28 Amazing Things to Do in Petoskey MI for Summer, Spring & Fall

Petoskey Michigan

Fab Things to Do in Petoskey MI

Petoskey is for Boating, Shopping, Winery Hopping, Hiking, Swimming & More

There are a thousand reasons and a ton of things to do in Petoskey MI with your family, making it a favorite Michigan vacation destination, especially in the summertime.

Petoskey delivers big on fresh air and family-friendly fun.

Here’s what you need to know before you arrive:

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Petoskey Michigan FAQs

Where is Petoskey, Michigan located?

petoskey map

Petoskey, MI is located near the northwestern tip of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. The city also has the good fortune of being located on Lake Michigan.

Drive just a few miles outside of Petoskey and you’ll quite a few charming towns and villages to explore.

Charlevoix, Harbor Springs, Boyne City, East Jordan, Mackinaw City, and Torch Lake are all just a short drive away.

In relation to bigger population centers: Petoskey MI is about a 4.5-hour drive from the Indiana-Michigan border and 1.5 hours from Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City, MI.

What is a Petoskey Rock?

Petoskey Rocks are actually called “Petoskey Stones.”

Petoskey stones are the state stone of Michigan. They’re pre-historic fossilized coral that are unique to the area. People love to find and collect these rocks.

searching for Petoskey stones
Petoskey Stones in Petoskey, MI

Does Petoskey have a beach?

Yes! Petoskey has a number of beaches. In fact, heading to the beach when the weather is nice is one of our favorite things to do in Petoskey, MI.

One of the best swimming beaches is at Petoskey State Park (2475 M-119, MI 49770). It has restrooms and playgrounds on site.

Just know that most beaches in Petoskey tend to be rocky.

Petoskey State Park
Petoskey State Park

When is the best time to visit Petoskey?

Like most of Michigan, Petoskey is a wonderful destination any time of the year.

If you have a big list of things to do in Petoskey MI that require warm weather (70-80 degrees F), it’s best to visit sometime during June, July, or August.

September can still be warm, but the weather will turn cooler as the month progresses. The fall colors in October are splendid.

Once the snow flies, the ski resorts kick into high gear and the area turns into a real-life snowglobe.

May is another month of transition, where the flowers start blooming and the trees leaf out. If you can visit in May, you’ll beat the summer crowds and still have great weather.

Is Petoskey hilly?

Yes, Petoskey is located in a very hilly area.

In fact, the relatively flat downtown shopping district rises over Lake Michigan, setting visitors up for sweeping views of Little Traverse Bay.

Things to do in Petoskey MI

23 Things to Do in Petoskey MI

Farms, trails, wineries, beaches and lavender Fields – You’ll want to get outside and play in Petoskey.

1 – Head Downtown to the Gaslight Shopping District

Downtown Petoskey Petoskey, MI 49770

Why It’s One of the Best Things to Do in Petoskey MI:
Downtown Petoskey is super cute with great shopping and lovely park space.

Gaslight Shopping District Downtown Petoskey MI

This bustling summer destination, known as the Gaslight Shopping District, offers over 170 unique shops and restaurants.

downtown petoskey

Be sure to stop into Grandpa Shorter’s (301 E Lake St, Petoskey, MI 49770) for unique gifts, souvenirs, and Petoskey Stones while you’re there.

Pennsylvania Park Petoskey MI
Pennsylvania Park in Downtown Petoskey MI

2 – Make a Friday Pit Stop at the Downtown Farmer’s Market

400 Howard St, Petoskey, MI 49770

Why It’s One of the Best Things to Do in Petoskey MI:
Load up on fresh-grown, locally made goodies at the Petoskey Farmer’s Market every Friday during the growing season!
– May 27 to September 30, 2022
– 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m

Petoskey Farmer's market

Pick up ingredients for dinner, grab some fruit to eat as you stroll, or indulge in treats, beautiful flowers, and more.

Petoskey Farmer's market

3 – Stroll & Play at Bayfront Park

101 East Lake St Petoskey, MI 49770

Why It’s One of the Best Things to Do in Petoskey MI:
Bayfront Park is just steps away from downtown. It’s located on the shores of Little Traverse Bay.

