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Favorite Grand Rapids Doctors and Health Care Professionals – 2021

I’m a Grand Rapids transplant and when I was pregnant with my first child, I had no idea how to find a great OB/GYN or pediatrician.

Thankfully, my husband’s childhood doc was still in practice, so we figured that one out. But my OB/GYN was a shot in the dark. It worked out, but only because I have a “roll with it” personality.

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But it’s really nice to get intel from people who know. That’s why we polled people across West Michigan to find the area’s best dentists, eye doctors and mental health professionals. Even though I’ve still got that “roll with it” personality, I also want my kids to be in the best, smartest hands possible.

If you are looking for a dentist or doctor, where do you, start??

You start here! Read on to find your new favorite healthcare provider!

Technical Information on Voting Process

Earlier this year we asked our readers to nominate, then vote on the best family care providers in West Michigan in several categories. Below you’ll find the TOP provider, as well as the top nominees, for each field, all whom received a significant number of reader votes.

It is also important to know that we only invite the top 10 providers to advertise in this guide. We did this so you can trust that every listing showcases one of the best local family care providers based on GRKIDS’ reader votes.

(Please note that this content is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Users are advised to check the certification of any care providers listed below and consult their own medical doctors before proceeding with a care plan.)


Allergists for Kids in Grand Rapids

Dealing with allergies and asthma is no joke…it can be incredibly challenging (and scary) for kids and their families. If you are looking for high-quality pediatric allergy specialists, look no further. Here are the top West Michigan allergists, according to our readers:

ENT for kids Grand Rapids 1
1 2

Voted Top Allergist for Kids

Dr. Karyn Gell at Grand Rapids Allergy

Dr. Sara Uekert at Grand Rapids Allergy

GR Allergy

At Grand Rapids Allergy, we provide the highest quality of care to our young patients and their families, so they can experience life without the barriers of allergic disease. Uncontrolled allergies, asthma and eczema can interfere with a child’s ability to rest, play and learn. “GRA” physicians are Board Certified and passionate about partnering with you to identify allergic triggers and create safe, effective care plans. A Registered Dietitian can meet with you to assist with meal planning at home. Our Certified Asthma Educator is available to help you understand your child’s asthma management. We believe in shared decision making and we want you to feel supported when exploring options for your child’s care with our clinical team. Your child is unique. Your child’s allergy treatment should be too!

Grand Rapids Allergy providers: Dr. Christine Schafer, Dr. Karyn Gell

“From the first person at the desk to the last person before we left, the staff was amazing! They talked TO my 11-year-old and included him in the decisions about his allergy therapy and options! The nurse did an amazing job of reassuring him and telling him every step as it was coming up!” 

Parent of a Grand Rapids Allergy Patient

1 – Gell, Dr. Karyn (Grand Rapids Allergy)
2 –
Kelbel, Dr. Ted (Pediatric Allergy and Immunology Helen DeVos)
3 – Schafer, Dr. Christine (Grand Rapids Allergy)
4 – Uekert, Dr. Sara (Grand Rapids Allergy)
5 – Hartog, Dr. Nicholas (SHMG Allergy & Immunology Helen DeVos)
6 – (TIE) Heyboer, Dr. Lisa (SHMG Allergy & Immunology)
6 – (TIE) Millar, Dr. Mark (Allergy & Asthma Care of Western Michigan)
8 – Miller, Dr. Thomas (Allergy Associates of Western Michigan)
9 – Bishop, Dr. James
10 – Strabbing, Dr. Richard (Michigan ENT and Allergy)


Chiropractors for Families in Grand Rapids

Have you ever pulled something in your back or neck and the pain is so bad that you want to see a chiropractor immediately? Many of us have been there before! Some families seek a chiropractor for a specific issue while some seek chiropractic care for general health and maintenance throughout the year. Whatever the reason is that you’re looking for a trusted chiropractor, check out these top recommendations below.

Grand Rapids Chiropractors
1 2

Voted Top Chiropractor for Families

Dr. Erik Kowalke at Higher Health Chiropractic Wyoming

Higher Health Chiropractic:
Dr. Marc DeMeester · Dr. Katie DeMeester · Dr. John Deyo · Dr. William Booker · Dr. Matthew Kuo · Dr. Andrew White · Dr. Heather Speaks

680x320 Higher Health 01

Our mission is to serve God by serving the families of our community and region through specific, scientific, chiropractic care. Our purpose is to help people reach their God-given health potential through chiropractic care allowing them to live a healthy, happy, drug-free life! We are driven by faith. Proven by results. Creating an extraordinary experience.

“Sydney came to Higher Health experiencing frequent illness. When asked about Sydney’s condition, mom said that Sydney was “getting back to back colds/ear infections prior to starting chiropractic care.” She said that these colds would occur about one to two times a month! After the doctors had a chance to evaluate Sydney’s health history and administer very specific but gentle chiropractic adjustments, here is what mom had to say about Sydney’s experience and progress: “Sydney showed improvement after only a couple of adjustments. We began this process in December 2019 and within a three month period, she has only had one minor cold with barely any symptoms. Sydney’s sleep has also improved. Before chiropractic care, she would wake up throughout the night. She is able to fall asleep faster and stay asleep the entire night.” When we asked mom about any doubts prior to starting, she said, “I didn’t have doubts, but I wasn’t sure how quickly Sydney’s health would improve. I knew it was a process, so I figured it would have taken longer!” Sydney’s mom definitely recommends chiropractic care. She goes on to say, “Every aspect of your health is impacted by your spine and by getting adjusted, you can improve your overall health in every way!”


Dr. Mark Wolfman at Rivertown Family Chiropractic

Rivertown 1

Our vision at Rivertown Family Chiropractic is to invest in and equip the people of West Michigan to unlock their full health potential to live a fully alive life. We have been serving the West Michigan community for the last four years and continue to see our patients experience health freedom. We offer principled corrective chiropractic care from doctors that are highly trained and committed to your health goals. We serve the Grandville area and surrounding communities of Hudsonville, Jenison, Byron Center, Kentwood, Wyoming and Grand Rapids. We see patients of all ages and our doctors are certified in pediatric adjusting techniques (

Feature Services: We deliver personalized care, expertly done. We value each patient’s unique needs and health goals and strive to offer seminars that are relevant, inspiring and personally applicable. Specific Corrective Chiropractic Care, Spinal exercises and rehabilitation, Monthly Nutrition Seminars, Health Talks and Workshops, Metabolic Testing Exercise Programs, Pediatric Services Detox, and Nutrition Protocols

Service Benefits: Our Services have been shown to improve physical activity, slow down the aging process, reduce aches and pains, decrease weight loss resistance, and support reducing depression and anxiety.

