Winter Outdoor Play Guide for Michigan Families

Embrace Fun in Michigan this Winter with Kids
You’ve got kids and you live in Michigan in the wintertime.

Chances are they love the snow and you, not so much. For me, snow means shoveling, cursing my hilly driveway and cleaning up snow-melt from the kids coming back in. But winter also means cozy family times by […]

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Hey Michigan, Toronto is Closer and Cooler than You Think!

Why Toronto with Kids?
Before I get into the heap of things to do with your family in Toronto, I want to address the big WHY. Why go to Toronto for the big city experience when Chicago is a little over three hours away and Indianapolis is just over a four hour drive?

My number one reason for […]

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How to Enjoy a Morning in Rockford, Michigan With Baby

The long, humid summer is gone and if you’re anything like me, you’re in desperate need of a change of scenery. You’ve done a lot this summer: walks at Fredrick Meijer Gardens, visited your local splash pad, enjoyed the beach at Millennium Park and I’m guessing indulged in an ice cream cone (or two!) at Jersey Junction […]

8 Ways to Spend an Afternoon in Grand Rapids With Kids

Whether you’re a life-time Grand Rapids resident or just in town for a weekend visit, there are lots of ways to enjoy an afternoon in River City with kids.

I like to consider myself a GR enthusiast and I love few things more than exploring this great city with my family. And let me tell you, […]

Traverse City Tunnel Tour and other Adult things to do Up North

What to Do In Traverse City… Without Kids
Once in a blue moon we manage to get away without kids.

Just last weekend, we snuck away to Traverse City to celebrate our anniversary and had one of the most stress-free, fun weekends away that I can remember. (Plus, we got to go on the Traverse City Tunnel […]

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Insider ArtPrize Tips for Families

Veteran ArtPrize moms and dads, thanks for sharing your ArtPrize tips and tricks for making the most out of ArtPrize!
September 21-October 9, 2016
ArtPrize has grown to be an extremely popular Grand Rapids event, especially on evenings and weekends. If ArtPrize is new to you, or if this is your first visit with kids, take a minute […]

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Parent’s Guide to Windmill Island Gardens in Holland

Windmill Island Gardens in Holland, Michigan is a unique and beautiful destination to visit with your whole family. It is the perfect place to experience natural beauty wrapped up in a historic, educational opportunity.

In order to maximize your time at Windmill Island Gardens, you can use this handy guide to best explore Windmill Island Gardens with […]

Don’t Just Visit the Wild Side – EXPERIENCE it at Boulder Ridge

by guest author Mary Ward

Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park is 80 acres of animal adventure at 8313 Pratt Lake SE, Alto, MI 49302.

This unique park was started by Dave and Dawn Hoekstra, who initially bought the land to breed animals to sell to zoos. But their exotic animal passion grew to a desire to open […]

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Greater Grand Rapids Bike Trail Guide

We are so fortunate here in Michigan to have it all – from downtown life to beaches and bike trails.

Former grkids writer Katie Gilbert has this to say about biking around Grand Rapids:It’s often hard to know where to ride and how long a path will take you so here is a list of some […]

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Excellent Hiking for West Michigan Kids

Hiking for West Michigan kids is a snap — so many places to choose from, and so much beautiful scenery at each location.

Our readers chimed in on their favorite hiking spots around Grand Rapids for kids for this handy list.
TIPS for Hiking Around Grand Rapids

Bring sunscreen and bug spray
Wear long pants if walking through […]

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A Kids’ Guide to the Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival

FUN FACT: The Coast Guard Festival Attracts 350,000+ People
Each year 350,000 people pour into Grand Haven in one week. That’s more people than the population of the city of Grand Rapids!

What is it about this festival that makes it so popular?

The Coast Guard Festival has Something for Everyone
This festival is loaded with entertainment for the entire […]

Best Things to Do in Traverse City with Kids for Summer

I grew up in Traverse City. And I never get tired of going back to visit in the summer.

Summer is the time when Traverse City is ripe with things to do with kids. Beaches, fruit, festivals, you name it, it’s probably happening in Traverse City in the summer.

With endless options […]

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Favorite Things to Do at Sleeping Bear Dunes with Kids

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Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, located along the shores of Lake Michigan – in northern Michigan – is a treasure to behold. This park boasts majestic lake vistas, sweeping dune panoramas, crystal clear […]

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Grand Rapids Area Splash Pads and Water Playgrounds

West Michigan has so many options for water fun, it puts other states to shame! For those seeking a smaller water-fun venue, this list of local splash pads and water playgrounds in West Michigan is all you need. 

Our West Michigan Beach Guide can help you find the perfect sandy shore for your adventures, but if a combination is what […]

Most Popular Greater Grand Rapids Parks and Playgrounds

Amazing Parks and Playgrounds in Greater Grand Rapids
No matter where you live in West Michigan, chances are there’s an amazing park or playground nearby. And we don’t just mean a set of swings and a slide (though these two things alone can entertain kids for hours on end). Playgrounds around greater Grand Rapids have tons […]

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