Why I Love Grocery Shopping in the Fast Lane

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Stop Wasting Your Precious Time Grocery Shopping. Fast Lane From Spartan Nash is a Game Changer!

As a mom of 3 kids ages 5 and under, grocery shopping is not something I look forward to.

I pack up the kids and head to the grocery store and upon arriving I turn around to see that at least one of my children has now fallen asleep.

Once inside, I find that all the double-carts are in use. I struggle to shop in between endless bathroom trips and then comes my favorite part:  the checkout line, with 3 kids touching and asking for ALL the sweet treats!

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Note: All opinions are that of the author. We asked her to write the article because she regularly uses and loves Fast Lane. SpartanNash is a supporter of GRKIDS.

And should I be blessed with a kid-free day or evening, the last thing I want to do with that precious time is to go grocery shopping!

I’m sure most of you have similar grocery shopping issues. I’m relieved to say that I found a solution and I can’t wait for you to try it – Fast Lane from Spartan Nash!

Spartan Nash has stores throughout West Michigan, including Family Fare, D&W Fresh Market, Forest Hills Foods, and Ada Fresh Market.

I’ve been using this amazing service for over a year and it’s been a huge time and sanity saver.

Actually, Fast Lane has been life changing!

With their easy-to-use app I order my groceries through my phone or computer. Once my order is complete I reserve a time slot. In as little as 2 hours I can pick up my items from my participating SpartanNash store.

A trained employee shops, bags, and brings the groceries to my car. They even load them into my car for me.

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Why I Chose Fast Lane Over Other Local Grocery Services

With so many online grocery services it’s hard to know which one is best for your family.

After doing a bit of research I chose Fast Lane for the following reasons.

  • No up-charge on any items.
  • No minimum order size. I’ve ordered just milk and bananas many times.
  • I receive in-store sale prices.
  • I can clip digital coupons, and link my YES rewards card to my account.
  • Affordable yearly subscription. Watch for sales – I only paid $29 for the yearly subscription!

What’s not to love about all that!

NO minimum order size and NO up-charge are the 2 features of Fastlane that lead me to choosing it over other online grocery services.


Shop Smart and Save Time

During the week I often find myself sitting in the school pickup line, waiting at swim lessons, or if I’m lucky, binging a Netflix show. These downtimes are now also my grocery list time. I use the downtime to add items that we need to my cart, making it my weekly ongoing shopping list.

I love that I’m able to customize and add notes for the shopper. When it comes to produce or meat I can choose how many pounds of each item I need. I can specify ripeness of fruits and veggies as well as how I’d like my deli meat sliced.

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The app has an option that shows a list of all recurring items. This is a great place to start your shopping.

One thing the App asks is if you will allow substitutions. Sometimes items are out of stock. If you click “allow substitutions,” the shopper will simply find a replacement for it. They will upgrade you to a larger size or give you a different brand at no extra cost.

You can order any item that’s in the store. From grocery staples to diapers, health and beauty items, or cleaning products it’s all available for pickup!

Pick Up is Fast and Easy

Typically, I try to choose my order pickup time around a time that I already know I will be out and about. Or, I’ll have my husband stop on his way home from work.

How it works – Fast Lane sends me an email and text to let me know my groceries are ready.

I reply to the text to “checked in” and let them know I’m on my way.

Fast Lane

I text again once I pull into the designated parking spot. Within minutes a Fast Lane employee is at my car loading my order!

That’s all there is to it, It’s so simple and so fast!

Get in the Fast Lane

Fastlane offers 3 ways to shop. You can pay per transaction, monthly or yearly subscriptions are available.

Just imagine no more wandering around the store looking for that obscure ingredient you don’t usually buy. No waiting in long check-out lines or dealing with car seats and toddlers in the parking lot.

You have nothing to lose and only free time to gain!

I encourage you all to give it a try! Your first 3 orders are picked for FREE using the promo code ‘fastlane’.

Watch is short video to learn even more.


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