This park has a great promenade, a waterside playground, shaded seating, lawn space, and a marina area with a cool break wall and a waterfall to explore.

downtown petoskey playground beach park 1
Bayfront park Petoskey Michigan
Gaslight Shopping District to Bayfront Park Petoskey MI
Easily access Bayfront Park from the Shopping District

4 Hike or Bike along the River at Bear River Valley Recreation Area

302 Lone St, Petoskey, MI 49770

Why It’s One of the Best Things to Do in Petoskey MI:
Probably one of the most surprising things about downtown Petoskey is that Bear River Valley Recreation Area runs right through it!

With a whitewater river course (bring your kayak) and hiking trails flanking each bank, your family will love exploring this natural wonder.

You can even find Petoskey stones on the hike along the Bear River if you’re lucky.

Bear River Valley Recreation Area Petoskey Michigan

5 – Search for Petoskey Stones

Petoskey State Park, 2475 M-119, Petoskey, MI 49770

Why It’s One of the Best Things to Do in Petoskey MI:
Go on a treasure hunt for these prehistoric fossils, known as Petoskey Stones, when you’re in Petoskey.

They can be a little tricky to spot and are easier to see when they’re wet. So, you need a keen eye, lots of patience, and a little luck.

You might be more likely to find them along the lakeshore. However, Petoskey Stones can be found all over the state of Michigan. Last summer we even found Petoskeys among the river rocks surrounding our house near Grand Rapids.

Good places to look for Petoskey stones in Petoskey, MI include:
– Petoskey State Park 2475 M-119, Petoskey, MI 49770
– Magnus Park,  901 W Lake St, Petoskey, MI 49770
– Solanus Mission Beach, 101 E Lake St, Petoskey, MI 49770

Searching for Petoskey Stones in Petoskey State park in Petoskey Michigan
Searching for Petoskey Stones at Petoskey State Park

6 Hit the Beach at Petoskey State Park

2475 M-119 Highway, Petoskey, MI 49770

Why It’s One of the Best Things to Do in Petoskey MI:
Petoskey State Park is nestled into the north end of the Little Traverse Bay and offers access to over 300 scenic acres and the sandy beach along Lake Michigan.

Parts of the beach are also rocky, perfect for hunting Petoskey Stones, as mentioned.

There are also two campgrounds if that’s your thing. There is even a designated metal detecting area!

Beach at Petoskey State park in Petoskey Michigan
Beach at Petoskey State Park

7 – Tour Kilwins Chocolate Kitchen

1050 Bay View Rd, Petoskey, MI 49770

Why It’s One of the Best Things to Do in Petoskey MI:
Kilwins is a well-known and beloved Michigan sweets shop where you can find Mackinac Island Fudge and Kilwins very own Original Recipe Ice Cream.

Kilwins was founded in Petoskey, MI in 1947. Their Chocolate Kitchen is the company’s headquarters and where they make all of their chocolates, from their own proprietary recipes.

Visit on a weekday and their staff will answer any questions you may have. You can also watch the process of their production kitchens through their large observation windows!

Kilwins Petoskey Michigan
Kilwins Chololates Petoskey MI
Kilwins Chololate Tour Petoskey MI

8 – Hop on Board with the Little Traverse Bay Ferry Company

101 East Lake Street, Petoskey, MI 49770

Why It’s One of the Best Things to Do in Petoskey MI:
Hop onboard the Little Traverse Bay Ferry connecting Petoskey, Harbor Springs and Bay Harbor with passenger ferry services from May to September on the Little Traverse Bay.

The ferry offers an educational experience and a different way to easily get between the three cities. Plus who can turn down a boat ride across the beauty that is Lake Michigan?

If you’re looking for a way to visit a few other Michigan cities while visiting Petoskey and don’t want to drive or bike, try out the ferry!

Little Traverse Bay Ferry Company Things to Do in Petoskey MI
Little Traverse Bay Ferry Company

9 – Explore the Gingerbread Cottage Neighborhood of Historic Bay View

1715 Encampment Ave, Petoskey, MI 49770

Why It’s One of the Best Things to Do in Petoskey MI:

Bay View, just two miles north of downtown Petoskey, is a historic Victorian community that was founded in 1875 as a camp for Michigan Methodists.

Today, it’s a National Historic Landmark and one of “America’s Prettiest Painted Places.”

The long-running association is still in operation today as a seasonal community, open May through October. Their grounds, musical programs, Sunday morning worship services, and weekday Religion and Life Lectures featuring nationally known speakers, are open to the public.

Bay View walking tour highlights 21 different historic landmarks in the Bay View area. Visit their website to download written and audio information about the featured places.

