Michigan’s SkyBridge Adds New Walk-Thru-the-Sky Lights Experience for Winter 2023-24

SkyBridge Michigan Lights in the Sky πŸ“· Boyne

Your Winter “Can’t-Believe-I-Did-That Adventure”

SkyBridge at Boyne Mountain Resort in Northern Michigan is continually making a name for itself, especially in the walk-thru lights department.

Night Lights SkyBridge Michigan Winter Boyne Mountain

This month, SkyBridge debuts a thrilling new experience for the winter 2023-24 season. Named “Lights in the Sky,” this walk-through lights adventure invites visitors to bundle up and cross the suspension bridge at night, surrounded by the magic glow of 150,000 twinkle lights.

About the SkyBridge

SkyBridge Michigan opened one year ago (in 2022) at Boyne Mountain Resort. Connecting two popular ski hill peaks, SkyBridge is how you can now get a whole new 360 degree view of the hills and valleys carpeting the area.

Boyne Mountain SkyBridge Michigan at Night πŸ“· Boyne Mountain

It’s open year-round but is particularly special in the winter and fall.

SkyBridge Michigan Winter πŸ“· Boyne
Boyne Michigan SkyBridge in fall

Set aside at least two hours for this adventure, but if you’re up for some ziplining, hiking, dining, golf, a romp through the Avalanche Bay Indoor Water park, or even staying overnight (we love their outdoor hot tub and pool!) feel free to extend your stay.

What to Expect

Taking a walk on this 1,203-foot long, 118-foot high pedestrian bridge is exhilarating.

SkyBridge Michigan Winter Boyne Mountain

For the brave souls out there, the center of the bridge boasts a 36-foot see-through “glass” floor, offering a clear view of what lies below.

SkyBridge Michgian Fall Colors
Fall at SkyBridge – 2023
Lights in the Sky SkyBridge walk thru lights Michigan Winter πŸ“· Boyne
Lights in the Sky πŸ“· Boyne

The bridge lists and rocks, especially when a lot of people are on it!

As you walk, you might want your sea legs to keep with with the bridge’s movement. It’ll sway to your steps or tilt if a group gathers on one side for photos.

‘Lights In The Sky’ Experience

Free with any SkyBridge ticket, Lights in the Sky is Boyne’s all-new immersive light experience featuring 150,000 colored lights.

Visitors can get tickets to walk the shimmering SkyBridge any evening between November 22, 2023 – March 31, 2024.

Boyne Mountain SkyBridge Michigan Lights in the Sky Winter

What to Wear: You can easily experience temperatures that are ten degrees colder when riding the chairlift. Wind can also be a factor. Winter ski gear (including snow pants but minus the boots) is ideal for most November – March visits. In the spring and fall, bring along gloves, hats, and warm jackets. Sunglasses are a great idea on days that warrant it.

Food Stops at the Top – or Bottom

At the top of the mountain, visit the bonfires and then treat your taste buds at the SkyBridge Food Truck with a Polish basket.

Skybridge patio area with food truck
SkyBridge Michigan Winter πŸ“· Boyne

Or, swing by Eagle’s Nest, the year-round mountaintop restaurant, for tacos, brats, pretzel bites, or a refreshing drink.

East Nest Boyne Mountain Winter

Back in the village, choose from dining experiences at Everett’s or something more casual.

Getting Up & Down the Hill

To reach the SkyBridge, visitors start by taking a scenic chairlift ride up to the mountaintop.

At the top, the bridge entrance is obvious.

To access the SkyBridge, you’ll need to ride a chairlift. The chairlift in use depends on the season.

skybridge fall colors chairlift ride
Boyne Mountain SkyBridge Michigan Chairlift

When we were there in the fall, two chairlifts were running, with the Disciples lift offering one-way rides down the mountain where riders could catch a shuttle back to the main village.

On our 2023 winter visit, the vintage Hemlock chairlift takes visitors to the summit.

Chairlift SkyBridge Michigan
SkyBridge Michigan Winter Hemlock Chairlift πŸ“· Melody
Hemlock Chairlift

Michigan’s SkyBridge is a Delight All Year, Especially in Autumn

It’s safe to say that this place deserves to be near the top of any list featuring Michigan fall colors. (Fall photos in this article were taken 10-15-23)

skybridge chairlifts in fall colors

Fall 2023 colors peaked later than typical – if you’re planning a trip to the SkyBridge Fall colors, mid-October seems to be good choice.

This week is the perfect time to jump in the car and head north, and maybe stop by Boyne.

Don’t Miss the Trail Behind the Bridge

While it’s obvious is that you can walk across the SkyBridge, it’s almost a secret that, when there isn’t snow, you can walk the SkyBridge Trail. This trail loops around behind the bridge, giving fantastic views of both the bridge and the surrounding valley. Definitely do this on a fall visit.

panoramic views from skybridge
View of SkyBridge from SkyBridge Trail

Your Sky Bridge ticket allows you to walk back and forth across the bridge as many times as you’d like during the day, as well as take the chairlift up and down the mountain multiple times.

Who Should Visit SkyBridge Michigan

People that like fall colors, love Christmas lights, and don’t mind heights should put a SkyBridge visit on their must-do in Michigan list.

It’s not far from Petoskey or the famous Tunnel of Trees, and adds something to your fall color tour that you just can’t find anywhere else in Michigan.

SkyBridge Michigan Lights in the Sky Birds Eye View πŸ“· Boyne

Tips and Tricks

  • Visit During Off-Peak Times: To avoid the 20-minute or longer lines for the chairlift during the bustling fall season, try visiting during the week.
  • Dress for Conditions: It’s often colder and winder at the top of the chairlift than down in the village. Winter hats, gloves, and a ski jacket might be a nice addition on a 50-degree fall day.
skybridge entrance fall 2023
skybridge sign


You’ll save time and money if you purchase your tickets online.

You might also save more if you buy in advance or are staying onsite as a houseguest. In the fall, I checked ticket prices the day before our visit – $30 for each adult.

When I went back to buy the tickets the next morning, the price had increased to $33 per adult.

  • Winter Online Price: $25 for adults, with special rates for seniors, juniors, and children.
  • Window Price: add $5 to the online price.

Location & Hours

Located at Boyne Mountain Resort – address 1 Boyne Mountain Rd, Boyne Falls, MI 49713.

SkyBridge Michigan has varying hours based on the date, typically between 10 AM to 9 PM.

  • November 22, 2023 – March 31, 2024: Daily | 3pm – 9pm
  • April 1 – 25, 2024: Daily | 10am – 4pm

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