Lakeshore Trail in Holland, MI

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About Lakeshore Trail

Address: 2215 Ottawa Beach Rd Holland, MI 49424

Lakeshore Trail is 20 miles of rolling hills, curves and beautiful sights.

It follows Lakeshore Drive and connects Grand Haven State Park to Holland State Park. It also crosses through beach parks and natural areas - Rosy Mound, Kirk Park and Tunnel Park.

Because the trail runs along Lakeshore Drive, pedestrians and bikers should watch out for cars coming in and out on driveways in residential areas.

Lots of activities along the way to break up your walk or ride - beaches, parks, dunes, playgrounds and more. Parking is available at several of the parks.

Good access points are Holland State Park, Rosy Mound, Kirk Park and Tunnel Park.

Trail Difficulty: Moderate

The Walking Path at Lakeshore Trail

Trail is 20 miles of asphalt and offers lots of rolling hills, which makes it more moderate in difficulty. It is more of a roadside trail than a nature trail.

Lakeshore Trail Features

  • Accessible
  • Dog Friendly
  • Free Admission
  • Good for Rollerblading
  • Lake or River
  • Paved Walking Path
  • Paved Bike Path


Stroller-Friendly? Yes, all or most areas

Time of Year? Open all year