There is also a guide to the Bay View Woods offering hiking trails and different opportunities to observe nature along the way.

Bay View Cottages
Bayview Association Petoskey Michigan
Bay View Association

10 – Get Tickets to a Concert at Historic John M. Hall Auditorium in Bay View

1725 Encampment Ave, Petoskey, MI 49770

Why It’s One of the Best Things to Do in Petoskey MI:
Set against the backdrop of the massive 1915 Pilcher pipe organ, Hall Auditorium serves the Bay View Association as a church as well as a spot for Sunday evening vesper concerts, Theatre performances, a music festival, and a wide variety of specialty entertainment. 

11 – Bike the Little Traverse Wheelway for Spectacular Bay Views

Petoskey, MI 49770

Why It’s One of the Best Things to Do in Petoskey MI:
Go for a bike ride on the Little Traverse Wheelway. This is a paved bike path that goes 26 miles from Harbor Springs to Charlevoix with spectacular views of the bay along the Wheelway. There are plenty of places to get on and off of the Wheelway if you don’t want to bike the entire 26 miles.

Bring your own bikes but opted or rent one from Bahnhof Sport if you don’t want to pack yours. Bahnhof Sport offers outdoor rentals of all varieties (bike helmets to kayaks to skis) for as little as 3 hours and as long as a week.

The staff here is incredibly kind and helpful – they can help you with whatever you need!

Petoskey-with-Kids Little Traverse Wheelway bikepath

For fantastic water views along the Wheelway, head south toward Bay Harbor. The trail is well maintained (although some parts of the trail are battling erosion).

There are several parks and playgrounds along the way if your little travelers need a break.

Little Traverse Wheelway Map Petoskey Michigan

12 – Find the Petoskey Waterfall

800 Bay View Rd, Petoskey, MI 49770

Why It’s One of the Best Things to Do in Petoskey MI:
Yep, there’s a little waterfall tucked away in downtown Petoskey inside of Bayfront Park. It’s a lovely place to stop for a picnic.

You can also climb the stair tower to get to Sunset Park

Visit Petoskey

13 – Walk the Petoskey Break Wall to the Lighthouse on a Calm Day

in Bayfront Park, 101 E Lake St, Petoskey, MI, 49770

Why It’s One of the Best Things to Do in Petoskey MI:
When the wind allows, you can walk all the way to the end of the Petoskey Break Wall to the lighthouse.

You can even jump in the water or just stop and take in the view. It’s a great place to watch the sunset.

Petoskey Break Wall and Lighthouse

14 – Book a Private Lake Michigan Daytime or Sunset Cruise

Bay Harbor Lake Marina, 832 Front St, Bay Harbor, MI 49770

Why It’s One of the Best Things to Do in Petoskey MI:
For a charter sailing company check out Little Traverse Charters. This company operates out of Bay Harbor Marina and cruises the waters of Little Traverse Bay and beyond.

They offer daytime and sunset cruises in an exclusive, private setting. Or, customize your own trip!

15 – Ride the Old-Time Trolley

Downtown Petoskey, Petoskey, MI 49770

Why It’s One of the Best Things to Do in Petoskey MI:
If your legs are tired and you want a bit of that old-world charm, travel through Petoskey, MI using the free Trolley System.

The trolley system hasn’t been functioning for the past few years due to Covid-19, however, there are rumors they hope to have it running again this summer, in 2022.

petoskey downtown trolley

16 – Enjoy Showstopping Views at the Scenic Farm Market & Relax on the Lakeview Deck

Coveyou Scenic Farm Market – 4160 S US Highway 131 Petoskey, MI 49770

Why It’s One of the Best Things to Do in Petoskey MI:
Coveyou Scenic Farm Market is a 140+-year-old family-operated Michigan farm located two miles south of Petoskey.

In addition to a load of lovely annuals and perennials to choose from, you’ll be able to shop from armfuls of locally grown, in-season fruits and vegetables and farm products in the barn market.

Before you leave, spend time soaking in panoramic views of Walloon Lake and the lovely northern Michigan countryside from the Lakeview deck.

Coveyou Scenic Farm Market Petoskey MI
Coveyou Scenic Farm Market Petoskey Michigan
Lakeview Deck at Coveyou Scenic Farm Market
petoskeyCoveyou Scenic Farm Market lakeview Deck
Lakeview Deck at Coveyou Scenic Farm Market

17 Schedule an Ernest Hemingway Walking Tour with the Little Traverse Historical Museum

100 Depot Ct, Petoskey, MI 49770

Why It’s One of the Best Things to Do in Petoskey MI:
Ernest Hemingway spent a lot of time in Northern Michigan as a child and young adult, including Petoskey.

