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Lake Michigan Academy Summer Camp 2021 1

Camper Interests:
Academic, Field Trips & Excursions, Special Needs, STEM or STEAM, Virtual

Elementary, Middle School, High School

Camp is Offered During the Following Weeks in 2021:

  • June14
  • June21
  • June28
  • July5
  • July12
  • July19

What to Expect at Lake Michigan Academy Summer Camps

Lake Michigan Academy is here to help you catch the summer slide! If you are worried your child will not be ready for school this fall, we can help.

While it is not uncommon for students to forget information they learned the previous school year over the summer break, remote learning and hybrid programs have contributed to an even greater loss of learning for some of our most vulnerable students.

Lake Michigan Academy’s summer program is designed to minimize this summer slide by keeping students’ minds engaged with exciting, hands-on activities that encourage academic growth as well as important remedial work that will address any gaps in learning your child has acquired.

Lake Michigan Academy Summer Camp Session Details

In-Person and Remote Options Available!

Lake Michigan Academy's in-person five-week summer program will take place June 21 - July 22 this summer and will provide students in grades 1-8 with individualized instruction in reading, writing, and math.

Our program combines the expertise of LMA faculty with research-based techniques to provide students with learning disabilities and/or ADHD with skill-based instruction and success.

During the summer program, students will also experience daily hands-on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) activities focused on a new theme each week, culminating with a field trip each Thursday that relates to the weekly theme.

Lake Michigan Academy Summer Camp 2021 2

Are you looking for something different?

In addition to our five-week STEAM program, Lake Michigan Academy is also offering in-person and remote remedial tutoring this summer.

Options include written language, reading comprehension and fluency, and math calculations and fluency. While we predict many students will benefit most by engaging in a one-on-one setting, some students, based on their needs, may be placed with one or two additional students with identified similar needs.

Students will be pretested in the areas requested by the parent. A plan of intervention will be developed to specifically address the gaps or needs presented in their learning profiles. At the conclusion of the session, students will be post-tested.

A summary of the testing, the interventions, and other observational behavior will be presented to the parents, who can then use this information when re-engaging in their formal educational program in the fall. This assessment data will be valuable as many students were not assessed in the spring due to COVID restrictions.

In addition to remedial tutoring, Lake Michigan Academy is offering courses in areas where your child may excel including creative writing, study skills, creative cursive, drawing, and music therapy.

Lake Michigan Academy specializes in addressing the needs of students with various learning disabilities including dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and ADHD. If you have a child who would benefit from additional help in any of these areas, please call our office for more information at 616-464-3330.

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