Where to Get Eye Glasses for Kids in Grand Rapids

I know where to go to get her eyes checked.

But where do I find cute, affordable, and durable specs for kids in Grand Rapids??

We polled our Facebook family for their top picks and I was relieved to learn that there are a lot of kid glasses options for Grand Rapids families.

But the number one thing that our readers expressed emphatically is that you need to get a warranty for your kids’ glasses!!! They WILL break!

Please verify warranty information with each company. The information gathered is based solely on reader feedback. 

7 Spots for Kids’ Eyeglasses in Grand Rapids

Jonas Paul Eyewear

So Jonas Paul isn’t a local brick and mortar shop, but it is founded by a Grand Rapids mom and dad. Lots of local parents love shopping their super trendy frames. Once you read their story and learn that they donate glasses or surgery to someone in need for every pair you buy, you’ll become proud supporters.

Wal-Mart Vision Centers

So Wal-Mart got lots of props from readers, who love Wal-Mart’s prices, selection and warranty. One mom said, “Lower price includes frames, lenses, and exam, and with eyesight changing so frequently, it’s easier to justify.” Another liked that they could get their child’s glasses cleaned and adjusted for free while also getting shopping done.

Locations: several throughout West Michigan

JCPenney Optical

Readers like JCPenney’s sales, but also find their regular prices to be very affordable. “And they will replace them if they are broken!” says a reader. “Best deal!!”

Woodland Mall | 3225 28th St SE, Grand Rapids | 616-949-7600


Lenscrafters is another store known for their cute frame selection. They also seem to have a pretty great warranty program: “It covers EVERYTHING except for losing them,” shared a reader.

Woodland Mall | 3159 28th Street SE, Grand Rapids | 616-464-0106

Pediatric Ophthalmology

If you want expert service, check out Pediatric Ophthalmology. “Bill who fits the glasses there is awesome!” says a reader. We started out getting glasses at (another local eyeglass store) and my boys broke 5 pairs of glasses in 5 months (1 year old twin boys in glasses..not fun). We switched to Pediatric Opthamology for glasses and were so happy with the results. We have not had a single broken pair in the last 3 years.” Now those are some good results!

5050 Cascade Rd Grand Rapids | 616-957-0866

Grand Rapids Ophthalmology

Many readers like GRO, with some specific props for their Grandville location. “They have a warranty where they can be replaced 3 times in the first year for FREE and then after that you pay a small fee,” says a reader. I, too, can vouch for GRO–I remember wanting the cutest pair of red frames once, only to be told that they were children’s frames. Bully for me!

Locations: several throughout West Michigan

Eyeglass World

Eyeglass World brags a good selection, reasonable prices and “a free lifetime guarantee,” shares a reader.  “We just tested it, they replaced his scratched lens for FREE this week!”

2735 28th St SE, Grand Rapids | 616-974-2020

4763 Wilson Ave SW, Grandville | 616-261-4811

Where have you found stylish kid’s glasses frames around Grand Rapids?

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  1. Cherry Health provides comprehensive adult and pediatric vision services at the Heart of the City Health Center and Montcalm Area Health Center. Services include dilated eye exams, diagnosis and treatment of ailments, chronic eye problems, refractions and dispensing of eye glasses, as well as case management services for those with diabetes. For those that are uninsured, they offer sliding scale fee based on your income and family size. 100 Cherry St. SE Grand Rapids, MI 49503 – (616) 965-8200

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