All About the New Grand Rapids Treetop Adventure Park

Grand Rapids Treetop Adventure Park

Nothing Else Like Grand Rapids Treetops Adventure Park in West MI

I thought we were going for the zip lines. I had no idea I was stumbling into a CLIMBING PARK!

The new Grand Rapids Treetops Adventure Park , located next to Celebration North, is a new kind of thrill for West Michigan. Think obstacle course meets tree house and you’ll have a better understanding of this place than I first did.

THE BASICS – Ages 7+

Participants are lead through a 20-30 minute equipment initiation that includes filling out waivers (do this online ahead of time if you can) and being fitted into “uncomfortably tight” harnesses and learning to use the Click-It and Zippey systems.

GR Treetops Adventure Park

After my initial apprehension wore off, I found the equipment easy to use, with safety features that really ease the mind.

Grand Rapids Tree Top Adventure Park

Part of orientation is mastering the low-level practice courses.

Grand Rapids Tree Top Adventure Park

After completing initiation, climbers have access to the 6 different courses. Climbers need to complete an “easy” course before moving onto a medium or hard level course. (There’s a reason for this that I’ll get to – please respect the course designations!)

GR Treetops Adventure Park

THE BASICS – Ages 4 – 7

GR Treetops Adventure Park also includes a Kid’s Course. This parent-guided course is ground-level and consists of a series of zip lines for the little kids. Kids also need to be fitted into harnesses and be taught how to use their equipment. Since an adult needs to assist the child, you should not plan on climbing at the same time you have young children along – unless you’ve brought another adult along for assistance.

My daughter is almost 6 and she had a great time on the kid’s course – but she did want to go up on the big course with the big kids.

GR Treetop Park

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Hard-to-Find Fun for Tweens & Teens: FOUND

As I mentioned – this is a sky-high obstacle course park.

Take a look:

GR Treetop Climbing Park
Grand Rapids Tree Top Adventure Park
Grand Rapids Tree Top Adventure Park

Once you’re up on a course you’ll be treated to all sorts of different obstacles that take real balance and strength. This is what makes it FANTASTIC for older kids and teens. What a great place to test your bravery, get out energy and have fun with friends in a safe – yet terrifying – way. Many of the obstacle courses end with a zip-line experience.

Word of Caution: Two of the courses end with a trust jump. You’re clipped in and completely safe, but to get to the end you have to jump off of a platform that is about 16 feet high. Talk about stomach in the throat. My 9 year-old daughter did all of the elements on the easy course with no problem and then froze in a big way at the jump.

Grand Rapids Tree Top Adventure Park

This is where I give major props to the staff at Grand Rapids Treetops Adventures. Many of these people are former camp counselors and you can tell. Their words of encouragement and coaching and support could have easily been indifference, taunting, or humiliation. Instead, I saw people in action that I want my  kids to be around. Role model type people. This is what will make us go back!

Grand Rapids Tree Top Adventure Park

They ended up getting my daughter down from her perch in an alternative way because she was not budging. I don’t blame her. After she got down, it was my turn to jump and WHOA, what a freaky feeling. But I did it, and I now I am proud!

In the meantime, the 11-year old was off climbing everything he could get his hands on with his new GR Treetops climbing buddy. That boy is now hooked – and I’m thrilled he has something other than video games to look forward to this summer!

Grand Rapids Treetops Adventure Details

Location: They share a parking lot with Celebration Cinema North. 2121 Celebration Dr NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525

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