Other Rivertown Family Chiropractic Providers: Dr. Danielle Sinclair, Dr. Eric Main, Dr. Steph Bohemier, and Dr. Bill Fisher

“Sydney came to Higher Health experiencing frequent illness. When asked about Sydney’s condition, mom said that Sydney was “getting back to back colds/ear infections prior to starting chiropractic care.” She said that these colds would occur about one to two times a month! After the doctors had a chance to evaluate Sydney’s health history and administer very specific but gentle chiropractic adjustments, here is what mom had to say about Sydney’s experience and progress: “Sydney showed improvement after only a couple of adjustments. We began this process in December 2019 and within a three month period, she has only had one minor cold with barely any symptoms. Sydney’s sleep has also improved. Before chiropractic care, she would wake up throughout the night. She is able to fall asleep faster and stay asleep the entire night.” When we asked mom about any doubts prior to starting, she said, “I didn’t have doubts, but I wasn’t sure how quickly Sydney’s health would improve. I knew it was a process, so I figured it would have taken longer!” Sydney’s mom definitely recommends chiropractic care. She goes on to say, “Every aspect of your health is impacted by your spine and by getting adjusted, you can improve your overall health in every way!”


Nicole Bumhoffer at Thrive Chiropractic resizeimage 2

Thrive Chiropractic provides superior health and balance through chiropractic care and massage. Through wellness care, we aim to improve your quality of life and empower you to lead a healthier, happier and more fulfilling journey. Our goal is to create a comfortable atmosphere where families wanting better health can feel motivated to reach their goals at any stage of life.


Dr. Kurt Lang at Vibrant Life Chiropractic


We believe healthy kids grow up to be healthy adults, and healthy families are stronger together. We are on a mission to serve the community with quality corrective and preventative chiropractic care using gentle techniques and measurable results.


1 – Kowalke, Dr. Erik (Higher Health Chiropractic Wyoming)
2 – Ward, Dr. David (Active Life Chiropractic)
3 – Ryder, Dr. Justin (Limitless Chiropractic)
4 – (TIE) Lang, Dr. Kurt (Grand Valley Medical Specialists)
4 –
(TIE) Le Bon, Dr. Alexander (Simple Truth Chiropractic)
6 – Bumhoffer, Dr. Nicole (Thrive Chiropractic)
7 – Hartman, Dr. Eric (Hartman Family Chiropractice & Wellness Center)
8 – Deyo, Dr. John (Higher Health Chiropractic)
9 – Osmer, Dr. Theresa (Flow Chiropractic)
10 – Babbitt, Dr. Rachel (Rise Wellness Chiropractic)


Dentists for Families in Grand Rapids

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children start seeing a dentist around the age of one. Visiting the dentist does not have to be intimidating, especially when you know the dentist is well-loved and trusted by local families. Check out our readers’ favorite dentists for kids below.

Dentist for Kids Grand Rapids 1
1 2

Voted Top Dentist for Kids

Dr. Brett Kingma at Mitten Kids Dentistry

Dr. Brett Kingma DDS at Mitten Kids Dentistry

Mitten Kids Dentistry Logo 2

Mitten Kids Dentistry aims to provide the highest level of pediatric dental care for kids of all ages—whatever their needs—in a fun, positive, and safe environment. Inspired by our beautiful home state of Michigan, we foster health, wellness, and a sense of adventure in every child who comes through our doors. Dr. Brett Kingma and Dr. Grady Randall are board certified pediatric dentists. From infants, toddlers, and preschoolers all the way up to adolescents, our experienced team remains committed to providing high quality and compassionate dental care for children of all ages. We specialize in all things related to pediatric dentistry: preventative care, sedation dentistry, infant laser frenectomies, treating children with special needs, and much more!

Mitten Kids Dentistry providers: Brett Kingma DDS and Grady Randall DDS

“Mitten Kids Dentistry was able to get us in quickly for a consultation. The office was clean, there was a great atmosphere and everyone was kind, considerate and helpful. Dr. Kingma did a great job evaluating our child and informing us of our options. We would highly recommend him and this office!!”

Parent of patient at Mitten Kids Dentistry

Gaines Pediatric Dentistry

Gaines Pediatric Dentistry

We understand that a trip to the dental office can be intimidating for people of all ages. That’s why our office offers a fun environment for everyone! We have amenities for your kids including a play area with children’s books, toys, and tablets. Don’t worry parents, we haven’t forgotten about you either; while your child is enjoying games you can enjoy a coffee and access our WiFi. Our expert staff is kind, gentle and fun. We will do everything we can to ensure your child is at ease and relaxed.

As a pediatric dentist, Dr. O’Callaghan has two years of additional specialty training following his four years of dental school. During his residency, Dr. O’Callaghan had extensive training in infant oral health care, trauma management, cavity risk assessment, growth and development, interceptive orthodontic management, treatment of children and special needs patients in the operating room, and general restorative treatments. A child’s mouth is constantly growing and changing so treatment is approached differently for children than it is for adults. Whether you’re looking for infant, special needs, or toddler to adolescent dental care, we’ve got you covered!

“All of the staff, from reception to doctor are incredibly nice and friendly. Very helpful to answer all of my questions. Definitely the place for my family.”

Nicole H., parent of patient at Gaines Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Stephanie Kloostra and Dr. Katie Swanson at Pediatric Dental Specialists of West Michigan

Pediatric Dental

Pediatric Dental Specialists of West Michigan is designed for and around the oral health of kids, from infancy to adolescence. The owners, Dr. Stephanie Kloostra and Dr. Katie Swanson, are both board certified pediatric dentists with specialized training in child development and behavior enhancement. As pediatric dental specialists, they understand that all children are unique and tailor treatment approaches for each child. The doctors help kids and their parents experience going to the dentist in a positive way so they look forward to their next visit.