His time here had a big impact on his writing, so it makes sense that fans want to retrace his steps. happily, you can set up a tour to do just that with the Little Traverse Historical Museum.

Little Traverse Historical Society History Museum Petoskey MI

18 Kayak the Bear River With the Bear River Canoe Livery

2517 McDougal Rd, Petoskey, MI 49770

Why It’s One of the Best Things to Do in Petoskey MI:
Enjoy the quiet, picturesque scenery of the Bear River Water Trail. There are 13 miles of flatwater trails between Little Traverse Bay and Walloon Lake.

Be sure to read more about the trail and where and when to get off before you hit the last 1.5 miles which consists of some rapids, near Little Traverse Bay.

Float along on a nice summer day, or plan a group event with a canoe or kayak rented from Bear River Canoe Livery. They love hosting group parties and renting to groups of friends going on a floating trip.

bear river canoe

19 – Find a Festival

Downtown Petoskey Petoskey, MI 49770

Why It’s One of the Best Things to Do in Petoskey MI:
Petoskey knows how to celebrate with charming annual festivals and events. The Petoskey area is full of old-fashioned festival fun year-round.

It’s always fun to see what special events might be happening while you’re visiting a new place!
Click here to check out the Petoskey area events you might enjoy.

– May 13-15, 2022: Bear River Festival
– May 20-27: Petoskey Restaurant Week
– June 3-5, 2022: Downtown Petoskey Summer Celebration
– June: Taste of the North is the annual June festival that celebrates local restaurants. Several local restaurants have tables with a sampling of one of their dishes. It is a great way to try a little bit of everything.
– July 2-3, 2022: Petoskey Antiques Show
– July 4, 2022: 4th of July in Petoskey
– July 16, 2022: Art in the Park
– Sept 16-18, 2022: Balloons Over Bay Harbor

Downtown Petoskey’s Art in the Park at Pennsylvania Park

20 – Make Time for the Petoskey Wine Trail

Petoskey, MI 49770

Why It’s One of the Best Things to Do in Petoskey MI:
This area is filled with wineries so naturally, you have to check out a couple.

Here’s a sampling to add to your list:
Rudbeckia Farm Winery, 3379 Lake Grove Road, Petoskey, Michigan 49770: Igloos, Firepits, Kid Friendly, Dogs Not Allowed
Walloon Lake Winery, 3149 Intertown Road, Petoskey, Michigan 49770
– Resort Pike Cidery and Winery, 3471 Resort Pike Road, Petoskey, Michigan 49770: Plenty of board games, outdoor bag toss, and a few farm animal friends, too!
Mackinaw Trail Winery, 3423 US 131, Petoskey, Michigan 49770: Winery, brewery, bisto, store.
Petoskey Farms Vineyard & Winery, 3720 Atkins Road, Petoskey, Michigan 49770: Try their wood-fired pizza. They’re open 11-7 Monday through Saturday (Memorial Day through Labor Day).
Gabriel Farms & Winery, 2800 E Mitchell Rd, Petoskey, MI 49770

Maple Moon Sugarbush & Winery, 4454 Atkins Road, Petoskey, Michigan 49770:
Maple Moon is a family-run sugarbush and America’s first maple winery. Tour the farm, sample treats, and adults can even go wineshoeing in the winter. The free one-hour tours show you the process of pure maple syrup production. If interested, schedule a tour at least 24 hours in advance – call (231) 342-6843.

Rudbeckia Farm Winery
Walloon Lake Winery
Mackinaw Trail Winery Petoskey Michigan
Mackinaw Trail Winery

21 – Go Fishing

Lime Kiln Pond in Bay Front Park, 101 E Lake St, Petoskey, MI 49770

Why It’s One of the Best Things to Do in Petoskey MI:
I have some favorite childhood memories of fishing with my dad growing up. Here’s where you can make memories casting a line together in Petoskey:

Lime Kiln Park offers a kids-only fishing pond. The pond is stocked and managed through a cooperative effort by the City of Petoskey, the Department of Natural Resources, and Miller-Van Winkle Chapter of Trout Unlimited. For additional info, click here.

