Provin Trails Park in Grand Rapids Township, MI

Provin Trails sand dune boy

Park managed by Kent County Parks

About Provin Trails Park

Address: 2900 4 Mile Rd Grand Rapids Township, MI 49525

Provin Trails is the serene natural space all Grand Rapids city dwellers dream of for a quick getaway.

This park provides natural paths through the woods, up sandy dunes, and over hills and valleys.

If you follow the main trail around in a loop, it’s not quite a mile long, making it a quick hike that’s good for kids and dogs of all ages.

Trail Difficulty: Moderate

Hiking Trail Details

Pick your own path through the woods or climb a sand dune.

Hikers can expect to see lots of squirrels and birds - and even a teepee made with natural materials.

Kids will love running up and down the sand dune in the middle of the trails - and adults will appreciate the more strenuous climb.

Moderate to difficult with natural surface & sandy walking trails with lots of hills.

Feature Provin

Provin Trails Park Features

  • Dog Friendly
  • Free Admission
  • Hiking Trails

Provin trails teepee

Facilities: Port-a-potties.

Stroller-Friendly? No, few or no areas

Time of Year? Open year round from 7 AM to sunset