An Obvious Choice for Working Parents

Choosing a childcare provider for your family is overwhelming, especially if you have multiple kids. Once kids are older, it’s hard to navigate a preschool and daycare drop-off before you need to be at work. It’s always a mad dash for us in the mornings, trying to get three kids to school and two parents to work, all in different places at different times. 

AppleTree & Gilden Woods Early Care and Preschool is one of those places that helps busy families. Their child care center takes care of babies, AND offers preschool. No more driving one kid to child care and the other to preschool, and then doing the same thing after work. 

In one building AppleTree & Gilden Woods offers developmentally appropriate care for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old.

No Fear Here – AppleTree & Gilden Woods Puts Safety First

Ever wonder what your child is up to while you’re at work? With AppleCam you can check in on your child from your computer or cell phone whenever you feel like it! I love to know what my kids are up to, so being able to check on them would do wonders to calm my anxious parenting heart!

I would also love their daily AppleGram, which recaps your child’s day and keeps you up to date on his or her progress within the academic curriculum. 

From Daycare to Preschool all in One Place

Once your child reaches preschool age, AppleTree & Gilden Woods offers a K-Prep Program for Preschoolers and Young Fives. What a great place to have your child start school somewhere they are already comfortable! This curriculum covers academic basics as well as character values.

In addition to character growth and basic skills, there are also a variety of enrichment classes available. Your child is able to take special classes like Spanish, Technology, Fitness, Music, and S.T.E.M. — all included in your tuition cost!

Confession: I had to look up what S.T.E.M. was when my child came home from Young Fives talking about it nonstop. It’s a hit with young kids as it helps them understand the complex world around them through hands-on activities. What a great perk to have that included in your childcare costs!

Preschool and Beyond

Once your child is in elementary school, AppleTree & Gilden Woods is still here to meet your childcare needs offering before and after school care. Before and after school care offers homework help, outdoor play, games, crafts, reading, and snacks!

When summer and holiday breaks roll around, your child can enroll in unique Explorer Camps. Each camp includes fun and educational activities along with some exciting field trips, meals, and snacks. 

Need to Know More?

If it seems like AppleTree & Gilden Woods checks all the necessary boxes for your family, you can check and see where there’s a location nearest you! Once you find a location nearby, you can request a tour to experience it firsthand.

With an extensive website, you can likely find answers to any other questions you may have there. 

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