Has Your Child Ever Considered What Goes on inSIDE our Bodies?

Do you know your bacteria from your archaea? That not all viral things are videos shared on Facebook? And that when your dad says that both you and mushrooms are “fun guys,” he’s not too off base?

That’s because archaea, bacteria, fungi, and even viruses are all types of microbes that can be found inside you! In fact, you have so many microbes that there is practically a Zoo In You. And you can learn about this Zoo at Grand Rapids Public Museum’s latest exhibit.

GRPM invites you to learn all about the diverse microsystem that lives in each one of us with Zoo in You: The Human Microbiome. With hands on activities, video games, and more, this unique exhibit will delve deep into this fascinating world within.

3 Three Things You can do at Zoo in You

1 – Meet the Microbes!

Millions of microbes have been colonizing in you since the day you were born and now you can get to know them and how they can work for and against you.

2 – Explore Our Microbiome

Use a microscope to take closer peek at specimens and learn more about the building blocks of life, DNA. Also have your phone handy to snap a #MicrobeSelfie.

3 – Observe Our Complex Ecosystems

In the same way we can observe large scale ecosystems like deserts or forests across the globe, our microbes make their own ecosystems as they interact with one another and your human cells. Just as grasslands are different from tundras, learn how the ecosystems of our tongues vary from our guts (and other parts of our bodies).

More About The Zoo in You

Grand Rapids Public Museum is also thrilled to announce that this exhibit is presented in both English and Español, to reach as wide an audience as possible.

Entry to the Zoo In You exhibit is included with general admission.

Zoo In You runs until September 2, 2018.

272 Pearl St NW, Grand Rapids, MI

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