If bigger fish are what you’re after, book a charter and go fishing on Lake Michigan with Northern Exposure Charters.

Or, try out a new skillset and book a fly fishing outing with CC Guide Service.

Croff Craft Guide Service Fishing in Petoskey MI

22 – Tool Around Walloon Lake on a Pontoon Boat Rental

Bear Cove Marina – 3052 Hilton Lane, Petoskey MI 499770

Why It’s One of the Best Things to Do in Petoskey MI:
Walloon Lake is one of the places Ernest Hemmingway summered – and it’s stunning! The lake is only about 9 miles long – small, by Michigan lake standards, but it nonetheless is worthy of your time.

When you rent a ski boat, pontoon boat, or tri-toon from Bear Cove Marina, you’ll not only get out onto the turquoise waters of Walloon Lake, you’ll be experiencing northern Michigan just like Hemingway did.

Bear Cove Marina Walloon Lake by Charles Dawley
Bear Cove Marina – photo: Charles Dawley
walloon lake map

23 – Spend an Afternoon at Bay Harbor

5699 S Lake Shore Dr, Harbor Springs, MI 49740

Why It’s One of the Best Things to Do in Petoskey MI:
Bay Harbor is an upscale Petoskey-area vacation community perched on five miles of stunning Lake Michigan shoreline.

Amenities abound at this enchanting destination.

Visit the Village at Bay Harbor for an array of specialty shops, waterfront dining, luxurious accommodations, or one of their inviting events, like Balloons over Bay Harbor or their Father’s Day weekend Boat Show, where you can check out the mega boats for yourselves.

Bay Harbor Things to do in Petoskey

24 – Get a Day Pass to the Petoskey Field House

1040 Cedar Valley Rd, Petoskey, MI 49770

Why It’s One of the Best Things to Do in Petoskey MI:
Petoskey Field House is home to inflatable attractions, rock climbing wall, retro arcade, and more

petoskey field house rock climbing wall
petoskey field house rock climbing wall

25 – Discover the Hemlocks at Oden Island Nature Preserve

Leeward Dr, Petoskey, MI 49770

Why It’s One of the Best Things to Do in Petoskey MI:
With one mile of footage on Crooked Lake, this tucked away 50-acre preserve is a haven for big hemlock trees and fragile wetlands.

Plan to spend a little time hiking the short trails at this northern Michigan gem.

Plus, Oden Island Preserve has a cool sandbar where you can swim when the weather is nice.

Oden Island Nature Preserve Petoskey MI
Oden Island Nature Preserve

26 – Make the Short Drive to Oden State Fish Hatchery

8258 South Ayr Road, Alanson, Michigan, 49706

Why It’s One of the Best Things to Do in Petoskey MI:
Visit the Oden State Fish Hatchery. They offer scheduled seasonal programming, including kid-friendly fishing activities.

In addition to fishing, there are lots of trails, an underwater viewing chamber, and you can take tours of the fish hatchery if you’d like.

They’re open at no charge to the public. Weekdays, 7:30 am to 4 pm. Weekends, 8 am to 4 pm.

Oden State Fish Hatchery
Oden State Fish Hatchery

27 – Take a Day Trip to a Nearby Northern Michigan Town

Various Towns & Villages

Why It’s One of the Best Things to Do in Petoskey MI:
Petoskey is surrounded by charming neighboring towns. They are all unique and fun to discover.


17 miles southwest of Petoskey

Mushrooms houses, a quant village, and beautiful lakes.

Road trip to Charlevoix.

charlevoix mushroom house

harbor springs

10 miles north of Petoskey

Ritzy village with great shipping and restaurants.

Road trip to Harbor Springs.


Walloon Lake

9 miles south of Petoskey

Tiny resort village with strong Hemingway roots and an upscale hotel.

Road trip to Walloon Lake.


Boyne City

15 miles south of Petoskey

A little town on lake Charlevoix that bustles with activity in summer and fall.

Road trip to Boyne City

Boyne City Downtown

Food & Drink

28 – Dining, Drinking & Snacking in Petoskey

When it comes to things to do in Petoskey MI, sampling delicious fare is always on our list.

Here are a few places where you’ll get a great taste of Petoskey:

THe Backlot

425 Michigan St, Petoskey, MI 49770

Beer Garden, Food Trucks & Live Music. The Back Lot is open year-round in Downtown Petoskey. Occasional live music and events.

