The Public Museum’s new TOYS! Exhibit is “Magnificent”

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From Boomers to Babies, The Grand Rapids Public Museum Has Something for Your Whole Family in Their New TOYS! Exhibit

I will never forget sniffing my Strawberry Shortcake collection, dragging a tattered Monchichi, waiting for Cabbage Patch Dolls to be restocked, and impaling the soles of my feet on my little brother’s Micro Machines.

The one thing children through the ages have in common is a love of play, and we’ve all held dear items that sparked the imagination or inspired creativity.

Now Grand Rapids Public Museum is bringing that nostalgic feeling back with its amazing new exhibit, TOYS.

“Magnificent!” says GRKIDS writer Steph Sneller.

“If you live in West MI, come unwind here for a spell,” she urges.  

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“Toys are put on this Earth to be Played with by a Child.” -John Lasseter

This exhibit is a completely interactive, multi-generational event. All items on display are from the museum’s own collections or on loan from the community.

  • Visit the Boomer’s bedroom, complete with Paper Dolls and Potato Heads.
  • See why Gen X’ers loved their Holly Hobbie and Hot Wheels.
  • Compare the Super Mario and My Little Pony of the Millennial era with those of today.
  • Explore a life-size doll house.
  • Hop around the giant xylophone.
  • Learn about every kid’s art staple, the Crayon.
  • Solve a Rubik’s Cube.
  • Hang out in a 1980’s-style retro arcade.

TOYS! is truly a must-see Grand Rapids activity for all.

My boys went on an adventure  to the Grand Rapids Public Museum with their Grandpa last month and can’t wait to show him this one! Nothing bonds a family like nostalgia and memories to share. Toys may change over time, but the the joy they bring never fades.


TOYS! is Free With Admission

Grab Barbie, Load Raggedy Ann Up in the Tonka Truck, and Race Over to TOYS!

The Grand Rapids Public Museum staff paid special attention to every detail, being sure that TOYS! is chock-full of inclusive fun for everyone. With insight from the community, the displays are available in English, Spanish, and Braille.

TOYS! is free to explore with the price of admission and runs through September 2019.  It will be tied in to themes throughout the museum as well, such as Snowflake Break in December and January.

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