Trails at Cascade Peace Park in Ada, MI

cascade peace park hiking

Park managed by Cascade Charter Township

About Trails at Cascade Peace Park

Address: 8900 Grand River Dr SE Ada, MI 49301

Cascade Peace Park, with its miles of hilly and wooded trails, provides a fun challenge! You will love the dense canopy of trees, the blissful quiet, and the sound and sight of birds and woodland animals along the way.

Trail Difficulty: Moderate



Hiking Trail Details

This densely wooded and hilly park has almost 4 miles of assorted hiking trails in varying lengths. The main trail loop is around 2 miles long, with plenty of offshoots. There is even a hidden creek - see if you can find it!

Visitors love the hearty hike. Coming in at nearly 200 acres in size, the park is heavily wooded and is a great place to treat yourself to a long, shaded walk under towering oak, maple, and cherry trees. There are two trailheads - and both start with an uphill climb.

Cascade Peace trail boy

Something Unique About This Destination

This park has a hidden, secret creek! To access it, you have to go down a steep hill on an unmarked side trail. Look for the bench on the yellow trail and you’re right next to the side trail that’ll take you to the creek. Wind your way down the steep hill and have fun exploring the creek. Be adventurous and splash around – it’s a fun secret destination that not many people know about.

Trails at Cascade Peace Park Features

  • Creek Stomping
  • Dog Friendly
  • Free Admission
  • Hiking Trails
  • Shaded

Cascade Peace Park hill

Facilities: There is a port-a-potty at the Grand River trailhead, but no dedicated restrooms.

Stroller-Friendly? No, few or no areas

Time of Year? Open all year.