The Back Lot Petoskey Food truck & Beer Garden

CHANDler’s a restaurant

215 Howard St Petoskey, MI 49770

Inviting patio, bar, wine cellar, and dining room tucked away in Downtown Petoskey. Details.

Chandlers A Restaurant Petoskey MI

pour petoskey

 422 E Mitchell St Suite 5, Petoskey, MI 49770

Modern American restaurant specializing in local food and signature cocktails, wine and more.

POUR Restaurant Petoskey MI

Crooked Tree Breadworks

2264 M-119, Petoskey, MI 49770

Local bakery serving up magnificent artisan breads, rustic pastries, and addictive granola. Details

crooked tree breadworks bakery Petoskey MI

corner scoops

1045 Kalamazoo Ave, Petoskey, MI 49770

This neighborhood ice cream shop is a local secret, off the beaten path. Build your ice cream from the bottom up with their huge selection of flavors.

corner scoops ice cream shop petoskey mi

petoskey brewing

1844 Harbor-Petoskey Rd, Petoskey, MI 49770

Petoskey Brewing is kid-friendly with great outdoor seating. I was thrilled to find gluten-free bread/buns.

petoskey brewing petoskey mi

roast and toast

1045 Kalamazoo Ave, Petoskey, MI 49770

Amazing coffee shop. Housemade everything for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Details.

roast and toast restaurant petoskey mi

American spoon cafe & Creamery

411 E Lake St, Petoskey, MI 49770

I’ll have the handmade gelato, please! This is the cutest little gelato shop (and be sure to check out their market next door). Details.

American Spoon Gelato Shop Petoskey MI

julienne tomatoes

421 Howard St, Petoskey, MI 49770

Head here for breakfast or lunch. Get the breakfast sandwich or a pastry. Really, you can’t go wrong. Details.

Julienne Tomatoes restaurant petoskey mi

tap 30 pourhouse

422 E Mitchell St, Petoskey, MI 49770

Burgers. Beer Flights. Fries. Yum.


tap30 pourhouse downtown petoskey (1)

Where to Stay in Petoskey MI

With so many things to do in Petoskey MI, you’re going to need a place to stay the night!

Fortunately, there are lots of lodging options in the Petoskey area.

Between vacation rentals, hotels, and ski lodges, you have plenty of choices. Just book in advance for the busy summer season.

Stafford’s Bay View Inn

2011 Woodland Ave, Petoskey, MI 49770

This grand Victorian inn, originally built as a hotel for the Bay View summer community in 1886, is the oldest summer hotel north of Grand Rapids, MI.


Stafford's Bay View Inn Petoskey MI hotel

inn at Bay Harbor

3600 Village Harbor Dr, Bay Harbor, MI 49770

Luxury hotel with first-class amenities on the shores of Lake Michigan.


Inn at Bay Harbor, Autograph Collection Hotels Petsokey MI

Michigan Inn & Lodge

1420 South US-131, Petoskey, MI 49770

Every room has a microwave and fridge. The hotel features an on-site café that offers free meals throughout the day.


Michigan Inn & Lodge

Terrace Inn and 1911 Restaurant

1549 Glendale Avenue, Petoskey, MI 49770

A 38-room, three-story historic inn offering a complimentary breakfast experience. Each room is unique.


Terrace Inn Petoskey MI

Bay inn of Petoskey

2445 Charlevoix Ave, Petoskey, MI 49770

A boutique inn with a great view of Lake Michigan.


Bay inn of Petoskey MI

Courtyard by Marriott Petoskey at Victories Square

1866 Bear Place, Petoskey, 49770

Outdoor fireplace and picnic area. Pool. Modern decor.


Sun Outdoors Petoskey Bay Harbor RV Resort

5505 Charlevoix Ave, Petoskey, MI 49770

One and two-bedroom cottages are available. Outdoor swimming pool and hot tub.  Play a match on the pickleball courts and practice your short game on the putting green. 


Sun outdoors petoskey bay harbor rv resort

The Gray House at Bay Harbor

4 bdrm, sleeps 12

A stunning home in a stunning location. Fenced backyard. Close to everything.


Bay Harbor Petoskey MI VRBO

Holiday Inn Express

1751 US 131 South, Petoskey, MI 49770 

Pool, daily breakfast. Highly-rated.


Holiday Inn Express in Petoskey

What does your family love most about Petoskey? Did we miss anything? Leave a comment and let us know!

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