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Start Dreaming of Sunshine With Expedia Cruise Ship Centers

Get the Ball Rolling on Next Year’s Vacation

In the middle of these long Michigan winters, I always enjoy planning my family’s summer vacation. Even though I love to do it, vacation planning quickly gets overwhelming.

Now that you can do so much online, it’s easy to forget that planning other people’s vacations is someone’s job. Eric Sattler and his team of travel agents at Expedia Cruise Ship Centers  in Cascade (5925 28th St SE) are excited to take the stress out of your vacation planning.

And you can head right over to their office and work with them face-to-face!

When Your Vacation Hits a Bump, the Expedia Team Smooths it Out

“Expedia saw the need – with cruises in particular – to have someone on the ground, face-to-face, to work with clients to book this kind of vacation,” explains Eric Sattler, franchise owner of Expedia Cruise Ship Centers.

And it’s this kind of in person rapport that customers love about Eric and Expedia.

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Ask yourself – what would you do if you got to your room and it was NOT as advertised? What would be your next step? If you use Expedia, you just call Eric. This happened to one of his clients on a Hawaiian vacation, but Eric knew what to do.

“They got to one property and were really not happy with it. It was one of those situations where the pictures didn’t match the reality,” says Eric.

They e-mailed Eric, explaining the situation and asked what he could do about it.

“I immediately went to work.”

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Eric booked them a room at a place that another consultant in the office recommended. They next morning, the couple was able to check out of their current room with no penalties and check in to the new place.

“Just think about that,” Eric says. “You’re on a vacation and something comes up. You can call someone who knows you, knows your situation and is able to solve your problem for you.”

Using Expedia Costs the Same as it Would if You Planned the Cruise Yourself…but With Way Less Work

I have always loved a good deal, but it’s even more important to me now that we’re a family of five. Having someone else plan my cruise sounds amazing and stress-free – and it doesn’t cost anything extra.

“There are no fees to you to use our services,” Eric delightedly shares with us.

“We are paid on a commission-basis. The travel suppliers we use pay us.”

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Eric goes on to explain that their prices are not elevated in order to cover this commission.

When you book a cruise yourself directly from the cruise line, the commission is built-in to the identical price. Instead of paying that commission to a travel agent, the cruise lines keep that money for themselves.

When you book your cruise with Expedia Cruise Ship Centers, you are not only getting the buying power – and access to additional promotions – of Expedia, but you are also supporting a local business.

“The commission is going to a small business, not a big corporation.”

Don’t Wait for Last Minute Deals

Eric says it’s already too late to plan a cruise for spring break this year. Just like with the airlines, cruises get booked early for peak times like spring break, Christmas and New Year’s.

Even if Eric is able to find you a trip with short notice, the airfare can quickly make the trip unaffordable.

You need to start planning your 2020 spring break trip NOW. And then sit back and relax as you look forward to this already planned vacation.

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More than Cruises

Eric and his team at Expedia Cruise Ship Centers plan more than just cruises. Half of their business in January was for all-inclusive resorts.

Eric told us about one of their partners, Apple Vacations. They were able to send a couple to an all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana for about $300 less than the couple would have been able to get if they’d booked on their own. “Because of the contracts we have and the volume of business we send to them, we are able to get a better deal.”

I’m sold on using a travel agent to plan my next trip!

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Pssst! Expedia Cruise Ship Centers is Hiring

If helping people plan their vacations sounds like fun to you, Expedia Cruise Ship Centers is interested in adding you to their team. Eric is hiring part-time travel agents. Stay-at-home moms who have older kids make great consultants. The schedule is flexible and some of the work can be done from home. Call or e-mail Eric if you’re interested in learning more.

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