three options: Hand Over Heels, Paint Your Own, and Handprint Happy Hour.

Hand Over Heels ($25 Artist Fee, plus pottery) gives you the freedom to choose your pottery piece and design, but leaves the decorating, glazing, and firing to a studio artist. Or reserve a time during Handprint Happy Hour when custom artwork is only $12 per item!

Big Kids can Explore Beyond Pottery Painting at The Mud Room

The Mud Room @ Knapp’s Corner has even more options for the older kids to explore! Glass fusing, using the potter’s wheel, and making wood signs are all exciting experiences for children that are at least 7 years old.

Make sure you check out their Camp Mud classes over school breaks for your crafty kiddo.

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Spring Break Open Studio and Summer Classes are Here!

You can pop into The Mud Room for special Open Studio hours to Paint Pottery or Paint-Your-Own Wood sign over Spring Break. Check their event page for the details.

Looking ahead to summer? You won’t want to miss registering for classes at The Mud Room NOW! Camp Mud Potter’s Wheel will be available, along with other interesting camps.

Let’s make time to create and go have a blast at The Mud Room!


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