Pediatric Dental Specialists of West Michigan offers preventative care, including regular exams and cleanings, restorative care, laser dentistry and sedation dentistry. Sedation can be a safe option to help children through their dental appointment and complete necessary dental treatment that potentially could not be completed otherwise. Drs. Stephanie and Katie are also certified by the American Board of Laser Surgery for treatments using a laser, including frenectomies to relieve a lip or tongue tie if a child is having difficulty with feeding or speech development. Whether you’re scheduling your child’s first dental visit or you’re looking for a new dental home, our dedicated team is excited to meet you and your child!

Pediatric Dental Specialists of West Michigan providers: Stephanie Kloostra and Katie Swanson

“We love this place! You will not be disappointed in taking your children here. Both my kids are EXCITED to go to see the dentist! Everyone at the office wants the best for their patients, and they go the extra mile to make your children feel comfortable.”

Parent of patient at Pediatric Dental Specialists of West Michigan

Dr. Aimee C. Valleau, DDS, Dr. Christopher E. VanDeven, DDS, and Dr. Jessica C. Massie at Valleau, VanDeven, and Massie Dentistry for Children

Valleau VanDeven and Massie

At Valleau, VanDeven, and Massie Dentistry for Children, what sets our office apart is the kind, gentle, and compassionate care we provide all of our patients. We understand that a child’s mind is constantly growing and developing and that all children cope with new situations differently. Our wonderful staff takes pride in making all children feel comfortable, relaxed, and even making a dental visit fun! Education is the focus of our practice, which is why our board-certified doctors feel it is important to take their time getting to know each patient and their family. We value parental involvement and we welcome parents and guardians back into our treatment area.

We believe that with the right approach, parents and guardians can enhance the positive experience for their child. Our office utilizes the highest standards of care and the most up to date, evidence-based techniques and materials available. As parents ourselves, we understand that our children are the most precious people in the world. We built our practice around the needs of children and our doctors take their roles as members of your child’s healthcare team very seriously. We look forward to welcoming you to our family!

“The staff and environment are fantastic! They worked my daughter’s care into the schedule when no one else could. She was in pain and we were new to the area. As we went in for our regular visits it was a pleasure to bring my kids to the dentist. We need to speak out and promote people who really are top in their field!” 

Tamara A., parent of patient at Valleau, VanDeven and Massie DDS Dentistry for Children

Dr. Meggan McCone, DDS, Growing Smiles Pediatric Dentistry


We’re specialists in pediatric dentistry, trained to care for children of all ages, including those with special needs. At Growing Smiles, we help children develop good oral hygiene habits for a lifetime of beautiful, growing smiles. We look forward to meeting you and your family!

“My daughter is terrified of the dentist office because of prior experiences elsewhere, but here they were so gentle and kind. She left with a smile on her face. I was very impressed.” 

Parent of patient at Growing Smiles Pediatric Dentistry

VH Dental, Dr. Andrew Van Haren and Dr. Katie Van Haren

VH Family edit

At VH Dental we are dedicated to providing high quality comprehensive dental care to families and patients of all ages, in a gentle and caring manner. We recognize the importance of early education and prevention starting with the age 1 dental visit. Every child should have a comfortable dental home. Our knowledgeable staff spends quality time reviewing proper oral hygiene, dietary counseling and any systemic related factors that may play a role in your dental care.

The doctors put our patients’ needs first and treat each patient based on their individual treatment needs and risks. Photography is often used to help explain and review the current state of your mouth. Our staff acts like a family and values making each patient feel like they are well educated about their oral health, allowing them to make informed decisions with the doctors on their treatment needs.

VH Dental providers: Dr. Andrew Van Haren and Dr. Katie Van Haren

“The entire staff at VH Dental are professional and very friendly. Dr. Andy’s and Dr. Katie’s knowledge and enthusiasm for dentistry are impressive. They are warm, funny, and compassionate. The people are great, the quality has been outstanding, and they take time to make sure they always do their best. Highly recommend VH Dental!”

Heidi G., Parent of patient at VH Dental

Dr. Agata Lefere, Grandville Pediatric Dentistry resizeimage 17

As a pediatric dental office, we believe it is a privilege to treat children, and that we have a unique opportunity to make a difference in their lives. Here at Grandville Pediatric Dentistry it is our mission to recognize the uniqueness of each child and provide a warm, welcoming, family friendly facility.


1 – Kingma, Dr. Brett (Mitten Kids Dentistry)
2 – Lefere, Dr. Agata (Grandville Pediatric Dentistry)
3 – Van Haren, Dr. Andrew (VH Dental)
4 – (TIE) VanDeven, Dr. Chris (Valleau, VanDeven and Massie, DDS)
4 – (TIE) McCone, Dr. Meggan (Growing Smiles Pediatric Dentistry)
6 – Massie, Dr. Jessica (Valleau, VanDeven and Massie, DDS)
7 – Kloostra, Dr. Stephanie (Pediatric Dental Specialists of West Michigan)
8 – O’Callaghan, Dr. Daniel (Gaines Pediatric Dentistry)
9 – Valleau, Dr. Aimee (Valleau, VanDeven and Massie, DDS)
10 – Dr. Kathryn Swanson (Pediatric Dental Specialists of West Michigan)


Dermatologists for Families in Grand Rapids

Skin care is important for people of all ages – it’s the body’s largest organ after all! From pediatric dermatology to adolescent skin concerns and all through adulthood, these local dermatologists can help your whole family! Below you’ll find the top dermatologists recommended by GRKIDS readers.

FCP Family Care Providers Dermatologists narrow
1 2

Voted Top Dermatologist

Dr. Rachel Laarman at SHMG Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital – Dermatology

1 – Laarman, Dr. Rachel (Spectrum Health Medical Group Helen DeVos – Dermatology)
2 – Hawley, Dr. Kristi (The Derm Institute of West Michigan)
3 – Ashack, Dr. Richard (Dermatology Associates of West Michigan)
4 – Green, Dr. Bridget (Dermatology Center of Grand Rapids)
5 – (TIE) Patel, Dr. Dipa (Dermatology at MidTown)
5 – (TIE) Stawiski, Dr. Marek (M.A. Stawiski, M.D., Dermatology)
7 – 
Dr. Katherine Foster (Lakeshore Dermatology)
8 – (TIE) Dr. Ryan Freeland (Wolverine Dermatology)
8 – (TIE) Kristen Meyer (PA-C Dermatology Associates)
8 – (T
IE) Rebecca Jansen (Dermatology Associates of West Michigan)


Doulas – Birth and Postpartum

Before getting pregnant, one GRKIDS writer didn’t know what a doula was. But once she learned more about the natural birth process she was hoping to experience with her first child, she hired a birth doula. She and her husband both felt empowered by the experience and were so glad they opted to have a doula’s support. For their second child, they hired a postpartum doula to help out once they were home from the hospital. Both of these experiences were very positive for their whole family. If you’re interested in hiring a birth or postpartum doula, check out the top recommendations below!

