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Facebook Post Submissions

Our policies for Facebook posts have been updated as of October 1, 2014. Please take a moment to review before filling out the submission form.

Should You Fill Out This Form?

If you have a current sponsor contract with grkids.com and have been asked to submit information for a FB post, please fill out this form. If you are wondering what all of this is about, check here.

Ensure Your Content Is Seen by More People

Facebook doesn’t automatically show all posted content to all of the people that have “liked” a page.

When something is posted to a Facebook page, Facebook sends that post out to a small “test” group of people and gauges how well the post performs with that small segment. If that group of people interact with the post (by liking or commenting on it) Facebook will show the post to more people. The more people that interact with a post, the more people will see it. Often times, users will not see a post in their feed until the following day or two due to Facebook’s algorithm.

Based on our extensive Facebook research, we’ve discovered a few tricks that help your message be seen by more people.

You can also get good pointers by reading Facebook’s article:The Ad Copy Cheat Sheet.


Facebook is always updating it’s algorithm. We are constantly watching to see what types of posts reach the most readers, and we’ve determined that interactive posts are the best way to go.


Facebook has a rule that images with 20% text or more cannot be posted on Facebook. While Facebook doesn’t enforce this for the average person, a business trying to boost a post containing an image with 20%+ text will be denied.

For this reason, we ask that you submit images with minimal amount of text. Images with people in them are great. Use high-quality photos that are brightly lit. Do not submit images that are poor quality or are unrelated to your post topic. Images that do not meet these criteria will not be posted.

Please use this grid tool from Facebook to determine if your image has an appropriate amount of text. If it passes this tool it will work fine on our end.



If desired, we will post a link to the URL you specify. Current FB trends do not seem to penalize outbound links like they did earlier in 2014.

For Best Results, Submit Content Early

If content is not received by deadline, we will not be able to post on your company’s behalf and your post will be forfeited.