AppleTree & Gilden Woods Creates Security and a Sense of Family for my Son

When choosing AppleTree & Gilden Woods Early Child Care for my third and youngest child, I was confident in my choice. I had been through the childcare process before, and while my two older children had experiences with in-home childcare, I knew I wanted to choose a childcare facility for my third baby.

Safety and trust are huge factors for parents when choosing childcare, but we also have to remember how the child is going to feel.  

AppleTree & Gilden Woods’ teachers and caregivers create a bond with your child and family to establish a partnership that fosters security and a sense of family for your child.

And trust me, I have experienced this first hand.

On our first day at pick-up I met my son’s new bff, Miss Maggie. It was like Mary Poppins floating down from the sky, but with an AppleTree t-shirt on.

I love watching the kids grow every day,” says Maggie Hassinger of her job at AppleTree & Gilden Woods.

“I get to watch them hit big milestones in life (crawling, walking, eating table food). I love getting to be a part of these big moments.”

Meet Miss Maggie, AppleTree Caregiver Extraordinaire

Miss Maggie is my son’s primary care taker at AppleTree. She and my son actually started on the same day, so instantly they were newbie buddies!

“We have learned routines together and I am so lucky to have seen him grow since I met him and we definitely have a super special bond!” Maggie says of my son.

Miss Maggie’s care for my son goes beyond the walls of AppleTree.

“I have always loved kids, but I did not expect to miss them when I leave or worry about them even when I am not with them.”

AppleTree Gilden Woods

“I take so much pride in what I do!” she continues. “I have gotten to learn every child’s schedule individually and I take great pride knowing that the kids and their parents trust me.”

These are the kind of people parents dream about caring for their kids while they are at work. My family has hit the jackpot with Miss Maggie and AppleTree & Gilden Woods.

AppleTree’s Secure Webcam is a Neat Way to Watch My Son’s Day

While I completely trust Miss Maggie with my son, I love their AppleCam, too!

AppleCam is a secure webcam that give you access to your child’s room. Only viewable to those with a username and password, AppleCam allows you to check in on your child throughout the day.

I love being able to check my son’s AppleCam to see what fun he’s having. Who is he playing with? What toys is he enjoying today?

I don’t consider myself a helicopter parent (especially with my third), but it is so reassuring being able to see my baby being rocked to sleep, eating, or playing with friends throughout the day.

Interested in Learning More about AppleTree?

Apple Tree & Gilden Woods provides care and education for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years in over 20 West Michigan locations. Enrichment classes and meals are included in the tuition.

If you’d like, click here to find a location nearest you, view their curriculum for each age group, and to request a tour!

When scheduling a tour, it’s always encouraged to bring your children, but I am giving you a fair warning: they will not want to leave!  

The bond my son has created with Miss Maggie is a dream. I can only hope that every parent has the same experience that we do with AppleTree & Gilden Woods.

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