Preschoolers Can Dare to Fly at TreeRunner Adventure Park

(Disclaimer: Tickets for the Junior Course were provided by TreeRunner Adventure Park; all opinions are the author’s.)

Calling all Pint-Sized Adventurers!

TreeRunner Adventure Park is happy to announce the re-opening of their newly configured Junior Park. This aerial climbing and zip-lining destination has been keeping thrill seekers entertained for three seasons and now with some improvements are welcoming even younger daredevils to the party.

TreeRunner invited some of our derring-doer five year olds to try it firsthand. Our team checked-in at the yurt to assemble before being led down into the valley to gear up.

Outfitted like true adventurers with full body harnesses and open finger gloves, the next stop was an orientation on how to use their self-belay zip-trolley system to follow the courses.

Treerunner Adventure Park

Parents, you are also going to want to pay attention too, because once orientation is done, the rest of your time in the park will be self-guided and most likely you will have to assist your climber at some point to navigate their trolley around a bend.

Treerunner Adventure Junior Park

Kids will Navigate Two Courses of Obstacles and Zip Lines

The first course has five obstacles ending with the longest zipline in the junior park and the second course consists almost entirely of ziplines with a single obstacle.

Both courses are relatively low to the ground, only about three to six feet above, which is a great height for this age group. It makes it exciting, but not too intimidating.

The first time through, you could sense that the kids were apprehensive but by the their second, third, and beyond runs, they became increasingly more comfortable with the obstacles (and needed less assistance to navigate those tricky wire switches that the zip-trolleys run along).

Treerunner Adventure Grand Rapids

The Junior Park is built below the regular park, so you will get to see other climbers venturing on obstacles above you as well.

The park also has a few picnic tables and benches scattered around so you can set-up a “base camp” and even enjoy a picnic in all the shade. Bringing your own food and beverages, especially water, is a great call.

There are a few water stations where you can grab some water, but it will be air temperature. We visited on a near record high day, so having canteens with ice was vital.

Tips For Your Visit

  • TreeRunner does not have modern bathrooms. They have a couple of port-a-potties on the premises, but are a bit of a trek away. Your best bet to is to use the restroom before you arrive.
  • Everyone needs to sign a waiver just to enter the park. So even if you aren’t climbing, you will still need to sign one to accompany your child.
  • The park is incredibly well shaded, so minimal sun protection is needed. You may want to apply bug spray depending on the time of day you visit. The Check-In Yurt has single use applications of both sunscreen and bug spray for sale as well.
  • Younger siblings are welcome to the park to watch (they will also need a waiver), but it can be a challenge to keep them off the course. I would highly recommend wearing any younger children or having another adult or teen/older child with you to help keep them occupied.

TreeRunner Junior Park is an aerial adventure course designed for kids ages 3 to 7 (minimum weight of 40lbs; maximum weight of 70lbs). Tickets for the Junior Course cost $38.00/climber and allow you two-hours of climb time (which is more than enough time to go through both courses more than a dozen times each).

TreeRunner Adventure Park is located behind Celebration Cinema! IMAX Theater at

2121 Celebration Dr NE | Grand Rapids, MI 49525 | 616-226-3993

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