Try “Cappuccino Camping” This Summer at Silver Lake Campground

Silver Lake
[note] Silver Lake Resort & Campground is a sponsor. We thank them for their support! And as always, all opinions are my own.[/note]
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Ask any camping parent and they’ll tell you camping isn’t a full-fledged relaxation-vacation for the adults. In a lot of ways camping just moves everyday jobs and tasks to a harder-to-keep-clean, rugged location and requires a whole lot of prep and clean-up. But I do it because MY KIDS LOVE CAMPING and I kind of like it, too.

I’ve tent camped most of my life. Even as we added babies to the family mix, we kept on camping. But I must admit, three kids and ten years later, the warm glow of tent camping has lost a little luster. My husband doesn’t get a lot of vacation time, so the past few years I’ve been solo-camping with three small kids in a tent. In the rain.


Now imagine my delight when I found out that nearby Silver Lake Resort & Campground (just a 90 minute drive from Grand Rapids) has the following:

  • Rustic cabins I can rent so I can camp with walls – without having to pull (and park!) a trailer.home content image
  • A heated outdoor swimming poolPool-print
  • On-site cappuccinos.
  • Gourmet bathroom facilitiesIMG 0733
  • A full-scale, onsite convenience store with wine license.IMG 8636
  • Outdoor movies every Wednesday and Saturday. movie night
  • A great playgroundPlayground 6 300
  • Grassy, tree-lined campsites. 1910231 142433030007 9534 n
  • Camping packages that include tickets to popular nearby attractions like Mac Wood’s Dune Rides, Michigan Adventure, Silver Lake Dune Buggy Rentals, and Happy Mohawk River Adventures, to name some.

Needless to say, a trip to Silver Lake and the Silver Lake Resort and Campground is on our summer bucket list!


Silver Lake, MI is about a 90 minute drive from Grand Rapids. This family vacation mecca has beaches, dune rides, Craig’s Cruisers and more. There are lots of options right there for you to choose from.

Silver Lake Resort & Campground is located at 1786 N 34th Ave, Mears, MI 49436 (231-873-7199). More information can be found on their website and facebook page.

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8 thoughts on “Try “Cappuccino Camping” This Summer at Silver Lake Campground”

  1. A group of us middle aged high school buddies began a yearly tent camping trip, and this year we chose Silver Lake Campground. I couldn’t have been more happy with the ease of the reservation process, and believe me, what seems like a simple thing can get really complicated at other campgrounds. I spent probably a half hour on the phone with Don setting up our weekend, and of that time, probably 3 minutes was doing the actual reservation. The other time was just getting to know each other, and shooting the bull. After a half hour on the phone with this guy, you hang up feeling like you’re friends. These folks add the personal touch that I like so much. I can’t wait to get there this summer, and meet Don in person!

  2. We do a seasonal campsite here and love every aspect of this place! We’ve been here for a few years now! The owners are very involved, they live right in the park! They are so friendly and truly want you to have the best experience, as do the staff. Everything is well maintained and clean and it’s just an awesome place to camp!

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