Brower Lake Nature Preserve in Rockford, MI

Feature Brower Lake

Park managed by Land Conservancy of West Michigan

About Brower Lake Nature Preserve

Address: 8748 Je-NE-Be Dr NE Rockford, MI 49341

Brower Lake Nature Preserve is one of Rockford's best-kept secrets, with its beautiful forest, semi-easy hiking trails and gorgeous views of the lake at the top! Take a break on the scattered benches along the trail and enjoy the peace and quiet of the untouched forest.

Trail Difficulty: Easy



Hiking Trail Details

The quiet and secluded one and a half mile trail loops through the forest. The hike is a fairly easy one, although there are some hills.

There are benches scattered throughout the trail for taking a rest or enjoying the forest. Be sure to pack along bug spray, as the two lakes and trees draw the bugs.

Brower Lake Hiking boy

Something Unique About This Destination

The nature preserve was created to protect rare wetlands and a mature oak-hickory forest. The Land Conservancy is also trying to restore parts of the forest by using prescribed fire to selectively thin the dense canopy. At times you may see some areas that have recently been burned. This would be a great opportunity to teach kids about conservation efforts.

Brower Lake Nature Preserve Features

  • Dog Friendly
  • Free Admission
  • Hike with a Payoff
  • Hiking Trails
  • Lake or River
  • Shaded


Facilities: There are no restrooms available.

Stroller-Friendly? No, few or no areas

Time of Year? Open all year.