Brighten up Winter With This Cheery To-Do List

Winter is very long in West Michigan. The calendar says that winter is Dec 21-March 20, but we Michiganders know better! Winter often starts around Halloween and if we are lucky, starts to wrap up by Easter.

And if you can’t beat Winter, you might as well join it! We’ve got a list of things for kids to anticipate this season and even have a printable that you can stick on the fridge for all to see. The days pass more quickly when you have something to look forward to.

Here is my family’s bucket list of things to do before winter melts into spring. We might not check off every item, but we also won’t be bored this winter!

winter activities for kids

Printable Winter Bucket List

Download a copy of our Winter Bucket List here. OR, grab your free copy in our Family Fun Guide at one of these local organizations. Want even MORE ideas? See the full list below.

40 Things to do This Winter With Kids

What are your favorite winter time activities in West Michigan?

1 – Cut out snowflakes and hang them on the windows.

2 – Meet a friend for coffee and a play date at Holland’s Square Play Cafe. (Find even more Indoor Play options here!)

3 – Check out the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex and try your skills on their luge!

4 – Build a snowman family.

Winter activities for kids


5 – Eat a picnic lunch in a snow fort.

6 – Take a snowshoe hike at the Blandford Nature Center.

7 – Have hot chocolate night with a toppings bar.

8 – Stay inside, crank up the heat, break out the shorts and t-shirts, make a water table, and call it beach day.

9 – Check out the Downtown Market and get an appetizer, lunch, and dessert all from different vendors.

10 – Stand in awe of beautiful, frozen Lake Michigan. (Bundle up – it’s extra chilly at the lake!)

11 – Take a carriage ride in downtown Grand Rapids.

12 – Watch a Griffins hockey game or go support the GR Drive basketball team.

13 – Explore a new library branch that you haven’t been to before.

14 – Read winter-themed books outside. (Our list includes The Mitten, The Snowy Day, Owl Moon, and The Snowman.)

15 – Pretend it’s not winter by taking a dip during open swim at the Holland Aquatic Center or Goldfish Swim School.

16 – Bake cookies and deliver them to friends or neighbors.


17 – Make homemade snow globes out of mason jars.

18 – Play a game of snow tag.

19 – Go for a snowmobile ride.

20 – Donate warm coats, sweaters, or mittens to In The Image.

21 – Make snow art by filling a spray bottle with colored water and coloring the snow.

22 – Find a new sledding hill with our big list of sledding hills.

23 – Feed the birds. Make a homemade bird feeder out of pine cones, peanut butter, and bird seeds.

24 – Take a winter hike. Check out our list of great places to hike with your family.

25 – Have family movie night in your pajamas.

26 – Have a snow ball target contest.

27 – Host a soup potluck with 2 or 3 other families. Looking for more fun? Make it a competition!

28 – Celebrate New Year’s Eve as a family at one of the fun events around town.

29 – Check out a local story time.

30 – Visit downtown museums.

31 – Host a family game night.

32 – Run out some energy at Holland’s Playland (bonus: it’s free).

33 – Make an indoor fort and have a family sleepover. (Okay, Mommy may slip into her own bed at some point…)

34 – Learn something new with your kids at a cooking class.

35 – Catch snowflakes on your tongue.

36 – Go ice skating.

37 – Blow bubbles and watch them freeze.

38 – Play with flashlights in the dark inside or outside.

39 – Shovel a neighbor’s driveway.

40 – Hunt for animal tracks in the snow.

41 – Make a snow angel.

How many do you think your kids will knock off this list this winter?
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