35+ Kids Classes in Grand Rapids, Including Music & Sports for Kids

Sports for kids includes kids playing football.

Where to Find Sports for Kids & Other Classes for Kids in West Michigan

You’ve found a great school or preschool for your kid. You’ve taken them on all sorts of outings around Grand Rapids. Now you’re thinking it’s time they find an extracurricular to challenge them.

Do they like sports? Maybe they’re musical or artistic. Perhaps they just want to learn to swim. What are the options in West Michigan for active kids?

We’ve brought all the kids sports and classes into one place so you don’t have to wonder if there’s an idea you missed. In this article you’ll find area Sports Teams and Classes, Fine Arts Classes, Classes for Little Kids 0-5 years old, and finally, Hands-on Classes families or adults.

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Sports for Kids: Teams & Classes

These engaging kids’ sports will help your crew remain healthy and active.

There are many offerings – including volleyball, baseball, and soccer, just to name a few.

Find all the best team sports for kids and team training around West Michigan here.

Soccer Classes & Teams

Soccer is considered the most popular sport in the world and if you walked around most towns in West Michigan on a fall or spring weekend, you’d agree.

You’ll find kids everywhere dressed in their soccer uniforms, on their way to or from a soccer game.

If this sport is popular in your house, our list includes several options to get your kids out on the soccer field.

Swimming Lessons for Kids

Swimming is a critical skill to master in order to allow children to feel confident when they head to the pool.

Children of all ages can perfect their strokes and learn how to stay safe while making a splash.

We’ve listed group and private swim classes, along with competitive swim teams.

Golf Lessons / Junior Golf

Sports for kids includes golf, and many parents love that kids can take what they learn into adulthood.

West Michigan has several outstanding courses, and many offer junior golf programs. Sign up your little golfer for one of the programs below.

Ninja, Cheer, Aerial & Gymnastics Classes for Kids

If your children have springs in their feet, gymnastics class may be just the ticket. With gymnastics, they can perfect their moves and gain an introduction into fitness.

Review our list of gymnastics lessons, ninja classes, tumbling classes, and cheer programs.

Horseback Riding Lessons & Trail Rides

We’ve rounded up a list of farms or equestrian centers that offer horseback riding lessons and/or camps around West Michigan. 

Lessons are available for all ages and experience levels. See List below.

Martial Arts Classes for Kids

White belt, red belt or yellow belt? No matter the skill level, martial arts programs have something for every child.

Find the right program for your family here. Several martial arts programs are listed below.

Volleyball Clubs for Kids

Did you know that kids as young as 6 can start learning volleyball?

See where you can find volleyball clubs & camps. – And even teams for the boys. (Because boys like volleyball, too!)

Hockey & Ice Skating Lessons

Living with our cold Michigan winters, it is no surprise that hockey and ice skating are popular sports for kids. Whether your child loves to hit a puck on the ice or twirl around on it, there are several local programs to get someone started in hockey or ice skating. See list below.

(For information on other winter sports in greater Grand Rapids, please view our Winter Outdoor Play Guide.)

Baseball Lessons & Baseball Teams

There is a reason people have been singing the classic song Take Me Out to the Ball Game for years. Baseball is fun, both to play and watch.

Whether it is signing up for little league or a competitive travel program, options are everywhere for the baseball enthusiast.

See the table below for Baseball and Little League programs.

Creative & Fine Arts Classes for Kids

Expressive kids are always looking for an outlet. And while the may be endlessly amusing at home, imagine the possibilities if they have places to hone their skills.

Check out these local music classes for kids, painting classes, dance classes, theater classes and more!

Music Lessons for Kids

It’s time to tune that ukelele. Music lessons for kids will introduce them to the fundamentals of various genres.

See our list of places in the Grand Rapids area offering private and/or group music lessons, including piano lessons, guitar lessons, voice lessons, and more.

Art Classes for Kids

Hands-on art experiences excite kids’ imagination, curiosity, and creativity.

Find visual arts classes and workshops for all aspects of explorative art-making – pottery classes, drawing classes, painting classes, and other artistic elements in our comprehensive guide.

Dance Classes for Kids

The Grand Rapids community offers a wide variety of dance classes – sure to keep your child on their toes.

Dance classes range from 18 months to 18 years, for boys and girls. This list of dance studios offers opportunities for social growth and creative expression.

Theater and Acting Classes for Kids

Theater classes around Grand Rapids is where kids can take center stage.

We’ve listed locations that offer courses in improvisation, musical theater, playwriting, and acting. The perfect introduction to theater for your littlest of Broadway fans.

Toddler & Preschool Kids Classes (Ages 0-5)

Mommy & Me classes are a sweet way to spend time with your baby or toddler. Looking for something with more drop-in vibes?

Try a library storytime near you or consider one of these many toddler things to do around Grand Rapids.

Mommy & Me / Parent-Child Classes

Let loose with your kids as they learn to walk, talk and even swim with you by their side. We’ve put together our favorite ways to spend time with your little one, meet other mom friends and enjoy incredible developmental activities.

West Michigan families have all kinds of choices for baby and me classes, from yoga to tumbling, music, art, and swimming.

Hands-On Classes for Kids

Don’t worry – there are still classes for kids who aren’t sportsy or artsy. There are classes for them, too.

Cooking & Baking Classes

Wanna whip up something tasty?

Whether your an adult or a kid, there are cooking classes and baking classes in West Michigan ready to teach you their flavorful secrets.

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