Doula Grand Rapids
1 2

Voted Top Birth Doula

Brenda Baar at Brenda Baar Doula Services LLC

Jamie Platt, Grand Rapids Birth and Postpartum Services

Jamie Platt

Jamie uses her experience as a Labor & Delivery and Postpartum Nurse to provide exceptional and compassionate care to her doula families. She has a distinct attentiveness to birth trauma and domestic and/or sexual abuse, and offers classes in childbirth education, breastfeeding, Spinning Babies®, VBACs, infant CPR, and carseat safety.


1 – Baar, Brenda
2 – Platt, Jamie (Grand Rapids Birth and Postpartum Services)
3 – Carrie Stephens (Ginger Blossom Doula Services)
4 – Revere, Kristin (Gold Coast Doulas)
5 – Hollemans, Ginger (Ginger Hollemans LLC)
6 – Dexter, Heather (My Earth Mother’s Natural Health & Birth Services)
7 – (TIE) Baskin, Kiara (Bump to Birth Doula Services)
7 – (TIE) Forton, Ashley (Gold Coast Doulas)
9 – Quakenbush, Annica  (Annica Marie Photography + Doula / Sprout & Blossom)
10 – (TIE) Michelotti, Megan (GR Birth and Wellness Center)
10 – (TIE) Pahman, Kelly (St. Brigid’s Holistic Labor Care)

1 2

Voted Top Postpartum Doula

Carrie Stephens at Ginger Blossom Doula Services

Ali Egy, The Belmont Doula

the belmont doula 21

The Belmont Doula helps people identify their needs and find their own strength in pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond. Ali provides professional, inclusive, and compassionate support for people who are ready to take charge of their birthing experience to improve outcomes, increase overall satisfaction, and build a strong foundation for parenthood.


1 – Stephens, Carrie (Ginger Blossom Doula Services)
2 – Platt, Jamie (Grand Rapids Birth and Postpartum Services)
3 – Revere, Kristin (Gold Coast Doulas)
4 – Hollemans, Ginger (Ginger Hollemans LLC)
5 – Michelotti, Megan (GR Birth and Wellness Center)
6 – Figg, Stacey (The Village Doula)
7 – (TIE) Forton, Ashley (Gold Coast Doulas)
7 – (TIE) Veneklase, Alyssa (Gold Coast Doulas)
9 – Schultz, Cassie (Great Lakes Doula)
10 – Ali Egy (The Belmont Doula)


ENT Doctors for Kids in Grand Rapids

While ear infections are basically a rite of passage for most children, some kids end up needing to get tubes in their ears after numerous recurring ear infections. Perhaps that’s why you’re here looking for a great ENT doctor for your kid. Or maybe your child is dealing with frequent tonsil or adenoid infections, balance problems or hearing issues. Whatever the reason, if you want to find trusted ENT doctor recommendations in West Michigan, check out our readers’ favorites below.

ENT Grand Rapids
1 2

Voted Top ENT Doctor

Dr. Claudell Cox, Grand Rapids ENT

Dr. Claudell Cox and Dr. Joseph Taylor at Grand Rapids Ear Nose & Throat

GRENT logo Stacked white

Grand Rapids Ear Nose & Throat, P.C. has been serving the Grand Rapids community and surrounding areas for over 25 years. Our practice is committed to providing the highest level of comprehensive treatment for your ear, nose and throat concerns. Our physicians provide clinical and surgical care for our adult and pediatric patients in a comfortable setting where medical care and safety are our primary concern. Additionally, the Hearing Center and the Sinus and Allergy Center at Grand Rapids ENT offer centralized services to meet our patients’ needs for complete care.

We are a single specialty Otolaryngology group with five board-certified physicians. Each of our physicians has years of extensive education and training in the diagnosis and treatment of common disorders of the ear, nose, throat, face, and neck. Our doctors also have training, expertise, and experience in treating facial plastic surgical concerns, both cosmetic and reconstructive. We are associated with all local hospitals and many surgical centers close to your home.

GR ENT Providers: Dr. Claudell Cox, Dr. Joseph Taylor, Dr. Thomas Pfennig, Dr. Robert Meleca, and Dr. Gregory Artz

“This has been one of the most wonderful experiences I have had at a doctors office. The staff is wonderful and very caring. Thanks again!” 

Parent of patient at GR ENT

1 – Cox, Dr. Claudell (Grand Rapids ENT)
2 – Afman, Dr. Chad (Spectrum Health Medical Group)
3 –
Taylor, Dr. Joseph (Grand Rapids ENT)
4 – Winkle, Dr. Mark (Ear Nose and Throat Center PC)
5 – Kosta, Dr. John (Ear Nose and Throat Center PC)
6 – Hart, Dr. Francis (MMPC Department of Ear, Nose & Throat)
7 – Postma, Dr. Keith (Spectrum Health Medical Group)
8 – Behler, Dr. Andrew (Metro Health Ear, Nose & Throat)
9 – Heaford, Dr. Andrew (Spectrum Health Medical Group)
10 – (TIE) Elzinga, Dr. Darryl (ENT Consultants)
10 – (TIE) Weinman, Dr. Eric (Spectrum Health Medical Group)


Eye Doctors for Kids

You probably tell your kids that eating carrots will help their eye sight, but offering our kids vegetables isn’t the only thing we should do when it comes to our kids’ vision. Children also need to see an eye doctor.

The American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends children have a thorough eye exam at age 3 and again just before entering kindergarten or first grade. If you are looking (pun intended) for a great eye doctor for your family, check out this list of the top-voted eye doctors in West Michigan.

