Top Primary Care Providers in Greater Grand Rapids – 2019

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Favorite Primary Care Physicians According to Local Parents

Finding the best primary care physician for your family can be daunting. With so many practicing physicians in Grand Rapids, how can you find the one that fits your personality and medical needs the best?

Talking with friends and family is a great place to start, so we polled our reader family for their favorite primary care docs.

If you’re new to Grand Rapids or find yourself needing a new medical professional, check out our comprehensive guide to the Top Dentists, Pediatricians, etc for Kids in Grand Rapids. See the number-one-voted doc for several categories, and lists of excellent runners-up.

Every name in this guide received significant votes from our readers. Any sponsors you see were first voted in by our readers, and then were invited to offer more information on their practice if they wished.

Primary Care Physicians

Maybe you just moved to West Michigan and you’re trying to figure out who to see for your annual wellness visits. Or maybe your wonderful PCP just sent you a letter declaring their retirement. Either way, finding a physician who understands you and can give you the right personalized care is nothing to take lightly. Local parents love the PCPs listed below- we bet you will, too!

Primary Care Provider Grand Rapids
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Voted Top Primary Care Provider

Dr. Michael App at Internal Medicine & Pediatrics of West Michigan

1 – App, Dr. Michael (Internal Medicine & Pediatrics of West Michigan)
2 – Sova, Dr. David (David Sova Family Practice)
3 – Steen, Dr. Stacyann (Mercy Health)
4 – Zelasko, Dr. Pamela (West Michigan Family Health)
5 – Boet, Dr. Chelsea (Spectrum Health Medical Group)
6 – Beltran, Dr. Rhoda (Mercy Health)
(TIE) Macfield, Dr. Peter (Breton Village Pediatrics and Family Medicine)
(TIE) Veldhouse, Dr. Linnelle  (Brookville Pediatric and Internal Medicine)
9 – Battiste, Dr. Jennifer (Battiste Family Medicine)
10 – Kline, Dr. Mary (Mercy Health)

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27 thoughts on “Top Primary Care Providers in Greater Grand Rapids – 2019”

  1. Dr. Kornoelje and the whole medical staff at Metro at Cascade. A family practice with same day appointments from birth to adults.

  2. Dr. App is wonderful! He cares about helping each patient and actually listens and trusts what you say (I truly appreciate this). He is easy to talk to and kids love him. If a specialist is needed, he finds the best no matter which health system they are with. He has been our family internist for years and wouldn’t go anywhere else. We are truly blessed to have him as our primary care physician. He’s very deserving of the #1 spot! Thank you Dr. App!

  3. #2 Zelasko is a great doctor, HOWEVER, the office staff isn’t the best. They need to be better on how to welcome their patient’s.

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