10 Best Disney Travel Agents for an Unforgettable Trip & How Using a Disney Agent Works

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Everything You Need to Know about the Best Disney Travel Agents

The only reason I avoided taking my kids to Disney World is because I didn’t want to plan it. Taking a Michigan summer vacation or finding a beautiful Midwest vacation spot just seemed so much easier to pull off.

At Disney there are so many options to make each experience unique.

I didn’t want to miss something really special for one of my kids or pick activities that actually weren’t best for my family.

But then I found an amazing Disney travel agent who made all our Disney World dreams come true.

Going to Disney World is unlike any other vacation.

And because I used an agent, I just had to show up and follow the itinerary.


Disney Travel agents tell visitors best spots for fireworks at the Magic Castle and more

Why Use a Disney Travel Agent?

Do you really need someone to plan your Disney World vacation?


It’s just too overwhelming tackling tickets, airfare, accommodations, fast passes (which are now Genie Services?) meals and transportation to and from the airport.

And even if you can plan the big stuff, you still don’t want to miss the little things that really make a difference, like the best place to watch a parade or the best place to eat dinner and have a great view of the fireworks.

The best Disney Travel Agents have the inside scoop on all of this and can craft an unforgettable vacation for you.

Things a Best Authorized Disney Vacation Planner Does

The best Disney travel agents can effortlessly handle all the little details so that you can simply enjoy your trip.

Here are some of the things they can do:

  • Arrange transportation to/from airport/resort
  • Book the resort. (Agents get alerted to all the limited-time deals that a typical tourist will not see or know about, and can save you lots of money.)
  • Schedule all of your meals
  • Schedule your Genie Services (previously known as Fast Passes.)
  • Tell you how to get to the parks each day and what times to leave to make it to the parks on time.
  • Monitor your meal plan while you are there, and can catch it when a restaurant makes a mistake or you need to adapt.

4 Reasons to Use a Disney Travel Agent

Here are my top reasons for using an authorized Disney vacation planner.

1- Using a Disney Travel Agent is FREE

Many people don’t know that Disney travel agents are free. 

Disney knows how hard it is to plan a vacation at the most magical place on earth.

Afterall, there are over 25 resorts to choose from, multiple dining plans, park passes, character meals, extra magic hours and more.

Disney pays these agents for their hard work so that you can just focus on the fun.

These agents coordinate everything for you.

They help save you money (and sanity) and you do not pay them a penny.

2 – A Disney Travel Agent Saves Your Sanity

These days my time is often worth more than money and there’s simply no replacement for the depth of an agent’s Disney knowledge.

Our agent visits Disney World multiple times a year so she knows every new feature, every change and every insider tip.

She knows which rides will have the longest waits, which ones are worth using Genie Services, which ones are likely to have mechanical issues.

She knows which places have the best food, best kids food and more.

Unless you are a very, very frequent visitor to Disney, you’ll never match their expertise. 

3 – Ease of Communication

I think we can all agree it’s easier to call or text a real person directly than call a general customer service line. Save your Disney Travel Agent’s info in your phone if you need them when you arrive.

Questions or changes to our reservations were just a quick text away.

This is especially handy if you have a kid melting down in a busy park on a super hot day and really, really, really need to change the time of your dinner reservation. I speak from experience.

4 – You Get the Best Pricing

Disney travel agents know all the ins and outs of prices, promotions, and the booking process.

They will monitor offers and ensure you get the best possible price.

Our agent even recommended taking a couple of things off our itinerary, as they weren’t age appropriate and we were trying to do too much. This saved us time and money.

The best Disney vacation planner can help you find the perfect photo ops for your kids.

How do I Pick a Disney Travel Agent?

First, plan to contact your agent at least six months in advance. This gives you time to make sure you can sign up for everything that you want to see.

Once you’re ready to start, get recommendations from friends or use the list below of top-voted Disney Travel Agents. You are trusting this person with your family’s information and financial information so do your homework.

The best authorized Disney vacation planner.
Hollywood Studios Millennium Falcon

Best Authorized Disney Vacation Planners

This year parents voted on their favorite Disney Travel Agents in the annual Best of Grand Rapids awards.

These are the agents that deliver the best deals and experience again and again.

And the best part? You don’t have to live in West Michigan to use them. They plan epic trips for families across the U.S.

winner icon 70x70 Winner: Lori Spoelstra (Adventures by Lori)

  1. Lori Spoelstra (Adventures by Lori)
  2. Jennifer Witham Buck (Love the Mouse Travel)
  3. Shellie Burton (My Mickey Vacation Travel)
  4. Noddea Skidmore (Goofy Getaways)
  5. Shannon Sinning (Smart Moms Travel)
  6. Melanie Gifford (Travel with the Magic)
  7. Sara Bonzheim (Travelmation)
  8. Elizabeth Baur (Academy Travel Inc.)
  9. Audra Ryder (Travelmation)
  10. Ashley Keys (Academy Travel)

Happily Ever After

Picking your magical travel agent will likely be the hardest part of the trip because from there, they do all the legwork for you.

Do your research from our list of winners and then sit back, and enjoy the experience at the most Magical Place on Earth.

When you come back (to reality, let’s be honest), let us know what your fave part of your trip was and how your agent made it magical!

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  1. Rachel Griffin

    Shannon Sinning (#5 on the list) is an incredible agent! She goes above and beyond for her clients and truly cares about your vacation!! Highly recommend

  2. Hello Disney World FAMILY!
    I’m excited to share that I’m working with the best travel agent, Rachael, from The Vacationeer! Rachael is has been supportive throughout my planning adventure!

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