FCP Eye Doctors Optometrist narrow
1 2

Voted Top Eye Doctor for Kids

Dr. Alyssa Bartolini, Wow Vision Therapy

Dr. Alyssa Bartolini, O.D., FCOVD at Wow Vision Therapy

WowFinalLogo 2017 e1580435779748

At Wow Vision Therapy, we are a world-class developmental and rehabilitative Vision Therapy practice. Our board-certified doctors and vision therapists dedicate each day to helping our patients acquire improved vision abilities. In doing so, we deliver innovative Optometric Vision Therapy through the principles of neuroscience. After treatment, our patients typically obtain significantly improved visual function, visual comfort, attention and concentration, academic abilities, work and sports performance, and overall quality of life. These improvements often empower our patients with a greater sense of efficiency, productivity and confidence.

During treatment, our patients experience a highly personalized approach with each session one-on-one (therapist-to-patient), conducted under doctor supervision. Our doctors and board-certified vision therapists apply state-of-the-art technology and procedures, making treatment enjoyable and productive. Our advanced approach incorporates coordinated movement, balance, auditory processing and cognitive abilities. This methodology allows our patients to develop their visual abilities and improve daily living in the classroom, the workplace, and in sports.

“Vision Therapy has been the best gift ever given to Madelyn and our family. Now Madelyn has more focus when she is working on something and can sit still for longer periods of time. Madelyn is now on track to be a successful First Grader, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for her. We are so blessed to find this place and would highly recommend Wow Vision Therapy to everyone.”

Parent of patient at Wow Vision Therapy

Jeffrey Kenyon, OD at West Michigan Eyecare Associates

West Michigan Eyecare Associates 1

Dr. Jeff Kenyon is committed to providing exceptional care and personalized service to each of his patients, from infancy to adulthood. With expertise in pediatrics, amblyopia care, vision-related learning disorders, and vision therapy, we are equipped to meet your eye care needs from the routine to the more complex. The friendly doctors and staff at West Michigan Eyecare will help your child feel at ease from the moment they walk into the office. We look forward to meeting you and your family!

West Michigan Eyecare providers: Jeffrey Kenyon, OD, Cynthia Geneva, OD (Pediatrics & Vision Therapy), Jon Wieringa, OD (Cornea & Specialty Contact Lenses), J. Gregory Ford, OD (Dry Eye & Contact Lenses), and Laura Kenyon, OD (Glaucoma & Macular Degeneration)

“Dr. Kenyon and his staff do an excellent job of making young clients feel comfortable and heard during their appointments. My daughter always enjoys her visit and was very excited to choose new glasses this year. She feels connected, which is so important in ensuring she gets the best care for her eyes.” 

Patient at West Michigan Eyecare

1 – Alyssa Bartolini (Wow Vision Therapy)
2 – Droste, Dr. Patrick (Pediatric Ophthalmology and Ocular Motility)
3 – Kenyon, Dr. Jeffrey (West Michigan Eyecare Associates)
4 – Conley, Dr. Julie (Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Ophthalmology)
5 – Coon, Dr. Kiersten (Family and Pediatric Eyecare)
6 – Geddie, Dr. Brooke (Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital- Ophthalmology)
7 – Huizenga, Dr. Angela (Grand Rapids Ophthalmology)
8 – (TIE) Anderson, Dr. Gary (Anderson Eye Care)
8 – (TIE) Ecenbarger, Dr. Staci (Ecenbarger Eye Care)
10 – Peters, Dr. Robert J. (Pediatric Ophthalmology and Ocular Motility)


Mental Health Professionals for Families in Grand Rapids

The emotional and mental health of children is just as important as their physical health. Good mental health helps children thrive and develop coping skills necessary for a happy childhood, and allows them to focus on the fun of being a kid. Below are the top-rated local mental health professionals, as voted on by local parents.

FCP Mental Health narrow
1 2

Voted Top Mental Health Professional for Families

Katie Padron, The Collaborative Center GR

1 – Padron, Katie (The Collaborative Center GR)
2 – Matlosz, Dr. Erin (BRAINS)
3 – Wolff, Dr. Michael (BRAINS)
4 – (TIE) Langley, Melissa (Third Coast Counseling)
4 – (TIE) Nixon, Bryan (Mindful Counseling GR)
6 – (TIE) Caldas, Rafael (Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services)
6 – (TIE) Fritch, Faene (Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Service)
8 – (TIE) Stearns, Dr. Jeffrey (Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services)
8 – (TIE) Tobin, Ashleigh (Tobin Counseling)
8 – (TIE) Chelsea Wiersema, LMSW
8 – (TIE) Lisa Bowman (Christian Healthcare Centers) 


Midwife Options in Grand Rapids

Some women choose a midwife for their pregnancy and/or well-woman care. Several of our team members have gone this route and one of our local mom friends, Jen Byrne, even wrote about her positive experience with her midwife here. If you are looking for a midwife, you will enjoy browsing our readers’ recommendations below.

Please note: As of January 2017, the state of Michigan requires all midwives to obtain state licensing and follow the regulations established by the newly formed Michigan Board of Licensed Midwifery. Moreover, the word “midwife” has multiple meanings. Some midwives work in hospitals, others work in birthing centers or in homes. It is important to understand the type of training your midwife has and the protocols your midwife subscribes to. Read more here

1 2
Midwife Grand Rapids

Voted Top Midwife

Sara Badger, Simply Born

Sara Badger, LM, CPM at SimplyBorn Midwifery

simply born logo large

Opened in 2010, SimplyBorn provides out of hospital midwifery services in Grand Rapids, MI as well as surrounding areas. With both home birth and birth center birthing options. Since moving to Michigan in 2007, owner Sara Badger has worked to expand the birth community and empower women. Whether you’re a first time mom or have been through this before, we look forward to partnering with you on your birth journey!


