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In this podcast episode I, Melody VanderWeide, speak with Ruth Hester of iCademy Global. Click the Play Button above to learn more about the school or subscribe to our podcast in iTunes.

NOTE: This was my first podcast interview – I had a few issues with the volume input and the school where we were interviewing at had a lot of construction and background noise. Please bear with me as I learn how to improve the audio quality – thank you for your patience as I grow into a podcaster! Here’s a picture of my studio and all of the equipment I’ve been learning how to handle this summer…

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iCademy Global is an online offshoot of Innocademy, a Zeeland-based charter school.

Michigan Charter School Online

Both schools are making waves by remaking the way students and teachers experience education. These schools embrace technology, actively partner with the local business community, and participate in “Just Right” Learning where kids are assessed and taught from where they are at.

The schools are accredited by the State of Michigan and are non-profit. Teachers are certified and the schools meet state standards.

As iCademy Global heads into their second year of school, they are launching Premium Electives for middle and high school students. These are special electives where students spend “studio” time together working in an area of their passion, and also spend time at home working on their project(s) from the course. This fall will include engineering/design, textiles/sewing, and (video game) coding. There are some others in the works that might also be launched this school year.

Michigan Charter School Online

Want to know more? iCademy Global’s Open House is Tuesday, August 19 at 7pm at the Zeeland Campus (8485 Homestead) and enrollment closes on August 22. At this time, any student that is a Michigan resident can apply to be a part of iCademy Global.

ALSO: Precademy is a 3 & 4’s program offered at the Zeeland Innocademy Campus. This is a fee-based program that focuses on the whole child and uses student led and blended learning to fit varying learning styles along with “Just Right” learning.

  •  Classes are 4-day AM 8:30-11:30, 4-day PM 12:30-3:30, 2-day AM 8:30-11:30 The 4-day classes partner with Great Start Readiness program to offer free preschool to families who qualify.
  • There are a few openings left in the 4-day classes.
  • Parents can contact [email protected] to learn more or to enroll. Classes start on Monday, but they will enroll until sections are filled.

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