Nugget Craze Explained: What is a Nugget, Why Everyone Wants a Nugget, & How to Get One.

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Nuggets are the Play Couches of the Pandemic

With the world’s families spending more time than ever at home, parents are looking for creative ways to transform their home spaces.

Nugget, a modular children’s play couch, found itself perfectly positioned to fill this need.

Why People Love Nuggets

At first glance, Nuggets look pretty bland. But Nuggets aren’t famous for their looks – they’re famous for their functionality.

The modular foam play couches are built to withstand roughhousing and can be configured in numerous ways.

Kids can build foam tunnels, construct forts, or create a reading nook. In short, Nuggets are a kid and parent’s dream-come-true, and that’s been reflected in the recent off-the-charts demand for Nuggets as the world has discovered this little home-grown North Carolina business.

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How to Get a Nugget

In the good old days, Nuggets were unknown and you could score a couple of sets at a time.

These days, Nugget can’t keep up with demand and has had to institute creative ways to distribute their product.

To this end, they’ve started a LOTTO and a BACKORDER RESERVATION SYSTEM.

The Lotto

In an effort to make the process as equal-opportunity as possible, Nugget has implemented a weekly Lotto.

Interested consumers need to create an account on Wednesdays between 10 am – noon EST to be entered to win a Friday 9 am lotto drawing.

Users input their top 3 color choices and are entered into 3 separate lottos, one for each color. If you win the lottery once, you won’t be able to win again. The lotto is pretty much your only chance to get a Nugget before Christmas.

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Please note that winning a Nugget Lotto doesn’t mean you get a Nugget for free – it simply means you have the option to purchase a Nugget at that time.


Nugget wants to allow every person that wants a Nugget the chance to purchase one.

To that end, they’ve created a Backorder System that opens on Monday, Nov 16, 2020 at 10 am EST.

Acccording to their website, “When backorders open, our goal is for Nuggets to be available indefinitely on our website. The long lead time (shipping out by June 30, 2021 for Backorders) and our expanded production capacity allows us to make a huge number of Nuggets available for anyone who’s willing to wait a bit.”

All Backorders will leave Nugget HQ by 6/30/21. So, basically, you’ll get your Nuggets before summer 2021 hits. Since backorders start shipping in early 2021, there’s a chance you could get yours earlier.

During the backorder period, customers will be allowed to order as many Nuggets and Cover Sets as they’d like.

Nugget Alternatives

If you don’t want to play the Nugget Lotto or wait for a Backorder Nugget, you can try out these Nugget alternatives.


FortZee is also in the modular play couch business – but they are a very new player to the game and don’t even have a Facebook page.

The main difference between FortZee and Nugget? The FortZee play couches come with waterproof liners underneath the slipcovers.

Sign up for their newsletter to be notified about FortZee availability.

Fort – a Kickstarter Campaign


Fort is a foam play couch system that integrate magnets, so the forts that kids build won’t fall down easily.

The Fort campaign is launching on Kickstarter in January 2021 and is taking names. People that sign up now will be eligible to get the FORT for $219, (45% off of the retail price.)

fort modular foam play couch

If you know of other places to score a modular play couch, please leave a comment below!

PS- beware of scammers. There have been reports of people trying to capitalize on the demand for Nuggets right now. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

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