1 – Badger, Sara (Simply Born)
2 – LaGrand, Sarah (Advanced Obstetrics and Gynecology)
3 – Holshoe, Jennifer (West Michigan Midwifery)
4 – Reinsma, Breck (Advanced Obstetrics and Gynecology)
5 – Visser, Yolanda (Birth Song)
6 – Dib, Kristen (Advanced Obstetrics & Gynecology)
7 – George, MaryAnne (Spectrum Health Medical Group)
8 –
(TIE) Daniels, Brenda (Spectrum Health Medical Group)
8 – (TIE) Porter, Kim (Michigan Born & Raised)
10 – Kent, Sarah (Spectrum Health)


OB/GYN Options for Grand Rapids Moms

Pregnancy is an exciting time, but can also be filled with challenges for some. You want an OB/Gyn you feel comfortable with and can trust, but that can be difficult, especially if you recently moved to the area. If you’re looking for a new OB/Gyn, start with our list of top-voted OBs in West Michigan. We hope this list of recommended doctors helps you narrow down your options and make the right choice for you.

OBGYN Grand Rapids
1 2

Voted Top OB/GYN

Dr. John LaGrand at Advanced Obstetrics and Gynecology

1 – LaGrand, Dr. John (Advanced Obstetrics and Gynecology)
2 – Klyn, Dr. Michelle (Grand Rapids Women’s Health)
3 – Michele, Dr. Tami (Spectrum Health Medical Group Memorial Fremont)
4 – Hubbard, Dr. Robyn (Grand Rapids Women’s Health)
5 – Brandt, Dr. Ruth (Grand Rapids Women’s Health)
6 – (TIE) Florido, Dr. Judith (Metro Health OB/Gyn)
6 – (TIE) Vandeburg, Dr. Anita (Grand Rapids Women’s Health)
8 – (TIE) Gary, Dr. Monica (Grand Rapids Women’s Health)
8 – (TIE) Ulstad, Dr. Sharla (Grand Rapids Women’s Health)
10 – Van Slooten, Dr. Andrew (Spectrum Health Medical Group OB/GYN)


Occupational Therapy for Kids

Occupational therapy, otherwise known as OT, is a game-changer for many kids and families. OT focuses on helping kids improve their fine and gross motor skills. When a child shows delays in mastering typical activities, OT is often recommended.

OT is often used when sensory processing disorders, developmental delays, Downs syndrome, or Autism spectrum disorders are present. The goal of occupational therapy is to help children acquire the skills they need to learn to be able to play and be successful in life. OT is a broad field and encompasses much more than delays, including a whole branch dedicated to adults.

occupational therapy for baby
1 2

Voted Top Occupational Therapist

Chelsey Langley, Paper Plane Therapies

Chelsey Langley, Paper Plane Therapies resizeimage 8

At Paper Plane Therapies, we create an engaging, warm, and creative atmosphere that considers the needs of the entire family. It is our goal to identify barriers and construct a functional plan to help the child and their family reach their fullest potential and lead happy and healthy lives.

Providers in the office: Chelsey Langley, Kendra Kerbs, Megan Rodgers, and Hannah Olsen

“The work that our speech and occupational therapists have done with my son in the last year has helped our entire family, and especially my little man, blossom. Our therapists have been helpful, kind and understanding. I would suggest them to anyone who is thinking about speech or occupational therapy.”

Parent of patient at Paper Plane Therapies

1 – Langley, Chelsey (Paper Plane Therapies)
2 – Kerbs, Kendra (Paper Plane Therapies)
3 – Cooper, Terri (Family Tree Therapies)
4 – Carroll, Patricia (BRAINS)
5 – (TIE) Davidson, Alyssa (Family Tree Therapies)
5 – (TIE) Rodgers, Megan (Paper Plane Therapies)
7 – (TIE) Carlisle, Cortney (Functional Kids Therapy)
7 – (TIE) Olsen, Hannah (Paper Plane Therapies)
9 – Breimayer, Kristen (Family Tree Therapies)
10 – (TIE) Cuson, Wendi (Family Tree Therapies)
10 – (TIE) Hunt, Lauren (The Center for Childhood Development)


Orthodontists in Grand Rapids

Does your tween need braces? Orthodontia is a big time commitment and financial investment for many families, so you want to be certain your kid is in great hands. Check out our GRKIDS’ reader favorites to find the best orthodontists around town!

Orthodontist Grand Rapids
1 2

Voted Top Orthodontist

Dr. Mark Wierenga at Armbrecht & Wierenga Orthodontics

Dr. Mark Wierenga at Armbrecht & Wierenga Orthodontics

AW Ortho Logo

Voted reader’s poll #1 Orthodontist for the past four years, Armbrecht & Wierenga Orthodontics is honored to be considered for your orthodontic needs. Over the last 40 years, we have developed a reputation in the community for providing the highest quality orthodontic care for children, teens and adults in a warm, friendly and comfortable environment. Many of our patients are children of previous patients who return looking for the same quality results they had when they were younger.

Our treatment fees are very competitive and our payment plans will help make your orthodontic treatment affordable. We use the latest technology to treat the orthodontic needs of our patients including intraoral scanning and state-of-the-art 3-dimensional x-rays. You will be seen by an orthodontist at each visit to ensure your treatment remains on track. We have two office locations – Grand Rapids and Grandville – available for your appointments. You will also have the ability to schedule your visits any day Monday through Friday. At Armbrecht & Wierenga Orthodontics, we’re proud of the team we have to treat your needs, and we look forward to helping you accomplish your orthodontic goals.

Armbrecht & Wierenga Orthodontics providers: Dr. David Armbrecht, Dr. Mark Wierenga, Dr. Katie Randall, and Dr. Gary Armbrecht

“We have had three kids go through orthodontia here and have been very happy with the results. We appreciate the positive environment and the excellent service they provide. Everyone is so kind and attentive!” 

Lisa Joy, parent of patient at Armbrecht & Wierenga Orthodontics

Dr. Kathryn Swan of Swan Orthodontics

GrKids Flyer

Dr. Swan and her fun, friendly team of orthodontic professionals cater to the needs of child, teen, and adult patients. Dr. Swan treats every young patient that steps through the doors as if they were her own child. Her gentle demeanor, devotion to clinical excellence, and calming chairside manner contribute to making us a world-class practice. Parents can decompress after a crazy day in our fireplace nook, siblings will stay entertained at our iPad station, and patients help themselves to slushies after their appointment to soothe any achy teeth.

Our state-of-the-art technology replaces goopy impressions. We also provide virtual house calls to minimize interruptions in your chaotic schedule. Our office is filled with amenities to make your family feel right at home. It’s no wonder we treat so many parents as well! At Swan Orthodontics, we do not let finances get in the way of the treatment you deserve. We offer extremely flexible payment plans to fit into nearly every budget. We never charge an additional fee for Invisalign treatment, and are comfortable treating all ages and case complexities with aligners. We strive to be the best part of your day while creating beautiful lifelong smiles for your entire family!

“I cannot say enough good things about Swan Orthodontics. Beautiful office, very well set up for me to feel comfortable bringing all of my kids to & the staff goes above and beyond to make my daughter (and me!) comfortable at every appointment. My daughter adores Dr. Swan & there’s rarely a day that she is not talking about the office.”

Suzi, parent of patient at Swan Orthodontics

Dr. Lathe Miller at Miller Orthodontics

680x320 Miller Ortho copy 1 pdf

At Miller Orthodontics, our greatest desire is to help you look and feel better! We provide the highest standard of orthodontic care available. Through personalized attention, commitment to excellence, and thorough consideration to detail, Dr. Lathe Miller and his team work together to provide a positive experience for children, teens, and adults.

Our patients not only achieve straighter teeth and healthier smiles but also enhanced self-confidence and improved dental health for the long haul. Our practice has a reputation for offering excellent quality of care to patients of all ages. We provide orthodontics solutions tailored to individuals, their lifestyles, and their personal preferences. We are committed to staying on the cutting-edge of the latest orthodontic treatments and technologies available.

Treatments include:
Invisalign®: clear, removable aligners designed to not only straighten your teeth but are nearly invisible to others
AccellenDent® Aura: an easy-to-use, hands-free device that emits safe and gentle micro-pulses that can move teeth by up to 50% quicker to speed up your orthodontic treatment
The latest in traditional metal braces and clear, ceramic braces

Dr. Miller is an Elite Preferred Invisalign Provider in Grand Rapids. He has an outstanding amount of experience and expertise. Dr. Miller is one of the Top 1% of Invisalign providers in North America!

“Dr. Miller and his staff are simply the best in the Grand Rapids area for orthodontic care. They are all well trained in the latest treatments and are so compassionate, caring for all the members of my family, including me. A pleasure to work with. SMILE, SMILE, SMILE for Dr. Miller.” 

Maureen M., Parent of a patient at Miller Orthodontics

Dr. Daniel Kruse at Kruse Orthodontics


At Kruse Orthodontics you and your smile are our top priorities. Dr. Kruse will work with you to determine the optimal orthodontic treatment plan based on your unique situation. He will then provide effective, gentle care that will create healthy, straight teeth and a lasting beautiful smile. You will be welcomed into a warm and friendly atmosphere by a team who genuinely care about each person we treat. We know our patients as individuals, gradually building treasured friendships and positive experiences. A happy orthodontic experience can set the foundation for a lifetime of positive dental experiences. We would love to welcome you to our family of happy smiles.

“We’ve had a great experience. They have accommodated my scheduling needs and worked with coordinating insurance benefits. My son has gotten excellent care and they modify and adapt his treatment plan to meet his needs. 

Lisa L., parent of a patient at Kruse Orthodontics

Elizabeth Christopherson at Christopherson Orthodontics

250 x 125 Christopherson Ortho 01 e1581971318814

Dr. Elizabeth Christopherson, a Board Certified Orthodontist, is committed to providing your family with high quality, compassionate and personalized care. Our team strives to make each interaction meaningful, with treatment resulting in a beautiful, healthy smile to be enjoyed and shared for a lifetime.

“I have taken all 4 of my children to see Dr. Christopherson. She is great with kids and has a very friendly staff who will go the extra mile. I would highly recommend Dr. Christopherson for all of your orthodontic needs.” 

Michelle O'Connor, Parent of a patient at Christopherson Orthodontics
“We have absolutely loved this practice for years and years. The staff and doctors are so nice and helpful! Dr. Elizabeth has been like family to us, and my kids adored her.” 
Tia Hooper, Parent of a patient at Christopherson Orthodontics

Dr. Kevin Knapp at Knapp Orthodontics


Voted #2 Orthodontist by the reader’s poll is exciting and an honor! We started our office 3 years ago with a simple mission: Our goal is to be the best part of our patient’s day!

Dr. Kevin Knapp is an Orthodontic Specialist treating children, teens, and adults with the most advanced and efficient orthodontic treatments available. We offer a full range of orthodontic services including phase 1 treatment, metal and clear braces, and Invisalign® and 3M Clarity™ clear aligners.

Our state-of-the-art office is 100% digital and integrates technology beautifully with patient care and overall experience. At Knapp Orthodontics the process is both easy and fun. Exceptional care, cutting-edge equipment, and the best materials mean beautiful outcomes in shorter treatment times.

There should be no wall between you and a confident and limitless smile. Dr. Knapp was born and raised here in West Michigan and he knows how hard his patients work to earn their money. Therefore, we offer industry-leading flexibility in our financing and no one is ever denied flexible payment plans.

We can’t wait to get to know you! During your free consultation we will discuss your customized treatment options, total time in treatment, and the overall affordable investment.

“Dr. Knapp and his team are the nicest group of people. They are truly genuine with not only their patients, but also with the parents that come in with the kids. We have been visiting with them for a year and our experience has been great! My son’s teeth are looking amazing!”

- Amanda, mom of a Knapp Orthodontics patient

1 – Wierenga, Dr. Mark (Armbrecht & Wierenga Orthodontics)
2 – Dr Kevin Knapp (Knapp Orthodontics)
3 – Hannapel, Dr. Eric (Hannapel Orthodontics)
4 – Powell, Dr. Mark (Powell Orthodontics)
5 – Williams, Dr. Thomas (Williams Orthodontics)
6 – O’Grady, Dr. Paul (O’Grady Orthodontics)
7 – Swan, Dr. Kathryn (Swan Orthodontics)
8 – Kruse, Dr. Daniel (Kruse Orthodontics)
9 – Miller, Dr. Lathe (Miller Orthodontics)
10 – Christopherson, Dr. Elizabeth (Christopherson & Caldwell Orthodontics)


Best Pediatricians Near Grand Rapids

Having a pediatrician your family knows and trusts is worth its weight in gold. Your child’s pediatrician will walk through your child’s growth, development and milestones with you and will be a sounding board for many of your questions and concerns.

Kids love visiting the top pediatricians listed below. In fact, some are so beloved that GRKIDS Editor April’s kids will even brave the “horrific” shots in order to get a visit with their favorite doc. 

FCP Top Pediatrician narrow
1 2

Voted Top Pediatrician

Dr. Rebecca Huizen, Christian Healthcare Centers

Dr. Jeffrey Mantia, Grandville Pediatrics

Grandville Pediatrics

Grandville Pediatrics was founded in 2001 with the idea that a small independent practice could provide high-quality patient care for infants, children, and teenagers and more quickly implement the ideas of its physicians, nurse practitioners and support staff.

We believe that children are not little adults. Their treatment involves specialized pediatric knowledge and care, closer follow-up, a higher dedication to care of the entire patient and an increased level of provider and nurse involvement. We are committed to maintaining this standard.

We believe patients and parents deserve thorough explanations about growth and development as well as illnesses, behavioral/developmental issues, and their management. Our providers and staff will take the time to get to know you and your children and respond to your concerns.

We have worked hard to maintain a personal atmosphere where you and your children feel comfortable and are remembered by name. We are also small enough that you will know all of us well. The best part of our job is the relationships that we build with our patient families over time!

Our office maintains close relationships with local pediatric specialists and is well respected by the staff of Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital and local obstetricians.

We look forward to meeting you and your family!

“We have been taking our 3 kids to Grandville Pediatrics their whole lives. We have seen every practitioner on staff. They are all WONDERFUL. The atmosphere puts a child at ease instantly. I would recommend this office to anyone! They also have an open clinic for established patients every single morning from 8-9! How wonderful is that?!”

Parent of patient at Grandville Pediatrics

Jeremy Veenema, DO at Western Michigan Pediatrics, PC

western michigan pediatrics medium 300dpi

The health and wellness of our patients is of utmost importance to our office. Our goal is to provide the best care possible to our patients. We have 2 locations, Grand Rapids and Jenison, to serve your family’s pediatric needs.

Western Michigan Pediatrics providers: Jeremy Veenema, DO, Dennis Lake, MD, Megan Clark, MD, Jennifer Van Zee, MD, Shawna Pierce, MD, Nicole Van Allen, MD, and Amanda Williams, MD

“Dr. Veenema is as diligent and knowledgeable as any pediatrician. Yet, it is his ethic of care that truly distinguishes him as the best. His concern for you and your child’s well-being is deeply authentic and feels more like he is making a house call than being at the office.”

Parent of patient at Western Michigan Pediatrics

Lisa Brown, MD at Cascade Pediatrics

250 x125 Cascade Pediatrics 01 e1584408492131

Cascade Pediatrics offers comprehensive infant, child and adolescent care. Our practice treats children from birth to 18 years of age. As one of Western Michigan’s most established pediatric practices, our professional team of doctors, nurses and support staff are committed to the wellness of your child.

Cascade Pediatrics helps support your child’s health through every stage of development. We love children and partner with families to provide personalized, expert pediatric care. Each of us at Cascade Pediatrics is honored to be a part of your child’s health and well-being. Our team of pediatricians are all certified by the American Board of Pediatrics, serve as fellows in the American Academy of Pediatrics and spend considerable time teaching medical students and pediatric residents at DeVos Children’s Hospital. All are clinical professors at Michigan State University’s medical school.

Cascade Pediatrics Physicians: Lisa Brown, MD, Aaron Vanzee, MD, Alanna Barron, MD, Mark Weirich, MD, Sarah Elmouchi, MD, Erika K. Crane, MD, Andrew Gunderson, MD, and Greg Jereb, MD.

Contact us today to find out how we can help improve the health and well-being of your child. We are welcoming new patients at this time.

“We couldn’t be more happy with the care our children have received at Cascade Peds. I can’t speak enough about how impressed we have been with every single person from the front desk staff to the nursing staff and even the billing folks.” 

Parent of patient at Cascade Pediatrics

1 – Huizen, Dr. Rebecca (Christian Healthcare Centers)
2 – App, Dr. Michael (Internal Medicine & Pediatrics of West Michigan)
3 – Hofman, Dr. Ron (Alger Pediatrics)
4 – Veenema, Dr. Jeremy (Western Michigan Pediatrics)
5 – Letts, Dr. Tiffany (Metro Health Southwest)
6 – (TIE) Dyksen, Dr. Cheryl (Forest Hills Pediatrics)
6 – (TIE) Rauwerda, Dr. Jayne (Alger Pediatrics
8 – (TIE) Brown, Dr. Lisa (Cascade Pediatrics)
8 – (TIE) Maki, Dr. Rebecca (Brookville Pediatrics)
8 – (TIE) Mantia, Dr. Jeffrey (Grandville Pediatrics)


Primary Care Physicians

Maybe you just moved to West Michigan and you’re trying to figure out who to see for your annual wellness visits. Or maybe your wonderful PCP just sent you a letter declaring their retirement. Either way, finding a physician who understands you and can give you the right personalized care is nothing to take lightly. Local parents love the PCPs listed below and we bet you will, too!

Primary Care Provider Grand Rapids
1 2

Voted Top Primary Care Provider

Dr. Michael App at Internal Medicine & Pediatrics of West Michigan

1 – App, Dr. Michael (Internal Medicine & Pediatrics of West Michigan)
2 – Sova, Dr. David (David Sova Family Practice)
3 – Schmid, Dr. Hilary (Metro Health Cedar Springs)
4 – (TIE) Woo, Dr. Jeff (Christian Healthcare Centers)
4 – (TIE) Vreeke, Dr. Tanya (Mercy Health Physician Partners)
6 – (TIE) Kornoelje, Dr. Edwin (Metro Health Cascade)
6 – (TIE) Veldhouse, Dr. Linnelle (Brookville Pediatric and Internal Medicine
8 – (TIE) Barnes, Dr. Christopher (Spectrum Health Medical Group)
8 – (TIE) Kern, Dr. Kristi (Metro Health Cascade)
8 – (TIE) Owens, Dr. Lance  (Metro Health Southwest)

West Michigan Health Care Providers Rock!

There is certainly a wealth of top-notch medical care in our community. We greatly appreciate the long hours our care providers work and the compassionate care they put forth. Our families are grateful for you!

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